top six stories of the last two weeks

  • MS-1 passed away.
  1. TV situation is still not good. CMLL’s main show and AAA were completely off of Televisa for a week (the week “CMLL” won the poll for best show), but were back the next week in compressed slot. It looks like they’ll soon be getting back their separate days (CMLL on Saturday and AAA on Sunday), but not their two hour time slots; both are restricted to 60 minutes, 35 after commercials. AAA’s syndicated a Televisa Regional telecast to make due, but it’s very hard to find.
  2. AAA’s first TV taping of the year picked up where the last one left off, with the El Consejo faction all over the show. Ex-CMLL preliminary wrestlers Mortiz and Semental were added to the faction, which seemed focused on antagonizing new rudo Octagon. The pre-existing AAA rudos and tecnicos all talked about running El Consejo off while refusing to work together. Unrelated to the rest of the show, Jack Evans and Perro Aguayo continued to feud in the main event.
  3. The CMLL & NJPW FantasticMania shows sold out both nights. Sombra and Volador main evented the second night with a great match. All the CMLL wrestlers did well, with Rush notably aquitting himself very well in his Japan debut.
  4. An interview with Volador Jr. revealed CMLL programming is unhappy with him for his colorful and ever changing masks. They’d prefer he just stuck to one look, believing the fans are confused. Volador believes the fans are not that dumb.
  5. A trios main event featuring TV host/ringmaster Ernesto Chavana sold out Arena Coliseo Monterrey.
  6. Marco Corleone is 8-0 since returning to CMLL, and the promotion is starting to play up the win streak.

Other Stories

  • Bobby Bonales will be the luchador legend honored at Dos Leyendas
  • Reyes del Atlantida (Atlantis’s crew) was busy – they kept their trios titles over one set of Invasors in Guadalajara, will soon defend the same titles against another combo of Invasors in Puebla, and have some title match (tag?) with the Guerreros coming up in Arena Mexico.
  • Blue Panther and Negro Casas resumed their feud.
  • Cancerberos vs Tuareg continue to feud.
  • Triton (IWRG) says he’s won the rights to the name, and just needs to talk to CMLL to work out an agreement.
  • Dragon Lee is out until mid January with a knee injury.
  • Drago is out with a facial injury. Dragon Rojo and Ultimo Dragoncito are also dealing with injuries; it’s been a harsh Year of the Dragon so far.