2012 Rey de Reyes preview

I’ve done this before, but one more time can’t hurt. Again, AAA is not putting this show on PPV and so I won’t have a chat. There’s no way to be sure there will be live coverage and the taping is likely to go longer with no SKY PPV limit. There’s no sense in everyone sitting around until 1 AM hoping for a facebook post.

The show is listed as starting at 6pm local Guadalajara time (which would be 8 pm Eastern Daylight Time.) AAA TV tapings often start 30-45 minutes after the listed time. I will try to have live results, on Twitter if not here as well. The upside of this show not being on PPV means it’ll start airing on TV much sooner. The first part will air next week.

(In other TV news, AAA’s website adds a Neza taping to the upcoming schedule.)

AAA TV (SUN) 03/18 Auditorio Benito Juarez, Zapopan, Jalisco
1) El Elegido vs Alan Stone, Aerostar, Pimpinela Escarlata, Pasion Kristal, Yuriko, Mascarita Dorada, Octagoncito, Mini Histeria, Sexy Star, Fabi Apache, La Hechicera [cage, hair, mask]

A lucha cage match – someone will jump off the top of the cage (maybe a few people), people will aimlessly brawl for a few minutes, people will start to climb and be pulled back, and someone will lose their hair. La Hechicera is never on TV but somehow is in this match, which makes her the prime suspect.

2) Billy el Malo, Cibernético, Escoria vs Dark Dragon, La Parka, Tito Santana [lumberjack]

The idea of La Parka & Octagon going rudo (and Cibernetico going to the tecnico side as a result) was to get them a prominent relevant place in AAA than wrestling in segundas. A few months later, and Parka & Cibernetico are wrestling in the segunda again. Octagon is not doing much better. They’ve even acknowledged this slightly on TV, making it a part of the storyline as potential reset button. The character changes themselves haven’t failed, but it didn’t make two guys who had been getting stale fighting against each other feel much fresher.

This is being billed as the end of the feud. The feud ends in a trios match, because a singles match just isn’t a good idea. Making it a lumberjack match is a bit harder to figure. AAA uses that as a comedy gimmick, and this is supposedly a blood feud. Perhaps they feel they need that many distractions to get this one done. It’s amazing, and a testament to their personal charisma and accumulated body of work, that Cibernetico & Parka are still so over given how many crutches they need to get thru a match.

The only way this match can truly be the end of the feud is if one of these guys are leaving or if they’re going to be on the same side, neither of which seems likely (though you may disagree if you put more stock into the Cibernetico/CMLL stuff.) There also doesn’t seem to be any next feud for either of these guys. Both really could use a win, but maybe they can get out of that problem with a lumberjack accidentally costing La Parka the match. This has the chance to be good when the non-Parka/Cibernetico people are in, but the lumberjacks usually detract from the match and it probably won’t be different here.

3) Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown vs Octagón, Silver King, Último Gladiador

I am a little behind on TV, but I don’t believe this match has gotten any particular attention on TV. The last time the Psycho Clowns were on TV (prior to this weekend’s show in Ecatepec), they were talking about a TNA bounty on them. There’s no TNA team here, but maybe Ultimo Gladiador can make himself some money. This will be a lot of Clowns beating up Gladiador & Silver, Silver & Gladiador getting in tag spots, and Octagon occasionally reminding us he’s in the match. The Psychos should win, since they’re champs and all, but this really looks like a CMLL big match on AAA big show: a match to just have people on the show.

4) ? & Chessman vs Joe Lider & Juventud Guerrera and Halloween & Nicho el Millionario and Fenix & Extreme Tiger

Fenix is replacing Daga. Halloween is still scheduled to be in the match, though we’ll all be wondering what shirt he’ll be wearing to the ring.

Abyss was probably supposed to be Chessman’s partner, but Abyss is not around (to further TNA storylines.) AAA usually plays up mystery men when they have someone, but they haven’t said a word about situation. Decnnis would be the most logical person on the roster, but he’s booked out to Xalapa. I’m not sure what Hernandez’s exact status with TNA is – the Observer mentioned a few weeks back that he wanted out of his deal there and back here – but he’d be a logical outside name to fill that spot.

Match looks like a crazy spot fest, and possibly a extreme match with the group involved. This one seems unlikely to hold together as a match with the names involved, but will probably still be entertaining. If the mystery name is someone important, than his team should win. Otherwise, Fenix & Tiger seem the best bet.

