top six stories of the last two weeks

  1. Blue Panther vs Negro Casas agreed to a hair match for Dos Leyendas on 03/02.
  2. AAA’s latest TV taping set up a Wagner (and partners?) vs El Consejo match for Rey del Reyes. That joins the annual Rey del Ring tournament final as the only matches officially set for the show on March 18th. There are clear directions for other matches, and maybe those will be set at tonight’s taping.
  3. Atlantis & Mr. Niebla advanced to the semifinal of the national incredible pairs. The tournament final will take place at Dos Leyendas. Marco Corleone & Ultimo Guerrero are the favorite to win their half of the bracket this Friday.
  4. On the first X-Project shows, a seven hour marathon, all three Parkas beat the ex-ECW team of Super Crazy, Tommy Dreamer and Raven, and Daga defeated Super Crazy and Joe Lider for the X-LAW Junior Heavyweight championship. The afternoon show did not draw especially well, but the evening show seemed close to a sell out. No next show was announced.
  5. IWL & DTU first co-promoted show “Versus” featured a DTU team beating AAA and IWL teams in the main event. The show seemed to draw well for the size of the building they were in. A follow up show was announced for 03/10.
  6. CMLL made the long anticipated gimmick change for Metro. His new name was not anticipated: Diamante Azul, with something very close to a Blue Demon mask with a diamond pasted on.
  • Many titles changed hands: Negro Casas beat Sombra for the NWA Welterweight title, Volador beat Sombra for the NWA Middleweight Title, Hector Garza won the Mexican National Heavyweight Championship from X-Fly in Perros del Mal, and Marco Corleone, Maximo and Rush won the CMLL Trios Championship from Hijos del Averno. The last two might mean more than just usual belt shuffling; Garza’s title might end up being the main title for Perros del Mal (assuming they run enough shows for that to matter) and the title win for Bufete del Amor is part of their quick rise a group.
  • Lucha news show Tercera Caida was mysterious pre-empted this week.
  • Lots of rumors about people jumping from promotion A to promotion B (or B to A). No one’s jumped yet.
  • Prince Devitt & Ayumi were officially announced as coming in March, and given heavy promotion on the CMLL shows.
  • Lucha Libre USA will be touring California in March.
  • Casandro says he’s retiring “for a while”
  • CMLL and PRI ran a famine benefit show.
  • No title changes in IWRG, with Eterno & Carta Brava keeping their titles.

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  1. Great reporting Cubs and thanks again for all the videos. Love your analysis on the big shows man. Keep it up!!! Thanks as always.

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