Marcela wins the Women’s Championship, TRT vs Rush, Toscano on post-CMLL

CMLL (FRI) 03/09/2012 Arena Mexico [CMLLKaiserSports (1-3)KaiserSports (4-6)La Catedral]
1) Arkángel de la Muerte & Nitro b Ángel Azteca Jr. & Hombre Bala Jr.
Rudos took 1/3.
2) Fuego, Pegasso, Sangre Azteca b Hijo del Signo, Namajague, Shigeo Okumura
Tecnicos take 2/3.
3) Marcela b Ayumi [CMLL WOMEN]
Fuego & Namajague were the seconds. Marcela took falls 2/3 to win the title. Lots of big kickouts in the third. Marcela said she was happy to win the championship back in Arena Mexico.
4) Averno, Mephisto, Volador Jr. b Ángel de Oro, Máscara Dorada, Shocker
Shocker’s return to Arena Mexico. Rudos took 1/3, cleanly.
5) Rush DQ Terrible
Rush took 1/3. Long finish, starting with Rush starting for his double underhook piledriver. Bucanero & Tiger ran out to distract, Rush let go of the hold, Terrible went after him but took out the ref by mistake, Rush fouled Terrible, and Tiger & Bucanero jumped in to attack Rush. Ref awake, called the DQ, but Rush was beat up.
6) Atlantis, Diamante Azul, La Sombra b Felino, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas
Tecnicos took 1/3. Diamante Azul gave Niebla a “brutal” German suplex in the first.

WBC Flywreight champion Mariana Juarez made an appearance before the women’s title match.

I have no proof, but why let that stop from speculating: it sure looks like REINA bought Ayumi a title win for her anniversary show, and this was just the end of the lease. I don’t know why REINA would actually do that, but the people behind REINA obviously like to pour a lot of money in (by women’s wrestling standards) to bring foreign wrestlers in, and it’s not a big leap from that to bringing in a championship belt. This has happened before in lucha libre – see: Vangelis winning title, Vangelis losing title – and was part of the process of creating the J-Crown a couple decades ago.

I’m not pointing this out because I have a problem with it. Marcela vs Ayumi sounded like it was a good match last night and it probably was in Japan, it’s a titles in CMLL so it’s largely meaningless what they do with it, and I’m all for anything to get CMLL to do more good matches. I’m actually more intrigued by it; is there an actual hard set cash amount for booking your own title match? “Valiente finally gets his rematch versus Polvora” could be the greatest Kickstarter project ever.

Rush vs Terrible is the new big apuesta match CMLL’s going to tease forever and never actually do.


  • AAA tapes in Ectapec, the last one prior to Rey de Reyes
  • IWL & DTU have their second combined show
  • GALLI’s iPPV airs at 7:30 CT.
I’m going to the last one. Is anyone getting the iPPV? I’ll probably be posting way too much about it on Twitter tonight.
Other News
Toscano talked to about his post-CMLL run, which he feels is a big success and giving his career a second wind; people were saying he should retire but they now know he’s hear to stay. Toscano says he’s worked more this year already than he did in the entirety of 2011 with CMLL. (I have Toscano at 100 matches last year; he’d need to wrestle 1.7 times a day to already have beat that.) He also says he’s much happier as a rudo and should’ve never been a tecnico. Toscano says CMLL shouldn’t be upset with El Consejo, because they’ve just called themselves a council and not actually said who they represent.
Hooligan hypes Sunday’s title match by saying Stuka & Fuego have lasted a long time as champs, but the belts are dusty and it’s time they have new owners.

Rob has thoughts on Konnan’s Figure Four Daily appearance, a Triton highlight, and a music video of 08/26/2011 CMLL.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news report.

Blue Demon and Hijo del Lizmark promote the Lucha Libre USA tour. Article says they’re headed to Texas at some point.

Porra Fresa previews the big Arena Puebla show this Monday.

Bajo Las Capuchas says Braulio Mendoza, an Acapulco luchador, passed away.

Proyeccion Luchistica interviews Dark Lady and Black Animal,


CMLL (FRI) 03/16/2012 Arena Mexico
1) Höruz & Metálico vs Bobby Zavala & Camorra
2) Último Dragoncito vs Pequeño Warrior [lightning]
3) Dalis la Caribeña, Dark Angel, Estrellita vs Amapola, Princesa Blanca, Princesa Sugheit
4) Black Warrior, Hijo del Fantasma, Sagrado vs Pólvora, Rey Escorpion, Vangelis
5) Diamante Azul, Máscara Dorada, Rush vs Rey Bucanero, Terrible, Tiger
6) Atlantis, La Sombra, Prince Devitt vs Felino, Último Guerrero, Volador Jr.

Devitt retained his IWGP Junior Heavyweight championship earlier today. A title match in Mexico is likely but not definite. I think Felino is actually in this match to help him adjust (everyone else has their traditional rival.) Volador Jr. makes the most sense as a Devitt singles match opponent – but if that title match happens, perhaps it’s not the NJPW title that’d be on the line.

If I’m Rey Bucanero, I’m volunteering to work with Dorada in the semimain, and sticking Tiger with the Death Suplex. It’s the veteran move.

Amapola vs Estrellita will not end, but I hope it goes two falls to sneak the minis match on. Ultimo Dragoncito vs The New Barriers has been built strongly for two weeks, want to see how it turns out.