02/24-25 lucha times


52MX: The trios title match.

LATV: a rerun!

CMLL-Main/Gala: Galavision’s online schedule says the show is airing at 11pm ET on Saturday. All other TV listings say the show isn’t on. My onscreen listings say it’s not on. As best I can figure, it’s on. The listings on my TiVo have San Luis/Atlas at 9:30 ET; it’s actually a 8 ET game, which means this show airs sometime after soccer.

Guessing the tournament ends up on this show, but there’s no telling.

FOX: That would leave the Tuareg vs Lee/Cometa/Azteca + Misterioso/Okumura/Vangelis vs Fuego/Sagrado/Sangre

AAA: Not sure. It would make most sense to air two more matches from Zumpango on the main show, and random reruns on the regional show. No telling if they’ll actually do that.

C3: TRT vs Atlantida.

Mega6: Blanca/Apache build up. Love Buffet vs Guerreros/Volador

Puebla: TRT vs Mascara/Mascara/Rush, plus Virus/Loco/Centella and Dalis/Blanca.

Perros: week 3 of Arena Aficion? Feed’s been off, no idea what aired.

ACM: TV magicians?

IWRG: the two title matches from Sunday?

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  1. @Alan: That feed is someone manually clicking it on/off – there’s a lot of stuff that gets thru that probably is not actually allowed to be on the web. They really need some automated mechanism to keep them out of trouble – it was no big surprise when they got pulled for a day or so last month.

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