02/18-19 lucha times


I’ve watched nothing this past week. A sad week.

52MX: Hijos del Averno vs Tercia Sencasion will definitely air. Semimain usually airs, but maybe they can make the switch and put the Cometa/Titan/Triton match on? Or maybe just air one fall instead of the random high spots shown to fill time?

LATV: a rerun!

CMLL-Main/Gala: More Panther/Negro; they’ve gotten it on the right show this cycle, perhaps that will make a difference. Either the lightning match or the Cancerbero vs Diamante/Pegasso/Cometa match depending on time – maybe both? In the US, this show is again listed for 55 minutes (so maybe start taping five minutes ahead of time), and the late night replay returns…at an early time. I dunno.

FOX: Women’s match and TRT vs Oro/Mascara/Valiente. Seems to be airing at the same time as the Mexico Galavision show this week.

AAA: this will be the Zumpango taping, and I still think it’ll be a two week taping to stretch out things before Naucalpan. Everything should air between the two shows, but they’ve usually left the main event off the Regional show, and aired on of the undercard matches and the main event on the main show. Very much guessing here.

C3: TRT vs Tercia Sensacion, a match both sides are getting a lot of practice at. More Panther/Negro.

Mega6: Volador vs Mascara (this would be a poor week for a rerun.) I’m all the sudden more excited for a Mascara singles match for some reason!

Puebla: Negro Casas vs La Sombra.

Perros: it’s week 2 of the Arena Aficion show. I’m not sure what that means (though you might know if you stay up to the 3AM CT to see the rerun tonight and the commercial for next week), so I’ll use this space to call out the TVC Deportes crew for doing a great job. We compliment the commentators a lot, but the production crew needs to get some credit here – they turned the Valentine’s Day taping into a TV show in under 48 hours. The big boys at Televisa can’t do with either AAA or CMLL, but the cable channel got it done. As they typically do.

ACM: between the two shows, they’ve usually been airing 2 new matches. That probably means the Silenico/Genocida match, and the Angel Dorado, Laredo Kid, Mascara Purpura vs Golden Boy, Rey Demonio, Rico Rodridguez. I hear great things about this Laredo Kid, hope he gets a shot in one of the big promotions some day.

IWRG: the taping going on right now!