CMLL incredible pairs tournament, Perros del Mal, Consejo, Santo vetos, Tercera Caida

Today’s second half of the national incredible pairs tournament. Marco and Ultimo Guerrero are the favorites; Marco notes Ultimo Guerrero fouled him last Tuesday in Guadalajara and will have a singles match next Tuesday, but thinks Ultimo really wants to win the match on Friday so they should be in good shape. Marco is right – Ultimo Guerrero says he wants to win to get another shot as his bad friend. Ultimo Guerrero also praises CMLL for putting together this tournament. Rush and Terrible are probably the next strongest team, and Rush says he hates Terrible, but they’ll get along to win.

Perros del Mal’s next taping is 03/10. No matches announced. They seem to be taping once a month.

El Consejo replaced AAA’s front page with a forwarder to their blog on Thursday. AAA fans apparently do not think Toscano is so great, if that poll is to be believed.

Indy lucahdoras Ludark Shaitan and Sexy Lady are supposed to be on AAA spots shows next week; they’re worked them before and may be training in Silver King’s class. They may no longer be on those shows; Hijo del Santo says the women have been told that if they work on this weekend’s Todo x el Todos show, they can’t work with AAA. It’s the same veto by association CMLL has had for years (though more things are slipping thru the cracks there.) Strangely, there’s there no mention of Mascarita Dorada facing the same ban, but perhaps AAA feels they have more leverage on the women.

TVC Deportes says Tercera Caida was pre-empted by basketball because more people watch it. I don’t know exactly which game was on TVC Deportes instead of Tercera Caida, but the games I normally see them listing as major college conferences, but not the major games from those conferences; games that are being rebroadcasted from the conference networks, not ESPN. Only the hardcore fans of those schools and college basketball are going to be watching those games. I have to believe there’s less people interested in NC State and Wisconsin basketball in Mexico.

IWL posted a video of Sepulturero and Fantasma de la Opera burning his MTA shirt, rejoining ATM. NO one actually cares about who’s in what IWL or X-Project faction, except for Trolli. You have the little scary monster, you have the power.

Black Terry Jr. has video of Tuesday’s IWRG FILL cibernetico: part 1, part 2

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update.


  • Tommy Dreamer talks about his experience getting to the X-Project show.
  • Rocky Santana talks to MT about his career.
  • Lady Apache explains she challenged for Blanca’s hair and not title because she wanted a more risky match.
  • R de Rudo talks to Makabre.

11 thoughts to “CMLL incredible pairs tournament, Perros del Mal, Consejo, Santo vetos, Tercera Caida”

  1. In the same Experiencias,Santo interviewed M.Dorada,M.Sagrada and Mini Cibernético,and the 3 of them will be with others names.Same reason,diferent empresas

  2. @Alfredo: I’ve never seen him before, and I wasn’t totally following what he was saying, but his body language 100% comes off that way in that clip. I don’t know how/why you put that on the internet.

  3. @thecubsfan: He basically said they scheduled two college basketball games and Tercera Caida was cancelled for that day. Then he went on a rant about Jose Manuel Guillen posting on twitter and this guy felt the need to put Jose, Bernardo and the rest of the Tercera Caida crew in their place by talking down to them. Said that show was TVCDeportes and not their show.

    Anyone who watches that show will tell you that show is very much their show. Yes, its TVCDeportes that gave them the slot, but it very much is their show in the way it airs. Its one of those upper management attitudes were they think that they can toss anyone in there and the show would be fine, but that show those two guys, you replace with guys who are not as big of fans as they are (and you can tell just from their announcing style and the amount of info they provide) show dies rather quickly or loses some of its fan base. For an example, see Javier Llanes lucha talk shows. :)

    He then threatened legal action against DTU and other lucha promotions using their footage. I dunno about that one. Seems like he probably got complaints from people involved with DTU or fans of DTU and decided to include them in his mini rant.

    He should have kept that issue in-house and spoken to the 3ra Caida crew in private, but chose to wave his dick around publicly.

  4. I am 100% serious when I say this… Tercera Caida is a great show. I rarely watch it because my Spanish is not that great. Now that my in-ring career appears to be over, I would love to produce something similar to that focusing on non-WWE stuff here in the US. Tercera Caida is essentially a “SportsCenter” for lucha libre, and it should be supported.

  5. Wrestling getting disrespected is nothing new to us north of Mexico. It is surprising to see it treated like that in Mexico where Lucha Libre is more part of the culture.

    Nevertheless the wrong thing to do (that I’ve seen some folks doing which may tie into him personally attacking DTU…) is to e-mail the folks at TVC. If they are willing to cancel an episode for no reason then I’m sure getting a bunch of angry e-mails where executives are called mean names is only going to make them treat the show even worse. It’s admirable that people want to stand up for the guys at Tercera Caida who deserve it because that show is amazing and they work hard on it. But either voice your complaints reasonably or just say nothing. Don’t add fuel to the fire.

  6. TVCDeportes is a channel and part of a network that is essentially in for business (they are neither a public nor receive any government subsidy as other channels do), therefore their aim is to increase their audience, hence have more and better advertisers.

    No channel or network can be taken seriously if it keeps disrespecting its own contents and audience. I’m keeping in mind this channel has at least four regular lucha/wrestling shows so it is an audience that they are focusing on. From what I have read lately, this is not the only time a lucha show that is produced within the channel thatt has been rescheduled at the last hour (re: Experiencias del Hijo del Santo) but the Tercera Caida incident may have been too much.

    I agree with Rob that getting TVC’s management angry is not the best route but rather letting them know that if their ultimate objective is to gain audience, they are in fact putting in jeopardy the one they already can count on.

  7. Apparently Big Vision entertainment is threatening to sue MEXPW over the use of the XPW name. I didn’t even know Big Vision was still around?

  8. Hey Cubs, saw your tweet about not catching the charly manson mention on sobre el ring, it’s on the episode that he’s showing old pictures of gory guerrero, he’s mentions it in the beginning right before he announces the guadalajara cards, just thought i let u know.

  9. @Tim: That’s weird. I assumed they all knew each other and were ok with it.

    @Albert: Rob mentioned it came from your comment, so I assumed you were right and Llanes probably forgot he brought it up.

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