AAA on Televisa (Regional): 2012-03-10

a positive Argos clip

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taped 2012-03-02 @ Gimnasio Agustín Millán


Billy el Malo & Escoria vs Argos & Semental: Good match. The audio weirdness detracted a little bit; the crowd seems into it enough to do chants at the proper times, but there was no ambient noise except for the really loud ring, making it feel more like a match in empty arena or a barely attended indy show and not a seemingly packed Toluca crowd. Argos was fine as a rudo, and had less trouble than his AAA técnico appearances. This felt like an opening card match and not one where guys were going any place bigger than this, but it was good for an opener.


strongest ever armdrag

Dr. Wagner Jr. & Drago vs Halloween & Octagón: A match of people clowning around, and occasionally wrestling. The majority of the people involved in this one were not into it, and it was an un-pleasurable television watching experience. If this finish isn’t really going to matter – and it didn’t because Consejo was there to make us ignore it – then there’s no reason to do a foul and a chair shot to the head. This was a match better of not occurring.



Jack Evans vs Chessman, Texano Jr., Nicho el Millionario in a AAA’s Rey de Reyes semifinal match: This is a rare AAA match I wish got more time; they were doing good until this got taken over by weird storylines – Nicho’s wandering act and Tirantes screwing Texano. There has to be a way to get out of referees screwing the rudos from now on, because it’s going to get odd for the good guys always needing help to win. Everyone looked good here.

LA Park vs La Parka, Electroshock, Silver King in a AAA’s Rey de Reyes Tournament semifinal match: Listed as a four way, but more or less a missing Park vs Parka match due to the editing. La Park destroyed La Parka, who managed to keep surviving for quite a while but never got as much as he took. The powerbomb on the tub looked especially painful, but Parka was bleeding long before that. If you liked their previous matches, this is an 11 minute version of them.