CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico): 2012-03-10

Bucanero is strong?

match 1
match 2

taped 2012-03-02 @ Arena Mexico
Diamante Azul, La Máscara, Marco Corleone vs Rey Bucanero, Último Guerrero, Volador Jr.:   first of what is sure to be many Diamante Azul’s showcases. He worked a ton with Ultimo Guerrero, so perhaps he’s a special project. He did okay here. For all he’s set up to look like Blue Demon, the real revelation here is that isn’t the wrestler he’s trying to be in the ring. Diamante Azul is the new Dos Caras Jr. A few bigger moves, a more spectacular luchador, but he also has the same inability to connect with the fans that his predecessors had (at least here.) It’s be nice if he didn’t drop people on their head, but that’s the part they really must fix.

the end

Blue Panther vs Negro Casas for in a hair vs hair match: When I did that rant a few recaps ago about too many leglock finishes, I totally had forgotten this was a leglock finish. At least it’s Panther, who could conceivably use a leglock at some point. I think the story in the end is that Panther is more skilled, but Negro makes him angry and causes him to do stupid things – Panther cost himself his hair because he’d rather smack Negro Casas in the face a few more times, which I do believe makes Negro Casas the real winner of this battle. There are few luchadors in this promotion, and in Mexico, which could get a 2012 crowd to be this involved in a match going at this relatively slow of a pace and long of a match. This was good, but was also the CMLL equivalent of Negro Navarro vs Solar, where the point is less about the outcome of the match but more to show how differently they wrestle than everything else. For a feud built on finding out who was better, the finish is a detraction.

Bestia wins Junior crown, Devitt to debut, LLUSA returns, new Perro

(photo by Black Terry Jr.)

IWRG (THU) 03/22/2012 Arena Naucalpan [Black Terry Jr. (flickr), Estrellas del Ring, The Gladiatores]
1) Galaxy & Sky Ángel b Arkano & Matrix Jr.
2) Charly Madrid, Chicano, Dinamic Black b Comando Negro, Pacto Negro, The Mummy
Charly Madrid replaced Centvrion
3) Alan Extreme, Eterno, Trauma II DQ Aeroboy, Hormiga, Violento Jack
Hormiga surprised Eterno with a cradle in the first, Trauma II submitted Violento Jack in the third, and Violento Jack fouled Eterno for the DQ.
4) Damián 666, Halloween, X-Fly b Hijo de Pirata Morgan, Pirata Morgan, Scorpio Jr.
Bloody match, Pirata bleeding a lot. FdT took 1/3, Damian sneaking in a foul on Pirata.
5) Bestia 666 b Trauma I [IWRG JUNIORS]
Trauma II & X-Fly were the seconds. Trauma I took the first, Bestia the second, and everyone got involved in the third, and Bestia beat Trauma with his own hold to win the title.

That looks like a new belt. They had been using an old Estadio de Mexico championship. Estrellas del Ring talks to the winner and loser.

Prince Devitt is confirmed as wrestling tonight. CMLL sent out a message yesterday to confirm he’d actually be on this show this week, which was nice of them. It’s masks vs no masks in the main event: Rush, Marco & Devitt vs Ultimo Guerrero, Volador, and Mephisto. Everything is pointing in the direction of Volador & Devitt, so that should actually get started tonight. There’s a couple ongoing issues that just keep going on, but the other match sticking out to me is way down in the segunda. Virus, who seems to be in more lightning matches than most, faces Titan. That should be a fun match in itself, but the preview suggests Titan will also get a title shot if he can beat Virus here.

Lucha Libre USA returns (again!) tonight, starting a six week live tour in Reno, Nevada. They’ve got the full list of announced shows on their website; it’s now up to 10 shows thru May 12th. Tonight’s show is headlined by Blue Demon vs RJ Brewer with Demon’s career on the line, and Lizmark Jr. defending his title versus Chavo Guerrero Jr. in a match straight out WCW Worldwide 1997. (This is a good thing!)

Everyone I’ve talked to about these shows does not have high hopes for their finical success. They’re running large building with expensive tickets and no national TV  it’s not a great formula. They are reairing the shows on local TV where they’re running the live events, but I’m not doubtful that’ll be enough to overcome the cheapest ticket being $29; that seems higher than WWE prices without the brand loyalty. Still, if you can get in to these shows at a decent price, they look like they’ll be fun shows.

X-Fly & Halloween are listed on AAA cards as far in the future as April 16. Damian is not on any AAA card.

Perros del Mal (via the Gladiatores) have a note up about always finding new stars, and they’ve found a new Perro: Canadian Kira Foster. You may know her as Taya Valkyrie from the World of Hurt reality show with Lance Storm. There was a report of her signing a WWE Developmental deal back in October; either that didn’t happen or it’s over already. She’s on Twitter, and was at Rey de Reyes, so she may start turning up on TV as soon as this weekend. She’s most likely the mystery woman on Queretaro taping.

CMLL made Diamante Azul do an interview where he said his gear was 100% unique and all his own idea. I think this is an old interview from a month or so being recycled.

Interviews with long time Monterrey wrestlers/trainers Mr. Lince & Rudy Reyna is interesting before it descends into the “no one knows how to wrestle today, every show we were on sold out” usual.

Rob has highlights of 02/11/11 CMLL.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update.


CMLL on Televisa: 2012-03-10




taped 2012-03-02 @ Arena Mexico
Ayumi vs Marcela in a lightning match: The title change is not much of a surprise now – they turned Ayumi rudo (the gold changes people!) and she lost, it’s a pretty good indication something’s up. This was a lot of trying to get in moves to fit the time limit, but they got in some painful looking stuff. Next week should be good if it got time.


think it was actually Angel de Oro who screwed up, but Mr. Aguila gets to look like a weirdo

Ángel de Oro, Super Porky, Valiente vs Averno, Mr. Águila, Olímpico: not a lot of a match due to time considerations. They spent about 2/7ths with Olímpico and Valiente just warning up the mat, so they didn’t exactly make the most of it. It was fine but I wouldn’t exactly miss it.


spit > slap

Atlantis & Mr. Niebla vs Rush & Terrible in a National Parejas Increible final match: Not a lot as a match in itself, just a long backdrop to Terrible & Rush breaking it up. If last week was about how destructive they could be if they got along, this was more about how self-destructive they’d rather be if they were put together.