02/03 AAA TV Results (Cozumel)

AAA TV (FRI) 02/03/2012 Arena Miguel Canto Solis, Cozumel, Quinta Roo [AAA]
1) Mini Histeria & Sexy Star b Fabi Apache & Mascarita Dorada
2) Cibernético, Daga, Fenix b Dark Dragon, Dizzy, La Parka
Holy smokes, it’s Dizzy! Five years between TV appearances for that man (at least under that name.) Daga got the win, starting off well. Rudos attacked the tecnicos after the match. Escoria made the save (so he got to Couzmel after all.)
3) Extreme Tiger & Jack Evans b el Hijo del Perro Aguayo & Halloween
Perro said he was done with these matches, and he wasn’t facing Jack again unless Jack beat him. Perro was overconfident, and beat. Perro was ticked at the referee.
4) El Mesías & Zorro b Héctor Garza & LA Park
Park hit one of the cameraman during the match. Joaquin walked out, added that Park’s fine total, and demanded Konnan start paying right now. Konnan told Park to calm down. Park was upset at Konnan for telling him what to do. Zorro rolled up Park in all of this for the pin.

This should air in Mexico next weekend.

Next taping is next Friday in Zumpango. And that lineup will be up in a moment