Dragon Rojo keeps his title, Morphosis & Kraneo, TVC+ Latino, El Luchador

(photo by CMLL)

CMLL (TUE) 01/03/2012 Arena Mexico [CMLL, Record]
1) Enrique Vera Jr. & Höruz b Artillero & Súper Comando
2) Metálico, Molotov, Starman b Bronco, Inquisidor, Puma King
Starman powerbombed Puma King in the first, Bronco plancha-ed Starman & Molotov in the second, Molotov & Metalico took the third.
3) Diamante, Dragon Lee, Pegasso DQ Cancerbero, Loco Max, Raziel
Dragon Lee beat Raziel with a shooting star press in the first, Cancerberos worked together to win the second, Raziel unmasked Dragon Lee in the third.
4) Averno, Ephesto, Mephisto b Ángel Azteca Jr., Blue Panther, Super Porky
Angel Azteca, filling in for Black Warrior, shocked Averno by beating him in the first. Rudos rallied back to win 2/3.
5) Dragón Rojo Jr. b Ángel de Oro [CMLL MIDDLE]
Dragon Rojo win the first with a powerbomb, Angel de Oro took the second with a mecedora, Dragon Rojo escaped it in the third and submitted him to take the third fall and keep the title.

Morphosis & Kraneo

Tercera Caida had an interview with Morphosis last night, who confirmed he’s Histeria and Kraneo is Alebrije. Kraneo is an old Alebrije gimmick, and Morphosis says he used this name early in his career. (Odd; there’s no record of it and it wasn’t one of the gimmicks he mentioned in a Dos de Tres interview that was all about naming his old gimmicks.) Histeria continued to claim he had legal papers proving he had the rights to the name, but CMLL wanted them change names. This might have been in the works for a while – Alebrije hasn’t been around Arena Mexico since the first week of November, and Histeria hasn’t been around for months.

The pattern seems to be reverting to old gimmicks. Psicosis can’t quite go back to Leon Negro, since he lost his mask with that name. (Hasn’t stopped Silver King, though.) Puma Jr. or Ultra Taro might be other options.

Speaking of Tercera Caida…

TVC Deportes shows in the US?

TVC Networks started yet another Hispanic language channel in the US, called “TVC+ Latino.” It rolled out quietly last late month, and it seems to be running owned programming from the various TVC networks. That could include IWRG, Perros del Mal, CMLL Puebla and Tercera Caida from TVC Deportes…and in fact, an emailer from Southern California let me know last night that they’ve seen both the Perros del Mal show and IWRG telecast.

TVC+ Latino has a twitter account, a facebook account and a website, but no list of affiliates I can find. Like LATV, TVC+ Latino is broadcasted on a digital sub-channel – anyone can get it with an HD antenna (if they know it’s out there), and local cable systems may pick it up. The stations I have found airing the channel are

Las Vegas: 47.7 (sub channel of KGNG)
Los Angeles: 8.8 (sub channel of KFLA)
San Diego: 50.1 (sub channel of KSDY) – or maybe not TVC+ Latino?

The affiliates also call the channel VMAS, which is a useful thing to google if you want info on music awards and not much on networks. The programming listings do not even appear to be updated for the channel change. This website lists more VMAS affiliates in Dallas (44.1 off KLEG), and Sacremento (49.1 off KSAO). I did find a press release mentioning other VMAS affiliates also in Houston, San Antonio and San Juan, Puerto Rico, but I am not sure of the channel numbers they’d be or if any of these are now all showing TVC+ Latino. TVC+ Latino’s cable guide site also adds San Bernadino and Philadelphia.

This is only meaningful in a few people in the US will be able to catch these shows now; it’s too tiny to mean anything for the promotions (and they may not be aware they’re on in the US.) It’s still a little funny IWRG has US TV and AAA does not.

Other News

El Luchador has been picked up for season 2. It’s mentioned in the last paragraph of this article. It’s listed for 13 episodes, which is 5 more than this past season. Taping starts “early this year.”

Fuego en el Ring has interview with Lady Apache and Guerrero Maya. Apache explains she only lost the REINA title match because she was prepared for a technical bout and it turned into an extreme match. Apache says the REINA women aren’t eager to come to Mexico because of the violence situation, and she hopes they can fix that as a country. She may be back in Japan for REINA’s first anniversary show in May. Apache would like to defend her PWR Women’s title versus Zeuxis, because she’s been asking for a shot and has matured a lot over her Japan trip.

Maya is happy with his huge rise in 2011, even despite suffering injuries, but is not satisfied. He wishes he coudl’ve been in the Rayo Tapatios mask match – he got put in that feud when Dragon Lee was hurt, then pulled out when he was hurt himself. With them out of the picture, Guerrero Maya would like to have mask match with either Nitro or Hooligan, just because they’re the guys he faced off when he started in the company.

IWL’s Valerie Richter announced she’s no longer with IWL due to creative differences, but will be starting her own group.

Llaves y Canadados first daily workout went well. Their family tag team tournament sounds like league style, which always gets me worried after that AAA tag team tournament. Hijo del Ninja talks about vacating his title; he believe he’s out three to four months to rest, when he’ll also just happen to be on another Multimedios TV show.

Amo de Lucha Libre has video from the pseduo-Todo x Todo show: Guerrero Mixteco, Turbo, Mr. Leo vs Comando Negro, Black Thunder, Super Colt, Negro Navarro & Los Traumas vs Black Terry, Skayde, Hijo del Pirata Morgan and Hijo del Santo vs Angel Blanco Jr.

HVS has cell phone footage of Rayo Tapatios vs Hombre Bala & Super Halcon Jr.

Black Terry Jr. has newly posted video of Black Terry vs Negro Navarro from 2006.

Rob has highlights of 12/20/11 Arena Mexico. Also: his predictions for 2012. I disagree on 7. (I’d bet Santo and Demon don’t get around to teasing their mask match because Santo and Solitario are still teasing theirs.)

Lucha Libre in Japan

01/04 NJPW: 2) Jushin Liger [O], Tiger Mask IV, KUSHIDA & Mascara Dorada b Atlantis, Valiente [X], Taka Michinoku & Taichi (10:18)
darn that Liger!

Of relevant note on the show, Devitt & Taguchi won the IWGP Junior Tag Titles back. Perhaps a CMLL team will get to challenge for them next?

Ozz & Cuervo talk about their second title defense.



CMLL (TUE) 01/10/2012 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Relampago Azul vs Thunder Boy
2) El Divino vs Acertijo
3) Black Metal & Virgo vs Disturbio & Inquisidor
4) Estrellita & Marcela vs Princesa Sugheit & Tiffany
5) Atlantis, Delta, Guerrero Maya Jr. vs Histeria, Psicosis, Volador Jr.
6) Máximo vs Mr. Niebla

Main event should be a catch-as-can classic.

Histeria here as Histeria = usual level of CMLL internal communication. I’d bet Psicosis is stuck in Guadalajara for a month while they’re sorting on his new gimmick, like Titan & Triton previously (and Alebrije, in a fashion.) Should be a fun match.

Some shows, they only send six people. Some shows, they send Disturbio and Inquisidor. I dunno.