12/31-01/01 lucha times


Both AAA and CMLL started their year recap shows (in other words, vacation while keeping the time slots.) CMLL got as far as February, AAA got as far as Rey de Reyes, so there are surely many more weeks like that in front of us. The matches, in the clipped formed they aired, have been added to the video post. I’m not sure we really should call them Best Of, because it just appears to be random matches picked with no regard for logic.

Galavision in the US is still not airing lucha libre. This two weeks can be chalked up to holiday disruptions, but if it’s not back next week, it may have just been quietly dropped.

52MX: should be the last build to Tapatios vs Halcon/Bala, and the exciting non-conclusion to the heavyweight cibernetico.

FOX: Easier to call here when they’re the only one airing Friday night matches. Probably the top two (TRT vs Fantamsa/Porky/Valiente, Marco/Maximo/Rush vs Avernos) and possibly the Polvora vs Stuka lightning match.

C3: More Angel de Oro vs Dragon Rojo

GDL: Dorada/Maximo/Rush vs Ephesto/Niebla/Negro, plus Lee/Fuego/Maya vs Invasors and women…if this isn’t a rerun.

Puebla: more build to Volador vs La Mascara.

Monterrey: ????

Perros del Mal: hasn’t aired since the last time I did this post, but this should be debut of Texano & Terrible here.

Todo x el Todo is back on TVC Deportes this Friday from 5-7, with the second half of the latest show.

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