03/02 AAA TV Results (Toluca)

AAA TV (FRI) 03/02/2012 Gimnasio Agustín Millán [AAA]
1) Atomic Boy & Sugi San b Gran Apache & Tito Santana
Apache appears to be feuding with Atomic Boy. Atomic reversed a powerbomb into a ‘rana for the win.
2) Argos & Semental b Billy el Malo & Escoria
Argos replaced Mortiz, defeated Billy via spanish fly. He also wore his Astro Boy mask.
3) Dr. Wagner Jr. & Drago DQ Halloween & Octagón
Octagon was DQed for a chair shot (it’s a DQ this week!) El Conjseo ran in after the match, but Roldan has AAA guys ready to run off anyone who jumped the rail. Joaquin told them not to eject Texano, so they could yell at him. Joaquin told him he’d have his match with no help, and Wagner told Texano that he had left CMLL when Texano was still in diapers. Texano, as leader of El Consejo will get to choose his three best men to take on Wagner, Electroshock, and Heavy Metal at Rey de Reyes.
4) Jack Evans b ChessmanTexano Jr.Nicho el Millionario [Rey de Reyes, semifinal]
Final was down to Jack & Texano, with Wagner providing a distraction for the win.
5) LA Park b La ParkaElectroshockSilver King [Rey de Reyes, semifinal]
At the start of the show, Konnan came out and paid Park’s fine. No development there, though Park and Konnan are not very friendly. This final came down to the Parkas, who were killing each other, and Park won with a powerbomb onto a cooler. Dorian & Konnan congratulated Park, but told him he must kiss Karen Jarrett’s feet at Rey de Reyes as an apology. Park told them he would not kiss anyone’s feet. Dorian yelled at Park, Park grabbed him, and La Sociedad grabbed Park. Dorian fled, with Park throwing the cooler at him. Still not an offical breakup but more problems.

Mexico Air Date: 03/11.

Related: AAA says their main show will be expanding to 90 minute starting 03/18.

Rey de Reyes now officially looks like

  • Jarrett (c) vs Mesias [AAA HEAVY]
  • LA Park vs Jack Evans vs Hector Garza vs Perro Aguayo [Rey de Reyes]
  • Texano, ?, ?? vs Dr. Wagner Jr., Heavy Metal, Electroshock [Consejo must win to stay in AAA]
    • Probably Toscano/MA2K Jr., unless they get someone new to jump
  • 12 person cage match

That leaves room for teased stuff (Psycho Circus vs Team AAA, Cibernetico/Parka).

Next taping is Ecatpec, and a lineup should be out for that in days. They may explain a couple more undercard matches on the show, but since it won’t air until hours before the PPV, it’s really not going to be too useful for building anything new.

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  1. So… am I the only one that immediatly thought “huh, I guess Heavy Metal’s turning on his teammates”?

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