Marco win streak snapped, Atlantis/UG, IWAS/NWA, Reyes del Aire

CMLL (FRI) 01/27/2012 Arena Mexico [CMLL]
1) Artillero & Súper Comando b Enrique Vera Jr. & Soberano Jr.
2) Amapola, La Comandante, Zeuxis DQ Dark Angel, Lady Apache, Estrellita, Marcela
straight falls, DQ for Amapola accidentally spearing the referee. Estrellita and Amapola are still feuding.
3) Diamante, Metro, Sagrado b Ephesto, Misterioso Jr., Vangelis
Metro took out Ephesto with his german suplex to get the win. Ephesto also was strechered out.
4) Negro Casas TLDRAW Blue Panther [lightning]
Went to a ten minute draw while both had a leg submission on. Panther asked the commission for ten minute more minutes. They didn’t give it to him, so he just fouled Negro. Fans were behind Casas.
5) Atlantis, Delta, Guerrero Maya Jr. b Mephisto, Rey Escorpion, Último Guerrero
Mephisto replaced Dragon Rojo. Rudos jumped the tecnicos. Straight fall win for the tecnicos, UG blatantly fouling Atlantis for the DQ.
6) Rey Bucanero, Terrible, Volador Jr. b Marco Corleone, Máximo, Rush
Marco (and his trio’s) win streak is over, though he still didn’t take the direct pin. Terrible powerbombed Rush, and pinned him with his feet on the ropes.

RadioCMLL’s footage is not working right for me today. Maybe you’ll have better luck. Omii Casas was part of their broadcast crew last night.

IWAS NWA (FRI) 01/27/2012 Discoteque Hysteria [Estrellas del Ring]
1) Sombra de Oro TLDRAW La Calaca
15 minute time limit.
2) Rey Leo, Rey Merucrio, Shadow b Centellita, Cronos, Holkan
3) Aztlan, Eragón, Principe Infernal, Tornado b Chavo Banda, Fugitivo, Íkaro, Vertigo Negro
4) Antar, Hanaoka, Terremoto b Goskart, Raider, Rey Kumbiaton
IWAS (Raider’s team?) vs NWA (Antar’s team?)
5) Miss Janet, Rossy Moreno, Tiffany b Estrellita, Lady Sensacion, Marcela
The reunited Brujaas defeated their opposition in a single fall match
6) Blue Demon Jr., Dunkel, Heddi Karaoui b Lapida, Ray Mendoza Jr., Tinieblas Jr.
One fall match, which may have been the case for the entire show. Rey Mendoza replaced Skayde. Demon (NWA) snuck in a foul on Tinieblas for the win.

This show is not interesting in itself – besides noting this very low level promotions are currently existing, and making the IWL/DTU promotional feud look relatively important – but it’s also confusing. AYM aired an IWAS vs NWA show this morning, apparently the same building featuring

1) “Fleydee Key” vs Senki
2) Sharon Lee vs  Chispita
3) Super Nova & Voltan vs Kansuke & El Tapatio (said to be from Chicago?)
4) Huracan Ramiez, Rey Kumbiato vs Fishman Jr., Rider
5) Heddi Karaoui vs Jaque Mate

I assumed this was just some older taping from the same group. However, Black Terry Jr. has video of the main event and photos of the show, which include photos from both these televised matches and the ones Estrellas recaped. Maybe this was a double show and EdR only got the last half of the results? Most confusing is AYM Sports, a network that has trouble with basic things like aspect ratios and remembering to air new episodes, managed to air a lucha show a day (or less) after it was taped.

Trueno has disappeared from CMLL. He was last seen 10/30 at Arena Coliseo. He had suffered a bad head injury earlier this fall, but did return for some matches and nothing was noted about him in that last match.

Shocker, in an interview with Ooorale magazine (found by Porra Fresa), says he missed a show in November due to his drinking and he’s currently suspended by CMLL for it. That would be the start (and the end!) of the Titan/Triton trio.

Casandra and Silueta, in separate interviews, talk up their chances of winning the REINA tag team titles tomorrow (or later tonight, Central Time.) Casandra, a long time indy luchadora, mentions she had to pass a tryout match in Arena Coliseo Guadalajara before getting to go on this tour. That’d be 10/21 match, which had her listed as “Kasandra”. Silueta’s hoping to become a double champion.

Guadalajara’s In Memoriam’s new mask has an “X” design reminiscent of Dr. X’s masks. He told Fuego en el Ring he’s wearing in tribute to the deceased luchador, who had given him encouragement to keep practicing. In Memoriam smartly has no opinion on the luchadors who’ve recently left Arena Coliseo Guadalajara and is totally fine with the new guys coming in.

Rob has reposted highlights from 08/25/95 AAA.



