01/07-08 lucha times


CMLL is back on in the US, but it still should be in rerun. Same with AAA. The regional show doesn’t appear on any schedule I’ve seen this week.

52MX: Easiest call in some time: the mask match, the title match.

LATV: a rerun

CMLL-Main/Gala: more “best off”

AAA-main: either more best of, or the start of Guerra de Titanes.

FOX: Delta/Maya/Metro vs Ephesto/Escorpion/Okumura, Marco/Maximo/Rush vs Aguila/Volador/Olimpico

C3: Dragon Rojo vs Angel de Oro

Mega6: Fantasma/Maximo/Rush vs Niebla/Negro/Polvora

Perros: whatever’s left from the Plan Sexenal show?

Puebla: La Mascara vs Volador Jr.

ACM: probably a rerun

IWRG: they’re airing out of order, so no telling. They were taping tonight’s show, but the turnaround is not that fast.