01/28-29 lucha times


CMLL and AAA are back on opposite days in Mexico, CMLL on Saturday, AAA on Sunday. However, neither has been restored to their pre-NFL 2 hour time slot. They’ve just gone each.

CMLL is OFF Galavision in the US this week. They’re airing a tripleheader of soccer – but also an old Santo movie and various reruns. Guerreros del Ring should most likely be back on this week. If it’s not, CMLL’s gone from airing five hours of new CMLL in the US each week to zero over the last couple of months.

Ras de Lona doesn’t even appear to be on VivaSports this week. They canceled the show that was focused on the news of the promotion. (News is not serious.)

There’s also an hour of mystery lucha libre on AYM Sports this Saturday at 11 AM central (right after Sobre el Ring, which has been in reruns the last three weeks.) No telling if it’s new stuff.

52MX: if it’s back on, it’s back to Coliseo for a couple of grab bag matches.


Televisa: Fuego/Sagrado/Sangre vs Cancebreros + Guerreros vs Atlantida

FOX: Amapola/Estrellita lightning match and Peste Negra vs Panther. It makes sense to swap these two shows this week, since they’ll have to cut down the first trios to lightning match length anyway, but this what they’ve been doing of late.

C3: Pesta Negro vs Angel de Oro, Mascara, Super Porky, Invasors vs Fuego/Fantasma/Sangre, Cancerberos vs Tuareg

Mega6: Titan (Polvora) and Triton (Rafaga) in singles matches, plus TRT vs unbeatable Marco.

Puebla: Rudos vs Rudos, Invasors vs Atlantida

ACM: Nuevo Laredo vs Monterrey, pick a side.

PdM: Neza?

IWRG: the show that just happened an hour ago.

2 thoughts to “01/28-29 lucha times”

  1. Bad news Estrellita fans, but probably good news for everyone else.

    Fox Sports randomly opened with the (unaired?) Volador Jr vs Mascara Dorada lightning match from 9/2/2011.

    After that it is the expected 4/6 from 1/20.

  2. @Alan: YAY!:D Julio Cesar Rivera is clearly picking the matches for Fox Sports every week since right now Galavision is getting treated to Estrellita’s boobs vs Amapola.

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