Lucha POP tournament, Rush/Terrible, NJPW/CMLL, QPPLC

AULL LUCHA POP (SAT) 11/05/2011 Arena Lopez Mateos [Black Terry Jr. (flickr)Estrellas del Ring]
1) Black Mamba & Vanely b Angel del Misterio & Felina Metalica and Big Mama & Bugambilia del Norte
No Dashuri or Bellali, so Angel del Misterio and Felina Metailca formed a team. Metalica banged her head on the floor on a dive.
2) La Vaquerita b Yuki Star [POP FEMENIL]
Vaquerita kept her title. Keira asked for the next show. Vaquerita agreed, but it’s Keira’s last chance.
3) Centurión, Dinamic Black, Saruman b Boikot, Mr. Leo, Sublime [Discipulo de Oro, quarterfinal]
Team IWRG over Team Super Colt
4) Dante, Iron Love, Tormento b Dragon Negro, Gander, Ztizan [Discipulo de Oro, quarterfinal]
Team Santana/AULL over Team Justiciero
5) Bizarro, Kortiz, Nergo Casasola b Maiden, Sepultura, Super Calo Jr. [Discipulo de Oro, quarterfinal]
Team Villano IV over Team Greco.
6) Keira, Terremoto Negro, Triton b Maligno Negro, Rayito Mendoza, Shark Boy [Discipulo de Oro, quarterfinal]
Team Lucha POP over Team Gallego. Vaquerita replaced Sexi Star as mentor.
7) Dante, Iron Love, Tormento b Centurión, Dinamic Black, Saruman [Discipulo de Oro, semifinal]
Team AULL over Team IWRG when Iron Love stole Saruman’s mask and pinned him. Dante suffered a fractured tibia and fibula on a dive.
8) Bizarro, Kortiz, Negro Casasola b Keira, Terremoto Negro, Triton [Discipulo de Oro, semifinal]
Team Villano over Team Lucha POP. The finals were postponed until the next show due to Dante’s injury; the Villano team beat up the remaining members of the AULL team instead.
9) Zumbi b Argos and Último Gladiador
No Daga. Gladiador and Argos both beat up on Zumbi for a while and tried to settle it among themselves, but Zumbi kept stopping the referee from making the three count. Zumbi finally stole a pin on UG for the win.

Black Terry Jr. already has video up of match 3, match 4, match 6, match 7, and match 8


CMLL (SUN) 11/06/2011 Arena Coliseo [CMLL, La CatedralRecord]
1) Camorra & Zayco b Enrique Vera Jr. & Soberano Jr.
Rudos took 2/3.
2) Arkángel de la Muerte, Hooligan, Puma King b Ángel Azteca Jr., Höruz, Sensei
Rudos took 1/3. Mr. Cacao, watching in the crowd, got into a brawl with Arkangel, Hooligan and Skandalo (who was hanging around backstage) after the match, and lost the 3 on 1 fight.
3) Palacio Negro, Sangre Azteca, Stuka Jr. b Cancerbero, Hijo del Signo, Raziel
Tecnicos took 1/3.
4) Rey Bucanero, Terrible, Texano b Super Porky, Toscano, Valiente
Rudos took 1/3, Terrible powerbombing Rush for the deciding pin. Terrible issued a challenge for Rush’s title.
5) Averno, Mephisto, Mr. Niebla b Atlantis, Héctor Garza, Jushin Lyger
Rudos took 1/3. Atlantis had Niebla in the Atlantida, but Averno & Mephisto made the save and Niebla got the win.

I am intrigued by the idea of a Terrible/Rush match.

Other News

NJPW announced CMLL/NJPW FantasticMania would return for 2012. The shows will be January 23rd and 24th. That’s a Monday and a Tuesday, and the Tuesday show appears to be an afternoon one. I dunno, but it may mean no one misses a Friday night show for the quick trip. This is going to be a tougher sell; it’s the second year, and the two big feuds last year’s shows were built around – Mistico vs Averno and Devitt/Taguchi vs Omega/Ibushi – are likely bigger than anything they have for this year. MaskMania has a list of guys he hopes he gets to see; I want to see Peste Negra in Japan as long as Zacarias get to fly with them. There will likely be a lot of title matches, which means champions are headed over, but good luck guessing who’s going to be champions by then. This surely means CMLL participation on the 01/04 Tokyo Dome show too.

Edit: The shows are actually January 21st and January 22nd, a Saturday and Sunday.

AAA held it’s last preliminary round of the Quien Para Por La Corona talent search contest earlier today in Leon. This is the complete list of finalists, as they’ve been announced:

AAA has not published a full list yet. This is who I have.

06/18 DF: Drastik Boy, Keira, Silencio, Silver Tiger, Blazer, Daga, Freelance (Violento Jack announced as skipping directly to AAA)
07/09 Veracruz: Exorcista Jr., Hijo del Exorcista, Mini Espiritu, Samurai del Sol, Corsario de Fuego, Angel del Misterio
07/31 Guadalajara: La Mágnifica, Cometa, Tony Rodríguez, Spark, Tiger King
08/14 Acapulco: Xtreme Warrior, El Hijo de Black Silver, Príncipe Aéreo, Bryan, Brandon, Alas de Plata, Fetiche
09/04 San Luis Potosi: Aeroboy, Oro Azul, Bogar Jr., Bogar Maligno, Turbo Kid, Sangre de Dragon, Reina Azteca
10/02 Puebla: Dinastía, Violencia Jr., Barbaro I, Sexy Boy, Lucky Boy, Cóncord, Tribal
10/09 Monterrey: Gato Fantasma, Lady Puma, Demencia, Perseus, René Guajardo Jr., Kratos, Psycho
11/06 Leon: Maremoto, Chica Ya Ya, Septimo Dragon, Alrequin, El Gason

That’s a total of 51 luchadors. No word yet on what the next cut down step. This is supposed to have one male, one female and one mini winner, though there seems to only a handful of women and it’s unclear which wrestlers are being classified as mins. This list will probably change a bit by the next step, based on people being unavailable or otherwise occupied.