5) Dr. Wagner Jr., Electroshock, Heavy Metal vs Máscara Año 2000 Jr., Texano, Toscano

The story here will not be the result. Everyone knows what the result will be, and the guy in charge of making those sort of decisions confirmed it. The story is how they get to that finish, and how the Consejo team looks getting to that finish. They’ve done a great job of making Consejo look strong and threatening, and they’ve got to keep it up here. This is not the greatest mix of luchadors for this sort of story. I’m not concerned about Texano, and Toscano has been looking greatly motivated, no problem with them. This is the most important match of Mascara Ano 2000 Junior’s life, and he’s a guy who hasn’t had to work hard for the big matches previously. Metal was the most unreliable man of 2011. Electroshock has a tendency to make himself look good at his opponent’s expense, but it’s nothing compared to Dr. Wagner Jr., the king of crown. Still, a ton of talent in the ring, and as long as the Consejo guys look like they can hang with the AAA guys (and cheat in the end when they need to), they’re going to get a meaningful win.

Dorain Roldan made a return to Twitter this past week, teasing two mystery people on this show. This is obviously a place for one of them to fit. As long as they’re signifcant names (they’ve already hit the limit on the opening card guys), Consejo can always use more people.

6) el Hijo del Perro Aguayo vs Héctor Garza, Jack Evans, LA Park [Rey de Reyes, final]

This also could be a crazy match. We get Jack Evans working with LA Park, nothing wrong with that. The idea is Perro & Garza will work together, but those two have accidentally kicked each other and fought so many times, I’d be shocked if they made it thru this without another fight.

This finish is probably a weather vane for the main event. On that Figure Four Daily appearance, Konnan mentions the winner of the Rey de Reyes has usually gotten a shot at the title. Usually is about twice in four years, but let’s roll with it and say the winner of this match is going to the next major show for a title shot. Perro & Jack will be fighting each other, so they’re out. The strongest match they’re building that isn’t on this show is Park vs Jeff Jarrett. They have to be doing something with it, here or later, and Park winning and facing Jarrett as the tecnico by default at TripleMania would be a big deal (and continue the streak of big LA Park wins at TripleMania.) If Mesias is champion, then Hector Garza as an opponent – heavyweight champion of the other company, national champ in a related promotion – is an obvious opponent. It’s not quite as strong a match.

or I guess they could have LA Park win and face Mesias in a rematch of last year. Maybe this isn’t an indicator! I’ll just go with Park.

7) El Mesías vs Jeff Jarrett [AAA HEAVY]

This whole Jeff Jarrett title run has been mangeld by the scaricty of appearances, but it might have been saved if the matches were any good. They have not been good, though they also haven’t been his fault. The title change was another bad Zorro match in a bad year for Zorro matches. The thee way match was an extended breakup angle with Park (which still hasn’t took.) The Copa Antonio Pena was about the same, and also a battle royal. I didn’t even remember he had TV matches until I looked at his match results, but one was another LA Park/Jarrett breakup, and the other was one where Abyss was a poor luchador. They’ve proven Jeff Jarrett can’t have a good match in spite of the booking. Mesias is the right opponent for him, and hopefully the booking stays out of the way long enough for those two to have the good match.

Looking at the paragraph – LA Park and Jeff Jarrett must be having a match, right? They’ve spent the better part of a year building to this match, they absolutely should be having a match…except, it just feels as strongly that this is the end of TNA in AAA for the moment – no one but Jarrett was brought in, AAA’s been hamstrung by the lack of availability to TNA wrestlers, and they’ve way they’ve moved on to the Consejo storyline makes the TNA issue look like old news. (There’s the tag title left hanging, but that’s not an important title to AAA – this is the only one that matters.) Jeff Jarrett as champion has made no discernible impact on the company. Mesias has had to fight thru people just to get a shot, which usually means he’s going to win.

Still…AAA always loves bringing in foreigners for TripleMania. They never make a difference, but it makes AAA feel worldly and extra important, and TNA’s the most logical place for them to bring people in. And if they’re bringing in TNA people anyway, why not bring in Jeff Jarrett with the title one last time with LA Park as Mexico’s Last Hope?

(well, because, maybe he’ll have a Ring Ka King taping or something equally important.)

As you can tell, I can’t tell which way this is going. I would not bet on this match, but I will guess LA Park costs Jarrett the title, and they just leave it open as to what happens next.

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  1. I’m a bit confused… So, if it’s not going to be on PPV then the only way you can see it is live at the arena? Or do they show it locally for the folks in Mexico? I would think it would be a little more accessible because there’s only so many people that can even attend the event. Forgive me if I’m ignorant but I’m not familiar with their business practices.

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