AAA on Televisa: 2011-12-17

taped 2011-12-01 @ Gimnasio Agustín Millán

file: match 1, match 2

A bit distressing, to be honest.


Fenix & Jack Evans vs Dark Dragon & Héctor Garza: Fenix and Dark Dragon did not have their best nights, but this match was dragged down by Hector Garza considerably. Sometimes, when a guy goes to a new place, he’s motivated to prove the old place wrong. This was not an issue for Hector, who seemed disinterested in anything but kicking people while making loud noises. Not sure if he thought this match was beneath him, but I would’ve hoped this level of effort was beneath him. Ominous start to his return here. (It gets better.)

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LA Park & La Parka vs Dr. Wagner Jr. & Electroshock: I can’t believe La Parka agreed to work mirror spots with LA Park. There’s no easier way to see which one is the better one, and it’s not La Parka. There may be an explanation of why they rushed to do this match – it doesn’t seem so likely to happen again if LA Park is part of Consejo. Still, this felt totally wrong on every level (except for Electroshock losing) – I don’t want to watch a match where La Parka and LA Park are friends. Especially a world where they are best friends with for no particular reason.