Not sure if Daga is still in this tournament now that he’s on TV. There’s a number of people here who would previously had some level of relationship with AAA (or have a connection thru someone else) who would probably already be on AAA shows if they had room for a larger roster. Daga’s match was TV match on YouTube a few hours ago, but is off now; the description mentioned his name was changed to “Roco”. Edit: match is now working: part 1 and part 2

SuperLuchas notices the WWS Welterweight Championship Eterno won at IWRG this Thursday wasn’t actually that belt we’ve seen before – it was an Estadio de Mexico championship belt with the letters WWS applied via marker. It means about the same much.

Lucha Libre in Japan

11/06 NJPW: Hiroyoshi Tenzan, Yuji Nagata [O] & Wataru Inoue b  Satoshi Kojima, Strong Man & Tama Tonga [X]

11/05 AJPW: Ozz [O] & Cuervo b Kaz Hayashi [X] & Shuji Kondo [AJPW TAG] – first defense
11/06 AJPW
: Ozz [O] & Cuervo b KAI & Yasufumi Nakanoueno [X]
Ozz Drivers for everyone!


12 thoughts to “Lucha POP tournament, Rush/Terrible, NJPW/CMLL, QPPLC”

  1. People with better understanding of NJPW booking might have better insight about this, but I think the announcement of the NJPW/CMLL show means Lyger is probably keeping his title thru that show. There needs to be one match where a CMLL guys challenges a NJPW champion on the show, but the actual NJPW champions seems to be occupied at the moment.

    Devitt is Junior champion; a match with Sombra would be logical, but a Devitt/Ibushi rematch (Ibushi lost the title due to injury) would be the ideal non-CMLL match to draw in those who don’t know the luchadors, like the tag title match was this part year. They could do that rematch at the Tokyo Dome, but that’s the sort of match that’s never done well for NJPW on that particular show – the crowd that turns up for that is either not into the juniors or can’t make enough noise for them in that big of a building.

    And the junior champs are Davey Richards and Rocky Romero. Much as I would love to root for, say, Valiente & Mascara Dorada to dethrone them in a classic battle of good versus evil (or fun vs not fun), there’s a good chance Rocky Romero is not allowed to be on any show promoted by CMLL, even in name only. CMLL tried to make Rocky into Mistico II, and it turned out Rocky was a step ahead of Mistico in leaving the company on bad terms. Those titles could always change hands before then, but they seem off limits for the moment.

    So…Lyger, vs ??? Maybe a Dragon Rojo comes close to set up a rematch later on? Maybe Dragon Rojo just wins and I’ve just wasted three paragraphs?

  2. CMLL down to 38 minutes this week. Maybe a few seconds under that. Unreal. Still I enjoyed an uninterrupted women’s match and the finish of the six-man too.

  3. @LLL: Oops. I spoke too soon. They came back for a sixth block and showed replays of the women’s match which added about 30 seconds to the show.

  4. @thecubsfan: btw- If you like ROH in Chicago this might be their last in Chicago Ridge. They’re going to move to Hammond because Gary Juster likes that venue and also because he wants to move ROH out of venues without Ticketmaster or computerized system.

  5. Cubs, Your logic is pretty solid for the Liger theory, but I would also take into consideration that Liger might drop the title before this, and then get a big rematch at Korakeun, simply to protect their own guy from eating a loss at home. I am not saying Liger wouldn’t eagerly do the job, but it is still politics.

    I think a tag title match could be very interesting. Bad Intentions just lost in the G1 Finals, which has to be setting up a big 1/4 match (if not a title change) for them. However, they are also the NOAH champs, so we could get a Bad Intentions vs CMLL tag champs match. I dunno who NJPW would be willing to have get a big win over BI, nor who would CMLL sacrifice to them.

  6. I think CMLL should pick and choose wisely when deciding who gets to go over. Lots of their guys (even top card guys) are still green and prone to embarassing themselves on occasion. I can only imagine it’ll be worse in front of a silent crowd and using different ring ropes. Hopefully CMLL chooses the right guys and doesn’t throw certain folks into a world they will be lost in. I’d actually like to see Robin go. He’s a Brazo and they’ve always been popular in Japan. Robin has also worked with Japanese guys on the Ultimo shows so he wouldn’t be out of his comfort zone paired with a New Japan guy.

    Off the top of my head I’d like to see Dorada, Sombra, Averno, Mephisto, Valiente, Garza, Ultimo & Texano. Robin or Guerrero Maya would also be acceptable. I am aware I left Dragon Rojo off the list. Have at it, Nikita.

    I wonder if La Mascara gets to go? *L*

  7. I know you don’t like DR, so I won’t take your bait.

    I think you are bat shit crazy if you think CMLL is sending over any greenhorns like Robin. In fact, I would say Maya wouldn’t make the cut if he wasn’t getting a big push alongside Atlantis. I can see them winning the CMLL tag straps and defending them there…

    I think CMLL might take Mascara. I think they won’t take anyone with an eye wandering to WWE, except maybe Sombra.

    I want to see Texano/Terrible vs Bad Intentions, but I don’t think we will.

  8. I never said CMLL would send Robin. Read my liset again. I merely suggested it would be nice to see him go. But there is no reason he can’t go instead of Maximo to provide the comedy in the opening match.

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