Temerarios vs Perros, Atlantis vs Shocker?, minis tournament, Veneno

(photo by Black Terry Jr.)

IWRG (THU) 08/11/2011 Arena Naucalpan [Black Terry Jr. (flickr), The Gladiatores]
1) Alan Extreme & Imposible b Hijo de Black Man & Saruman
The Gladaitores lists this as straight falls for the rudos tecnicos, which would indicate IWRG has dropped it’s recent rule changes for the first two matches.
2) Carta Brava Jr., Keshin Black, Polifacético b Bugambilia del Norte, Centurión, Dragon Fly
Politefacetico beat Bugambilia with a nudo lagunero in a captain vs captain battle.
3) Dinamic Black, Golden Magic, Multifacético b Apolo Estrada Jr., El Hijo del Diablo, Oficial 911
Another Revolucionarios vs Group de los Ocho battle. Rudos took the first despite the tecnicos dominating, tecnicos tied it up in the second. Diablo kept accidentally hitting 911 in the third, until 911 could take it no more and attacked. Tecnicos beat them quickly for the win. Apolo & Diablo attakced 911 after the match with AK-47 making the save.
4) Durok, Freeyser, Machín DQ Bestia 666, Damián 666, X-Fly
Crazy brawl. Freeyser used a chain to the head to beat Damian 666 and win the first. Referee mistakenly (???) counted captain Durok down for three in the second fall, then ruled it was not actually three. After the Perros dominated for a while, Durok and Bestia did dive and Freeyser went for another chain punch. Damian ducked, and the referee Rubinksy got hit. Freeyzer tossed the chain to Damian, the other referee Toby spotted Damian with the chain and the referee down, and called for a DQ. The new Termerarios are now 2-0, and have not dropped a fall. Perros wanted a super libre rematch.

Other News

The Atlantis press conference tecnico turn had a little more drama than it sounds. Shocker, Atlantis, Delta, and Guerrero Maya were on the stage to talk about winning the trios portion of Forjando un Idolo. Shocker thanked Atlantis, and then said he was healthy enough to take the trio back over. Atlantis stopped him, pointing out Delta & Guerrero Maya won when he was in charge, not when Shocker was leader. Atlantis & Shocker argued until Delta & Maya got involved and sided with Atlantis. Atlantis reluctantly decided to join the tecnico side so he could keep feuding with Negro Casas, and Maya proposed they bring back the old Campeones Justicieros name. (Who was in that before? Atlantis, Tinieblas Jr & Sr., and Rayo?) Meanwhile, Shocker was visibly angry about how the whole thing came down, and about what he had lost during his injury (the NWA LH title), and seemed to be hinting a rudo turn and his own trio.

Hector Garza, in his discussion of turning tecnico, also hinted at teaming with two former friends who he felt needed his help. We’ll see where Garza goes with this, but with the Guerreros also seemingly now one vet (Ultimo) and two relative youngsters (Dragon Rojo, Rey Escorpion), there may be a pattern forming.

The press conference also announced teams for the minis relevos suicidas tournament:

  • Pequeno Violencia & Astral
  • Electrico & Mercurio
  • Pequeno Universo & Ultimo Dragoncito
  • Pequeno Maximo & Pequeno Halcon
  • Bam Bam & Pierrothito
  • Pequeno Nitro & Aereo
  • Pequeno Olimpico & Shockercito
  • Pequeno Warrior & Fantasy

Still like Fantasy.

CMLL also pushed that every Friday night show in September would be a giant show. The only detail mentioned was “VIP lightning matches”; the usual 10 minute specials but with the top wrestlers.

Jushin Liger will be returning to CMLL on September 14, oddly as a tecnico. He was so good as a rudo, this seems surprising, but they probably have a feud decided. That date means he’s likely on the Anniversary show (09/16? SuperLuchas thinks 09/23), and the Universal Tournament will be right after.

Arkangel is headed to Japan for Fukumania on 10/15 for a match with Mr. Cacao.

Today’s Arena Mexico show is headlined by Hector Garza vs Ultimo Guerrero. I could see Garza winning this; he’s tried and failed so many times, it’d be a strong way to start his tecnico turn, and it would get them to 16 champions. Garza’s second choice might be revealing, if they follow thru on his new group. (Hijo del Fantasma is an old friend.) Atlantis teams with his new friends against a rudo coalition of Niebla, Averno and Negro Casas for the second.

Dr. X-Treme talked a bit more about his departure from CMLL to Record. He feels like the three other guys who’ve left recently (Argos/Astro Boy, Semental and Mortiz) are better than some guys who are being pushed, and was frustrated that some guys would get 1, 2, 3 chances to get over until they were and other people (like himself) would get zero chances.  Even though he’s using the name “X-Treme”, the Doctor wants it clear he’s not a hardcore wrestler and has no interest in being one.

AAA posted a video of Dorian Roldan promoting the prizes for their upcoming social media contest. Interestingly, the giveaways include masks in what looks like retail packaging, as if there were to be sold in a store.

Iron Love talks to R de Rudo about his start as Iron Master (in the old times of 2008) and blames Chucho el Roto bossing him around for his rudo turn.

Black Terry Jr. has scenes from a fair show.

LuchaWorld has La Sombra vs Minoru Suzuki from the G1.

IWRG in Japan

08/11 SMASH: Veneno beat Hajime Ohara [SMASH CHAMP, QF]

Veneno has karate chopped his way to the semifinals, which take place on 09/08. Veneno will not be back in time for the IWL cage apuesta match tonight; Dr. X-Treme takes his place.


  • Samurai del Sol talks about his inspiration and his decision to stick around Mexico longer.
  • Argos can’t cut a 15 second promo without something going wrong.

08/13-14 lucha times


52MX: The end of rudo Hector Garza, grab bag semimain (with bald Yoshihashi)

LATV: They skipped a week here, so they can go back and pick that up or push forward. One never knows, but the next episode has TRT vs Invasors and the farewells of Naito & Dr. X.

TF: They skipped a lot of episodes and have been skipping around. The next episode in line has 2/3rds of the announce crew + Garza vs Generacion Dorada, plus Magnus in action vs the Cancerberos.


CMLL: Mexico TV listings have this as one hour. US Galavision has this as 2 hours. DO NOT WATCH THIS LIVE. Should be the Garza/UG set up, and then something from the undercard

AAA: first half of Verano. No hints at what will air when, but I’m guessing the world title match goes here.

FOX: Minis and minis, probly.

C3: Invasors vs Dorada/Porky/Rush, plus a lot of grab bag underneath

Puebla: Avernos vs Panther/Dorada/Sagrado

ACM: not really sure! The two hour show is still on the weekend, maybe more from this past Sunday?

Perros del Mal: Thursday night finished off the Expo, so this is the first taping from the 08/06 show. Maybe the Dr. X-Treme debut?

IWRG: the show that just happened.