01/21 AAA TV Lineup (Guanajuato)

AAA TV (SAT) 01/21/2012 Estadio José Aguilar, Maya de Guanajuato, Guanajuato
1) Billy el Malo & Escoria vs Mortiz & Semental
2) El Elegido & Fabi Apache vs Alan Stone & Sexy Star
3) Cuervo, Espíritu, Ozz vs Dark Dragon, Tigre Cota, Tito Santana
4) Cibernético, Extreme Tiger, Joe Lider vs Chessman, La Parka, Nicho el Millionario
5) El Mesías & Jack Evans vs el Hijo del Perro Aguayo & Héctor Garza

Lineup via R de Rudo.

Air date: 01/29 – maybe two weeks of Guerra de Titanes and one week of Chilpancingo?

I’m also assume they’re back on Sunday by this point; this is the off week before the Super Bowl and there should be no problem moving AAA back. Five matches also probably means the syndicated show is done and everything is airing in the main 2 hour slot, but we’ll see.

AAA tapings in January are done to fulfill the obligation of having television shows to air, not to actually advance towards Rey de Reyes. That remains true here, but also means some interesting matches slip thru. Opener is the newly tecnico Bizarros versus the newly returned CMLL Primera Wrecking Crew. Mortiz and Semental are obvious additions to the El Consejo group, but need some credibility if they’re not going to take the group down.

Alan Stone is back after being sidelined due to a poor fielding percentage. Not that he’s working with someone who’s going to be trying tricky dives.

Against all odds, Cuervo & Ozz may actually make it back to AAA TV while still AJPW champions. This is their first TV appearance in six months. They’re not the usual type of guys the Milicia faces.

Cibernetico and Parka continue to feud, just switching partners. And the Jack/Perro issue continues with Mesias stepping in for Drago/Fenix.

6 thoughts to “01/21 AAA TV Lineup (Guanajuato)”

  1. That actually looks like a really good card.

    I wish Billy was still with Fabi, because swapping him in for Elegido could be an interesting long term rivalry.

  2. Missing the usual suspects I really enjoy but still a decent lineup. I like CMLL’s upcoming Friday show better but in the end this may end up being the better overall card when we’ve seen both.

    Hope Mortiz/Semental have a good match and impress the right people to keep getting booked on TV here. I know it’s just the opening match but that’s probably the biggest moment of their career unless you count Okumura laying out Semental before the Gran Alternativa in 2009.

  3. @Nikita:

    Totally agree, I want Billy & Fabi to get back together and take back the AAA Mixed Tag Team Titles! (Then I want Fabi & Mari to head to TNA and take the Knockout’s Tag Team Championships!)

  4. Hey, what you have against Alan Stone? He clearly has lost Aerostar in those bright lights AAA uses for their TV shows… :P

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