02/03 AAA TV Results (Cozumel)

AAA TV (FRI) 02/03/2012 Arena Miguel Canto Solis, Cozumel, Quinta Roo [AAA]
1) Mini Histeria & Sexy Star b Fabi Apache & Mascarita Dorada
2) Cibernético, Daga, Fenix b Dark Dragon, Dizzy, La Parka
Holy smokes, it’s Dizzy! Five years between TV appearances for that man (at least under that name.) Daga got the win, starting off well. Rudos attacked the tecnicos after the match. Escoria made the save (so he got to Couzmel after all.)
3) Extreme Tiger & Jack Evans b el Hijo del Perro Aguayo & Halloween
Perro said he was done with these matches, and he wasn’t facing Jack again unless Jack beat him. Perro was overconfident, and beat. Perro was ticked at the referee.
4) El Mesías & Zorro b Héctor Garza & LA Park
Park hit one of the cameraman during the match. Joaquin walked out, added that Park’s fine total, and demanded Konnan start paying right now. Konnan told Park to calm down. Park was upset at Konnan for telling him what to do. Zorro rolled up Park in all of this for the pin.

This should air in Mexico next weekend.

Next taping is next Friday in Zumpango. And that lineup will be up in a moment

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  1. If Pena hadn’t died so young, a guy like Angelico would have been given a huge push in AAA. He’d probably be one of the top stars there. I’m surprised WWE has not tried to get him.

  2. 52MX started 12 minutes late (soccer delay) but appears to be showing the top two from Sunday complete.

  3. 52MX is running 20 second commercial breaks to catch up! It’s hilarious compared to Televisa/Galavision, though also a sad sign about how little actual commercials this network has to sell.

  4. Also, Looks Like Hector Garza Won’t Be At The Tapings Next Friday, He’s Scheduled To be at A Juarez Local Show Next Friday, Aswell As Here In El Paso Next Sunday. Super Porky Is In Juarez This Weekend Working Some Local Shows Aswell.

  5. @LLL: No, it’s at the local Ballroom Where they usually have the shows called wild west ballroom. There Used to be a promotion that used to run shows at a place right next door to the county coliseum.

  6. Aside from the quintessential LLL comment, there’s not a lot to say about AAA show. They posted quick results on their facebook account, but didn’t post a detailed recap yet. No big news from those results. Escoria wrestled on the rudo side after all. Jack won the main event. No sign of a big angle.

  7. @Albert: I remember a promoter named Matt Meaghan in El Paso. He did a big show at his ballroom with CMLL, including Mistico. El Paso is the Southwest’s capital of wrestling.

  8. @LLL: Yeah, He Runs A Club Now, And Last I Heard Of Him He Was Completely Done With the Wrestling Business. Yeah, The Advantage’s Of Living In El Paso, But It’s Not the Same As Going to a AAA, CMLL, Or Indies Shows Across the Border, Either Promoters In Juarez Can’t Afford the Big Shows Anymore, Or Afraid to Run Shows Due To the Violence, Or Both.

  9. @thecubsfan: thanks for the info cubs. i’ll keep u all posted to see what airs on AAA Regional Tonight, it is listed to air on the juarez channel tonight.

  10. Pretty fun match between Titan/Polvora on GDL tonight. And Rafaga interfered twice in the opener. He accidentally dropkicked Evola in the 3rd caida. No wonder Evola wants a match with him.

  11. Weirdly, Teleritmo appears to be airing on the US Multimedios feed. That’s an all music channel Multimedios owns, but there’s no explanation of why it’s taking Multimedios place. Hopefully this is just a one day screwup, but it’s impossible to get Noches de Coliseo until they fix it.

  12. Just to see, I went over to the Teleritmo channel – they have their own channel, I’m sure paying for a lot of channels I’ll never ever watch just to get obscure lucha libre – and it’s also airing Teleritmo. So it’s not like Multimedios has been kicked off the cable system or they swapped the channels, someone just pressed the wrong button somewhere.

  13. Speaking of ACM, on your youtube page, you accidently posted the opener from ACM 2 weeks ago instead of the Sangre Chicana Jr. match. And the Mongol Chino match and the Gremlos match are swapped.

  14. Did Catch the ACM Show, and it was the rey demonio jr/Antonio Cortez/golden boy vs dralion/silencio/gato fantasma match from the 1/15 show.

  15. @Tim: Yea, I totally screwed those up. I corrected the videos, but I’m not going to have the Sangre Chicana Jr. match unless they reair it. Multimedios does seem to be back on now, so maybe it’ll be in the two hour block.

    @Albert: Thanks!

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