02/04-05 lucha times


52MX: Avernos vs Genaracion Valiente + Titan & Triton find a new metrosexual to team with.

LATV: a rerun!

CMLL-Main/Gala: Back on Galavision, though no overnight replay. They’re being squeezed out by reruns of Santo movies, which really says a lot about a lot. Guerreros vs Atlatnida fued should continue over here.

FOX: which leaves this for the Trio Senscaional vs Bucanero/Volador/Terrible match and probably Panther vs Negro.

AAA-main: as best I can tell, the Perro/Garza vs Mesias/Jack match from Guanajuato hasn’t aired anywhere yet, so it’s a lock for here, and probably another match from the same show.

Regional is not listed on Guadajalara’s affiliate, though I’ve seen other stations have an extra 90 minute show.

C3: More Cancerberos vs Tuareg and Panther vs Casas.

Mega6: the Polvora/Titan title match.

Puebla: Sombra/Dorada/Valiente vs Peste Negra.

Monterrey: This is often reruns even when there is a new taping, and there wasn’t this week.

Perros: tonight’s show hyped the main event (Headhunter/Perro/Halloween vs Terrible/Texano/Zumbi) from 01/01 for next week.

IWRG: Carta Brava Jr vs Saurman in a title match.

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  1. Wonder if CMLL and AAA will get 41:30 minutes on Televisa this week? I hope both groups have to air fewer commercials this year.

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