AAA on Televisa (Regional): 2012-02-18

Atomic Boy/Angel Mortal

taped 2012-02-10 @ Gimnasio Municipal de Zumpango, Estado de México

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Argenis, Atomic Boy, Relampago vs Ángel Mortal, Gran Apache, Tito Santana: Good match; Atomic Boy and Argenis are adding different ideas to their repertoire, which is great if they’re going to be on TV more than once every months. Relampago remains Relampago, but he was better than last time out. Apache and Tito were in the right places at the right time; Angel Mortal looked a little bit slow but it could’ve been the other guys going too fast.



Dinastía, Mascarita Divina, Octagoncito vs Mini Chessman, Mini Histeria, Mini Psicosis: Really good minis match. Felt short than it actually was, but they just had a lot they wanted to get thru. Dinastia looked impressive and unique in his debut, just what you wanted. The rudos seemed better than they have in the past; they could still use one more good one, but they had tricky técnico offense to keep up with and managed it well here.


giant splash

El Elegido & Fenix vs Alan Stone & Dark Dragon: Fenix and Dark Dragon did their thing and Alan seemed to be trying. Elegido was less than usual. The match finish was one of those nonsensical evil guys doing evil things for no particular reason – if Konnan just wanted Alan out of the group, why even let him have the match? I don’t think we’re going to be seeing a lot of Alan Stone either way. I wonder where this leaves the mixed tag titles (or maybe we’re just not going to be see a lot of those either.)


just so someone sees it again

Cibernético, Daga, Electroshock vs Chessman, La Parka, Último Gladiador: if AAA was the kind of promotion that showed crazy things as much as CMLL shows that clip of Naito being clotheslined on his head, that would actually be a somewhat defensible finish. As it was, the crowd totally bought the brainbuster as a finish (and it will be, because no one besides Gladiador – and maybe Dark Dragon – will be silly enough to agree to something like a top rope Canadian Destroyer), and instead UG kicked out of that at zero to set up the crazy dangerous stop that they’ll never show again. You’re doing crazy moves only to impress yourself, that’s not the way it’s supposed to work. Chessman and UG did great work here. Electroshock was way into showing off all his moves. Cibernético and Parka is definitely an issue, but not a particularly hot one; changing each sides doesn’t totally take away from this being a decade long feud.

missed senton? weird double legdrop to the midsection?

Dr. Wagner Jr. & El Mesías vs el Hijo del Perro Aguayo & Halloween: fifteen minute match with no finish, a great  use of my time. Actually, the técnicos were most assuredly about to win, and win easily considering where the Perros used to be. It is Halloween, and Halloween and Damian exist to take losses in matches like this, so it’s not really a big deal. I haven’t been high on Mesías vs Jarrett because Jarrett’s not been around, but it’s not like Mesías has been all that interesting either.