Perros del Mal & DTU at the expo, IWRG, Diamante

PdM (SUN) 07/24/2011 Centro Banamex [Estrellas del Ring, Mi Lucha Libre (3), Mi Lucha Libre (4), Mi Lucha Libre (5), Mi Lucha Libre (6), R de Rudo (2-6), R de Rudo (3), Record (1-5), Record (6), The Gladiatores]
1) Drastik Boy, Ek Balam, Low Rider b Dinastía, Kaleth, Konami
Kaleth replaced Hagen.
2) Turbo b Black Thunder [NWA MEX LIGHT]
Turbo kept his title with a campana.
3) Mr. Aguilita b Celestial, Cósmico, Mini Talisman [PdM MINI]
The only four minis in the promotion battled for the new minis title. Cosmico & Talisman were eliminated, and Aguilita got Celestial with a reverse plancha.
4) Bestia 666 b Hijo de LA Park, Tony Rivera, Zumbi, Pesadilla, Peligro [PdM LH]
Bestia beat Pesadilla via valagueza to become the first Perros del Mal champion.
5) X-Fly b Super Crazy [MEX HEAVY]
X-Fly retained his title via Swanton bomb.
6) Blue Demon Jr., Casandro, LA Park NC Damián 666, el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Halloween
Perro returned, but still is never taking off his shirt. Referee Toby, helping the perros was relieved of his shirt, revealing a painted up chest like Felino’s done. Cassandro did a dive off the TV screen. Usual Perros/LA Park style out of control brawl. The commissioner tried to stop the match, but first Bestia 666 ran down with a tray. LA Park teased hitting Bestia with it, then turned on his partners and allied with the Perros. Commissioner stopped for the match (seems more like an out of doing a finish than the match actually being shut down.) Demon and Perro did many challenges, got nowhere.

DTU (SUN) 07/24/2011 Centro Banamex [MT, Record, The Gladiatores]
1) Kalek b Extreme Boy, Hacker, Ivan el Campeon, Arsenal, Kalibus, Jonkhy [DTU Academia]
2) Vanely b Lily Fighter, Yuki Star, Shitara, La Vaquerita, Sherry, Sexy Flor, Chica Tormenta [Chica Tercera Caida]
This was originally the DTU women’s title, but then became a title sponsored by the wrestling recap show. (Does this mean I can sponsor titles?) Of note, Chica Tormenta was DQed for both bringing in a weapon and then trying to martinete Lily Fighter. Those two continue to feud.
3) Rey Latino b Tacuvo, Ciclope, Super Mega, Muerte Bucanera, Araña de Plata, Extreme Warrior, Bad Boy [#1 Contenders, DTU EXTREMO]
This seems to have replaced the match with Fenix and Dark Dragon
4) Flamita b Yakuza [DTU Alto Rendimento]
Flamita kept the title.
5) Daga, Hormiga, Paranoiko b Judas el Traidor, Onita Santana, Sadico and Black Mamba, Silencio, Silver Tiger and Black Terry, Eterno, Hijo del Pantera
listed as triangle tag, ended up a four way trios. That’s the way of this card, with much different people. A Promocion Cantu trio from Nuevo Laredo was added, Eterno and Daga had been a team but were split up among DTU and IWRG lines, etc.
6) Samurai del Sol b Drastik Boy, Zumbi, Violento Jack, Shiima Xion
GALLI rep beat got the win, pinning Shiima after Xion almost had Violento Jack beat. Violento Jack and Tigre Cota attakced him post match.

Look at all those links for recaps of the Perros del Mal show and for the DTU show. I can’t find a single one on the AAA show. I think everyone just went over to the normal IWRG show.

Black Terry Jr. has another 200+ photos from the second day of the Expo.

The Gladiatores talked to Lady Puma.

Medio Tiempo had a good time.

SuperLuchas has video from the first day.

(photo by Black Terry Jr.)

The Expo drew 23,253 fans over two days. I have not tracked down last year’s number, but that sounds comparable, and they had one less day. The 3,000 seat stands for the major shows seem overfilling.

