02/10 AAA TV Results (Zumpango)

AAA TV (FRI) 02/10/2012 Gimnasio Municipal de Zumpango, Estado de México [R de Rudo]
1) Argenis, Atomic Boy, Relampago b Ángel Mortal, Gran Apache, Tito Santana
Tito Santana replaced Gallego. Argos was at ringside, seconding his brother and the tecnicos to prevent an el Consejo attempt. Texano and Toscano did rush the ring after the match, attacking the rudos, but it shaped up as 2 Consejo vs 4 Tecnicos. Argos brought a chair in the ring – and hit his brother. He turned on the tecnicos, and revealed he was wearing an El Consejo t-shirt.
2) Dinastía, Mascarita Divina, Octagoncito b Mini Chessman, Mini Histeria, Mini Psicosis
Dinistia, minis winner in the Quien Pinta Para la Corona contest, debuted with a win. Mascarita Divina replaced Mascarita Dorada.
3) El Elegido & Fenix b Alan Stone & Dark Dragon
Konnan was at ringside, but very unhelpful to the rudos. His distraction led Alan Stone to lose. Alan quit La Milica because of Konnan’s acts, shoved Konnan and attacked Dark Dragon. La Socidead ran out to destroy Alan. Joaquin Roldan appeared to demand Konnan pay LA Park’s fine, right now. Konnan refused and asked how Joaquin is going to make him. Joaquin sent the AAA guys after Konnan, and they ran him off. El Consejo were back in front row seats by this point and Joaquin Roldan wanted to eject them as well. They showed off their tickets, but Joaquin reminded them that they have the right to refuse admission, and the AAA wrestlers came back to run them off.
4) Cibernético, Daga, Electroshock b Chessman, La Parka, Último Gladiador
Daga, off to a strong start, beat Ultimo Gladiador with a Canadian Destroyer. Cibernetico and Parka continue to feud.
5) Dr. Wagner Jr. & El Mesías DQ Halloween & Héctor Garza
Results say the match ended in a “zafarrancho”. I was not previously aware of that word, but it translates to “all hell broke loose”. Consejo attacked the tecnicos. Perro Aguayo Jr. came to the ring for a meeting of the minds. Texano Jr. noted the entire Perros were once in “El Consejo”, and Garza was a star in “El Consejo”, so they should all (re)join El Consejo. Perro pointed out El Consejo had attacked Halloween back on the Chilpancingo taping and he had not forgot. Toscano & Texano apologized like gentlemen, but this was not good enough for Perro Aguayo. his aim is not to be part of CMLL or AAA, but just be Perros del Mal. Both sides start fighting, with it going El Consjeo way because they have so many people on their roster. Both AAA & La Sociedad ran to save their people, though they didn’t stick together. Wagner demanded a chance to fight el Consejo at Rey de Reyes.

Air Date: weekend of 02/19.

Next taping is 02/19 in Deportivo Los Galeana, in Mexico City (a 6pm start.)

Rey de Reyes so far

  • Jarrett (c) vs Mesias [AAA WORLD]
  • Wagner/partners vs Texano/Toscano/other el Consejo
  • Rey de Reyes tournament (not yet started – could be five matches, could be one)
  • La Parka (and partners?) vs Cibernetico (and partners?)
  • Jack Evans (and partners) vs Perro Aguayo Jr. (and partners?) – no one on screen has hinted as a hair match yet.
  • Psycho Circus vs TNA wrestlers TBD (and probably Chessman) – based on the promo they aired last week
At least six matches plus probably a woman’s/minis’s match plus possible first round matches is a lot to squeeze on the card. They’d have to wedge in a lot of qualifying matches on TV starting next Sunday if AAA is doing it that way (so they’re probably not.) Maybe the most likely outcome is they turn some of the personal rivalries into first round four ways – a semifinal where Perro gets thru, another where Jack gets thru (Jack/Daga/Dragon/Silver!), a semifinal where neither Cibernetico/Parka get thru because they’re too busy fighting each other (maybe this is a spot for LA Park?), a fourth where a TNA guy gets thru like Carlito did last year.

Besides Mexico City, AAA TV also said they’d be going to Toluca, Leon and Guadalajara, but gave no dates.  Toluca is almost always a Thursday, Leon is almost always a Monday, and Guadalajara is probably Rey de Reyes (so a Friday or a Saturday for PPV.) My best guess is

02/23 Toluca (airs 03/04) – better hope I’m wrong or Dr. Lucha & Bryan are out a guest in two weeks!
03/05 Leon (airs 03/11)
yet to be announced taping? or Leon pushed back and a filler week? or a double taping?
03/16 Guadalajara Rey de Reyes (airs 03/25)

(edit: wrong!)

March 9th just seems too soon for Rey de Reyes. But this will probably be a lot clearer after today’s TV show.

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