03/18 AAA TV Lineup (Zapopan) – Rey de Reyes

AAA TV (SUN) 03/18/2012 Auditorio Benito Juarez, Zapopan, Jalisco
1) El Elegido vs Alan StoneAerostarPimpinela EscarlataPasion KristalYurikoMascarita DoradaOctagoncitoMini HisteriaSexy StarFabi ApacheLa Hechicera [cage, hair, mask]
2) Billy el Malo, Cibernético, Escoria vs Dark Dragon, La Parka, Tito Santana [lumberjack]
listed as final battle
3) Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown vs Octagón, Silver King, Último Gladiador
4) ? & Chessman vs Joe Lider & Juventud Guerrera and Halloween & Nicho el Millionario and Daga & Extreme Tiger
5) Dr. Wagner Jr., Electroshock, Heavy Metal vs Máscara Año 2000 Jr., Texano, Toscano
Consejo must win to stay in AAA.
6) el Hijo del Perro Aguayo vs Héctor GarzaJack EvansLA Park [Rey de Reyes, final]
7) El Mesías vs Jeff Jarrett [AAA HEAVY]

Mexico airdate: 03/25? – the poster does not mention it being on PPV (but perhaps they just don’t want to promote that locally.)

Here’s the thing – Mesias should win the AAA title to end this story, but I’m not sure he needs to. If they want to do something with Park & Jarrett, that seems a waste of Park’s time, but OK. (Maybe we should be watching for LA Park to get involved in the main event no matter what.) However, AAA’s not really had a heavyweight champion for about 9 months and they’ve done OK. So if Jarrett has to keep the belt three more months because they have an interesting story to tell, then it’s really hard to believe it’s going to hurt anything. They just don’t seem to have an interesting story to tell!

The two finishes which make the most sense for Rey de Reyes are Garza winning to set him up as the next title challenge (they’ve been doing all these Mesias/Garza tags) or Jack over Perro to push them farther along. They could do Perro vs Jack, but Perro’s got to be the one pushed hard enough to wager his hair, and Jack needs a big meaningful win to cement his status. LA Park has better thing to do than win this.

This is surely not the last match for Consejo. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, there was a similar trios match between members of a home promotion and those representing another, which saw a man representing the home promotion reveal himself as part of the invaders. That sort of history has a fine chance of repeating here. All three members of the AAA army have spent time in CMLL; Electroshock started out there as Ultimatium. There are plenty of other people in AAA who were once in El Consejo, and Consejo could probably use the help of one more important player.

Chessman’s mystery partner should logically be Abyss, and this should be a title change. I guess he could still be the surprise, as odd as it is. As it is, both this and the Psycho Clown match are kind of here just to be matches.

I bet when La Parka joined La Sociedad, he thought he’d get more successful partners for his war with the Bizarros than Tito & Dark Dragon. It still should be a pretty good match. Parka should win, or his turn is pretty unjustified. That could be the point, based on recent TV.

I’d assume one of the exoticos is losing their hair – it’s nice they’re not making La Braza try to climb a cage. It’d be sad if Aerostar finally got on TV just to lose his mask, but I believe what actually is happening is Aerostar is finally on TV to jump off a very high place at an elevated risk of injury, and then they’ll never show the clip again. (Though I’m not sure who he’d trust to catch him – the exoticos?) Starting a show with a cage match is weird, but it’s not the first time they’ve done it.

7 thoughts to “03/18 AAA TV Lineup (Zapopan) – Rey de Reyes”

  1. No Fenix or Zorro? Fenix deserves to be on the show more than Elegido or Aerostar. He’s had a hell of a year.

  2. My guess is Juventud returning means Fenix lost his spot. Otherwise he’d slot in perfectly where Juventud is on this show.

    Does Taboo not exist any more?

    The 2nd and 3rd match seem useless. Why do a lumberjack starp match (comedy) in a match with two rudo teams? To me you’d be better off doing Ciber’s team vs Parka/Octagon/Tito and having the Clowns face Chessman/Gladiador/Decnis for the trios titles (assuming they win them). I’m still not clear on why Chessman is in the 4 way and needs a mystery partner?

    Should be a couple of fun matches though and I admire the effort to get lots of people booked.


  3. @Rob: Taboo did not exist for a few months (and may not exist on AAA TV anymore), but he turned up on a spot show last week.

    The whole Taboo being carried out at Verano de Escandalo way back in July was to write him out as a character, except no one actually picked up on it.

  4. Starting off with a cage match is a bit weird but that could end up being a pretty fun match (as long as Aerostar doesn’t try anything too insane!).

    The RdR final should be good, we’ll get to see the continuation of Perro vs. Jack and maybe some sort of build towards Garza as a Megacampeon contender.

    I still don’t think Jarrett loses the belt until Triplemania, though I don’t know what they’ll do.

    My guess is that the Clowns will probably be defending the trios belts in that match?

  5. @Rob: I wonder if AAA is using the real Aero Star? I won’t be convinced it’s him until we see him wrestle.

  6. @Tim: And it’s Zorro’s hometown too.

    With 44 wrestlers on the card, when someone gets left off a big show, people tend to focus on “who is missing” and for this show, it’s Fenix.

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