CMLL (FRI) 02/03/2012 Arena Mexico
1) Metálico & Molotov vs Bobby Zavala & Disturbio
2) Dalis la Caribeña, Estrellita, Lady Apache vs Amapola, Princesa Blanca, Princesa Sugheit
3) Ángel de Oro, Delta, Fuego, Guerrero Maya Jr., Máscara Dorada, Rey Cometa, Stuka Jr., Titán, Valiente vs Euforia, Hijo del Signo, Mr. Águila, Pólvora, Puma King, Raziel, Rey Escorpion, Tiger, Virus [Reyes del Aire]
4) Atlantis vs Último Guerrero

Atlantis and Ultimo talked about a match with no referee, but they’re not advertising that this time.

Angel de Oro won last year’s Reyes del Aire. Mascara Dorada is the favorite. Valiente has a good shot too, and could become the only man to ever be the reigning bodybuilding and high flying champion at the same time. Aguila has the best chance of the rudos, with Tiger being a real dark horse candidate, maybe getting a win to prove he belongs in TRT. Diamante, Dragon Lee (still hurt), Fantasma, Bala, Pegasso, Sagrado, Halcon, Triton are eight more tecnicos who could’ve been involved (plus the likes of Sombra, Mascara and Voaldor, who are seen as beyond this level.) They don’t actually need any more people: this is already a packed eighteen  man cibernetico, two more than usual.

Estrellita vs Amapola is being built as strong as feud they’re doing. They’re not going to main event a major show with it, because they just don’t do that with women’s matches, but it does seem like a possible semimain or third from the top sometime down the road.

IWRG (THU) 02/02/2012 Arena Naucalpan
1) Astro Rey Jr. vs Súper Black
2) Astro de Plata & Eragón vs Comando Negro & Pacto Negro
3) Centvrión, Freyser, Tritón vs Eterno, Oficial AK47, Oficial Fierro
4) Carta Brava Jr. vs Saruman [IWRG IC Light]
5) Angelico, Hernandez, Toscano vs Apolo Estrada Jr., Cien Caras Jr., Oficial 911

Hernandez back again. And Saruman gets his title match.

9 thoughts to “Marco win streak snapped, Atlantis/UG, IWAS/NWA, Reyes del Aire”

  1. Dorada is in that match for one of two reasons – win, or put over the winner. That makes me think Tiger is getting the rub with the win there.

    With the need for a main event at DL I am thinking we aren’t getting a straight up Panther/Casas hair match… Seems like Atlantis/Guerrero may be in the mix for something…

  2. Can never go wrong with Reyes Del Aire! Especially with 18 guys instead of 16. Would have been nice to have seen them go all out and include guys like Diamante/Triton instead of Signo/Polvora who really stick out as miscast here. I know some folks think it’s good to include guys who are good bases in these type of matches but there are a lot of guys on the tecnico side who are good bases themselves so I don’t think it’d be an issue. Weird that they’d include Mascara Dorada but not guys like Sombra/Volador.

    My pick to win is Mascara Dorada. Hard to pick who he’ll end up against b/c with CMLL you never know if they’ll do a team match or a battle royale to decide teams. It’d be fun to see him and Valiente as the last two. Hoping Rey Cometa has a great showing but CMLL tends to book eliminations based on your position and out of those 8 tecnicos Cometa is clearly the lowest on the totem pole. I’d imagine he bites the dust first.:(

    Let’s just hope that match winds up on Fox Sports so we can see it in full or as close to full as possible! It’d be a disaster if that ends up on Galavision.

  3. Atlantis vs Ultimo Guerrero being on Televisa this week means it should be on Televisa next week. They should get the women’s match too. Fox Sports should have Reyes del Aire and maybe an old lighting match if they need the time (rather than the opener, to save a few extra minutes.)

  4. LATV rerun of the week: 10/04 taping, aired on C3 10/08.

    Tapatios are in the segunda, which means this is as good place to ask as any: did the Tapatios retire after their mask match? Haven’t been seen or mentioned since.

  5. @Rob: You are right, if you look at that cibernetico, Dorada sticks out like a sore thumb. He is the only main event guy in the match – which means that he is either winning it outright (which I wouldn’t doubt with how CMLL books 99% of the time), or he is in there as a red herring, and someone gets a big win (and a feud jumpstarted) by eliminating Dorada. If that is the plan, Tigre is the only logical choice there, because he has been moved up the card, and winning this match by eliminating Dorada would legitimize him. The win wouldn’t do anything for Aguila, and I don’t see Escorpion needing that win for his position on the card…

  6. I think the problem with Karaoui is that he learned how to wrestle a certain way, and he expects his opponents to adapt to his style, rather than having the normal give-and-take you would see with opponents of different styles. It is highlighted and made more glaring when you dump Karaoui, who is doing some kind of pseudo MMA gimmick, into Mexico for an extended period of time. He seems to expect guys to work some kind of his strongstyle bullshit, rather than him trying to adapt his style to lucha.

    I am digging the Atlantis-Maya-Delta trio matches the last few weeks.

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