Verano de Escandalo preview, IWL iPPV

Mentioned this earlier in the week, I do not think I will be around for Verano de Escandalo. I could put up a chat page for everyone else, but there seems to be no particular interest in this show. Not just here; I haven’t noticed anyone else previewing the show any more in depth than posting the AAA articles sent to them. A lot of this is because Verano is way too close to TripleMania, and not enough has been done since the show to get people interested in another major show. I don’t think this has caught AAA has off guard; this show is not on PPV and most things of merit are being saved for later in the year. AAA runs five major shows of the year, and has clearly treated this as the fifth most important.

The one match that doesn’t seem to be saved for later in the year, at least on the surface, is the Perros del Mal vs Psycho Circus match. This was originally planned to be a losing team loses everything match, but will be simply be the last person in loses. That leaves a backdoor for AAA to run yet another cage match later this year: X-Fly loses here, Perro Jr. returns, bring back the cage again. Perro’s status with AAA is really the most important part of this match; it makes no sense for only one Clown to lose here (especially right after they’ve debuted mini Clowns), so the important part is finding out if this feud is over or not. If Perro appears, they’re probably taking this feud until December. If there’s no Perro, this concept may be finished or at least massively changed.

Other Verano de Escandalo matches of note

  • Jeff Jarrett should keep his title when Dr. Wagner and LA Park cancel each other out. Jarrett losing the title would pretty much end the TNA storyline and it’s too soon for that. LA Park’s status with La Sociedad is what to watch here.
  • Mari Apache defends the Reina de Reinas title against everyone in AAA. They’ve been building towards Mickie James winning it, which would work if she’s sticking around for a while (but is kind of a duplicate of the main event storyline.) There’s a mystery woman included; I’m told it’s a Mexican and not anyone jumping from CMLL.
  • Five other matches that don’t mean much. AAA dropped the Cruiserweight Title from the Monster Ball’s match, so now it’s just another extreme match in a promotion that has ton. It’s also the very obvious place for suspended Nicho to show up. Parka gets his hands on Tabu for the first time, Samoa Joe is brought in to be in a midcard trios, and the minis have a match which won’t actually make TV.

Again, this show is not on PPV. However, the second IWL iPPV is tonight. It starts at 5:30 central for $10. Undercard seems mostly the same names as the last show (with Suicida vs Daga as the highlight) and Necro Butcher and Craig Classic as the new Americans brought in for this show.

Televisa Deportes has an article about AAA starting a reality show to find new wrestlers. I believe this is part of the existing Corona talent search contest. There’s another one of those today in Guadalajara.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update.


07/31: Mima Shimoda [O], Portia Perez, Tsukasa Fujimoto b Sara Del Rey, Daizee Haze, Makoto [X]

Finally, a promotion CMLL can win in!


12 thoughts to “Verano de Escandalo preview, IWL iPPV”

  1. Yesterday Ayako Hamada came back to Mexico to work the LLF show, and today there is a mystery woman involved in the Reina de Reinas match? Might be more than coincidence.

  2. Daga v. Suicida was off the hook. Totally worth ordering the replay for. Should have a whole review up on SC soon

  3. ACM Was 2 hours long tonight, they re-aired the sangre chicana match, they also ended up airing the semi, and the konan big match from 7/17. Don’t know what it is about konan big, but the building definetly looked like a sellout that night.

  4. @Phil:

    Daga vs. Suicida was AWESOME. I wrote a recap/review of the show and emailed it to Cubs and definitely sang the praise of that match a lot. They stole the show.

  5. Balls Mahoney using a piledriver three minutes into the main event was quite the sight, though.

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