great match roundup, week of 01/29/2012

Great/Excellent matches this week


Have Watched, did make it

01/28 Fox Sports: Volador/Dorada was neat in parts but wasn’t a full match
01/28 AAA: opening match was at the typical level for what we saw
01/28 C3: if you watch the Skandalo/Cometa spots here and Televisa, things start to look a bit familiar
01/28 52MX
01/28 Televisa: Amapola vs Estrellita was not quite below standard.

(can also add 02/04 52MX and Televisa to this list. Some stuff good, nothing really bad, but nothing must see.)

Have Not Watched

01/28 IWAS/NWA: nah.
01/28 GDL: will end upw atching this week, I think.
01/28 ACM: or at least the part I put correctly.

IWRG did not air. Only the three way hardcore match aired from the Perros show.

Chico Che loses his hair to Tony Rivera (& Black Terry), Atlantis defeats UG (4-0)

IWRG (SUN) 02/05/2012 Arena Naucalpan [Estrellas del Ring]
***Gurrea de Sexos***
1) Astro de Plata, Astro Rey Jr., Tritón b Gemelo Fantastico I, Gemelo Fantastico II, Pacto Negro
2) Carta Brava Jr. & Imposible DQ Alan Extreme & Black Terry
Said to be best match of the night. Chico Che attacked Black Terry for the DQ. Carta Brava challenged Black Terry to a match after.
3) Eterno b Centvrión
Both bled. Eterno took straight falls, stealing the second by pulling Centviron’s mask.
4) Texano Jr. & Toscano b Cien Caras Jr. & Máscara Año 2000 Jr.
El Consejo members on opposite sides here. IWRG’s not really concerned with AAA stories.
5) Chico Che L Angelico, X-Fly, Miss Gaviota, Chucky, Sexy Lady, Veneno, Súper Nova, Tony Rivera, Bracito de Oro, Ludark Shaitan, Oficial AK47 [cage]
masks and hair on the line. They were not allowed to leave for 10 minutes. Veneno, X-Fly, Chico Che, and Tony Rivera were the last four. Chico Che bled. Black Terry climbed in the cage with a chair, attacking Veneno, Chico Che, and Tony Rivera. X-Fly got out, followed by Veneno, and Terry. That left Tony Rivera and Chico Che. Tony tried to leave, Chico tried to stop him, and Terry interfered one more time to knock Chico away and give Tony the win.

In post match interviews, Tony did not think the match ended well, but it still counts to his hair match win total. Chico Che says everyone saw that he actually won and he’ll end Black Terry. Black Terry declared he didn’t need an invitation to join the fight and revenge is dish best served cold.

CMLL (SUN) 02/05/2012 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [El Occidental, Fuego en el Ring]
1) Metalik b El Alteño
2) Brillante b Acertijo
3) Demonio Maya & Infierno b Esfinge & Halcon de Plata
4) Brazo de Oro, Gallo, Stuka Jr. b Arkángel de la Muerte, El Bárbaro, Ráfaga
Despite the surprise return of Brazo de Oro, it’s Stuka/Gallo and Barbaro/Rafaga who seem to be feuding. Lots of mask ripping to set up a match next week.
5) Atlantis b Último Guerrero
UG jumped Atlantis, but Atlantis still got him with a rana. Atlantis missed a top rope plancha and UG pinned hiim to take the second. UG won via Atlanitda in the long the third fall. Referee Loco Estrada appeared to be siding with UG, the fans were on him and Atlantis pushed out of the ring after the match.

Villano III won the main event of the show to honor him. Full results later.

Promoters in Mazatlan have announced an international wrestling festival for March 30th and 31st. They’re calling it international because it includes Marco Corleone (from Italy!), Heddi Karaoui and Zumbi. They say it’ll be covered by AYM Sports and TVC Deportes.

Rob has put up two Aerostar videos. Aerostar is a guy who used to wrestle in AAA a long time ago before vanishing in the Bermuda Triangle. It’s a sad tale. Also: highlights of 01/10/12 CMLL.



CMLL (SUN) 02/12/2012 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Gran Kenut vs Templario
2) Javier Cruz Jr. vs Virgo
3) Esfinge & Metatrón vs Demonio Maya & Exterminador
4) Gallo, Sagrado, Stuka Jr. vs El Bárbaro, Mr. Trueno, Ráfaga
5) La Máscara & La Sombra vs Felino & Mr. Niebla

Not quite the rematch after all.