Garza vs Headhunter, evil Chico Che, Chavana, Magnus

IWRG (SUN) 01/15/2012 Arena Naucalpan [Estrellas del Ring]
1) Chucky & Espectrito de Ultratumba b Bracito de Oro & Super Bracito
2) Centvrión, Saruman, Tritón b Gemelo Fantastico I, Gemelo Fantastico II, Polifacético
3) Alan Extreme, Carta Brava Jr., Kortiz b Dinamic Black, Fresero Jr., Golden Magic
4) Apolo Estrada Jr., Chico Che, Eterno b Angelico, Multifacético, Veneno
Chico Che splashed Multifacetico for the win. IWRG personal tried to put Multifacetico on a stretcher, but Chico Che kept beating him. Black Terry ran out for the save and their were hair/hair challenges
5) Héctor Garza, Trauma I, Trauma II b Head Hunter I, Oficial 911, Oficial AK47
Garza’s team took 2/3, and Garza challenged Headhunter to a title match.

Looks like everyone was greatly entertained by one small heckler.

An ESTO interview with Magnus mentions he’s going to Japan soon.

TV host Ernesto Chavana beat Simbolo via foul in their match in Arena Coliseo Monterrey on Sunday. Llaves y Candados says they filled the arena. The match is airing tonight. If I can get it, I may hold off posting the videos a little bit to add that to it (or maybe just tack that on late.)

As Charro is returning home to teach lucha libre.

Rob has highlights of 05/24/11 CMLL.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update.

Pirata Morgan & El Pulpo meet in a hair vs mask match on 02/01. That’s a last of a four day tour of the same independent crew that seems to be touring Reynosa/Tamaulipas ever few months. Enrique Vera is having his retirement match in every town, and Magnus is interestingly part of the line.

El Pancracio returns with interviews with Cien Caras, Puebla’s Vertigo, and Jhon Terry & Randu from Arena Azteca Budokan. Also, Texano talks about how El Consejo is about giving the fans the CMLL vs AAA feud they want (and teaming with Super Nova in an upcoming Perros del Mal tag tournament?) and Rey Mendoza Jr. talks about starting a Fuerza Imperial group.

Lucha Libre in Japan

Luna Magica and Silueta are actually defending their REINA tag team titles on 01/29, versus Silueta & Cassandra. That sounds like another challenging match.

Ayumi will be appearing at the NJPW/CMLL FantasticMania shows. No mention of a match, so probably just signing autographs and merchandise and such.

Ozz & Cuervo do not appear to be on the next AJPW tour. Guess AJPW needed a break from their constant victories.

Mr. Cacao is bringing in Arkangel, Skandalo and Fuego for his March 25th show. He must’ve really liked the Arena Coliseo Tag Team title match!


CMLL (SUN) 01/22/2012 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) El Divino vs Relampago Azul
2) Halcon de Plata & Thunder Boy vs Ángel del Mal & Demonio Maya
3) Leo & Virgo vs Exterminador & Infierno
4) Black Metal, León Blanco, Metatrón vs Espectral, Mr. Trueno, Rey Trueno
5) Felino & Mr. Niebla vs Ángel de Oro & Valiente

Espectral is from the Dantes indy promotion. Halcon de Plata is another Dantes wrestler moving over. There was a previoous Halcon de Plata in 92/93 CMLL, like Triton. Probably not a good time to be guys like In Memoriam and Meteoro.