Other News

IWRG (SUN) 07/24/2011 Arena Naucalpan [Black Terry Jr. (flickr), The Gladiatores]
1) Alan Extreme & Imposible b Rolling Boy & Saruman
2) Bugambilia del Norte, Dragon Fly, Tritón DQ Carta Brava Jr., King Drako, Polifacético
Reached the fifteen minute time limit, but the rudos kept attacking, so they were just disqualified.
3) Black Terry, Centurión, Turbo DQ Dr. Cerebro, Oficial Fierro, Oficial Spartans
Centurion, Turbo, and Oficial Spartans replaced Argos, Bobby Lee Jr., and Oficial AK47. Black Terry and Dr. Cerebro are no longer friends and are feuding. Cerebro fouled Terry for the DQ.
4) Avisman, El Hijo del Diablo, Kid USA b Dinamic Black, Golden Magic, Veneno
Xion joined the Gringos for the US national anthem. Tecnico trio represents the Revolucionarios. Kid USA used a ref distraction to hit Veneno with a bottle, and Diablo got hte pin.
5) Angelico, Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr., Multifacético b Hijo de LA Park, Oficial 911, Shiima Xion
Rudos took the first, tecnicos took the second, Wagner dived on Park in the third while Angelico & Multifacetico beat Xion & 911 for the win.

I am told Kid USA is someone from the United States who has not been in IWRG previously but whose name would be known by those who read this blog. And that’s all I’m giving you until they give away clues.

Diamante is listed on the July 28th Arena Olimpico Laguna card, so he should be back in main CMLL rings soon.

Spain’s MarcaTV is now airing CMLL shows. I’d assume they are the same one hour tapes that have been making their way from France to England to Canada to Africa (yes, the entire continent) and are headed to the fourth moon of Saturn before long. I was told a few weeks back that the French outlet that buys the CMLL TV got in a new shipment of a years worth of TV, so some slightly newer television might start matriculating around the globe soon.

LuchaWorld had KrisZ’s news update and a report from the Viva La Lucha show.



CMLL (SUN) 07/31/2011 Arena Coliseo
1) Aereo & Pequeño Halcón vs Mercurio & Pequeño Universo 2000
2) Enrique Vera Jr., Super Halcon Jr., Trueno vs Inquisidor, Rayo Tapatío I, Rayo Tapatío II
3) Goya Kong, Lady Apache, Luna Mágica vs La Comandante, La Seductora, Princesa Blanca
4) Blue Panther, Metal Blanco, Valiente vs Misterioso Jr., Shigeo Okumura, Yoshihashi
5) La Máscara, Máscara Dorada, Shocker vs El Alebrije, Héctor Garza, Volador Jr.

Main event should be more with Garza and the Invasors. Bonus: find out if Volador is with the Invasors or against them this week!

Remember when we were miffed that Metal Blanco & Palacio Negro were not counted as Gen11? Maybe that was just me? Anyway, look where Metal Blanco is, look where they are. The GDL duo dodged a bullet by not being included in the remedial class.

Tercera would be Lady Apache’s return. Luna Magica has been missing shows a lot lately.

The Gen11/Rayo Tapatios feud has been cut back to being once every four weeks. This happens when you’re not very good.

CMLL (SUN) 07/31/2011 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) El Alteño vs Gran Kenut
2) Pegasso, Rey Cometa, Sensei vs Loco Max, Puma King, Tiger
3) Sagrado, Sangre Azteca, Stuka Jr. vs Euforia, Vangelis, Virus
4) Black Warrior, Máximo, Super Porky vs Felino, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas
5) Dragón Rojo Jr. & Último Guerrero vs Mr. Águila & Psicosis [CMLL TAG]

Yea, this is going to get killed against Verano de Escandalo.

07/24 AAA TV Results (Tulancingo)

Lame duck taping with not much progression.

AAA TV (SUN) 07/24/2011 Instalaciones de la Feria, Tulancingo [MT]
1) La Parkita & Mascarita Sagrada b Mini Chessman & Mini Psicosis
Sagrada pinned Parkita Chessman
2) Argos & Lolita b Sexy Star & Tito Santana
Argos crossface on Tito.
3) Drago, Extreme Tiger, Joe Lider b Chessman, Decnnis, Súper Fly
Extreme match, of course. Tiger pinned Chessman.
4) Dr. Wagner Jr., Electroshock, Heavy Metal b Chessman, Silver King, Último Gladiador
Chessman worked twice, losing to Wagner. LA Park, who was scheduled in his spot, attacked Wagner after the match. Wagner and Park decided to tease a mask match for TripleMania while they were at at it. Somewhere in here, Konnan brought out the Sociedad members on this show, announced Mari Apache would lose the Reina de Reinas title at Verano, and assigned Sexi, Decnnis, Super Fly and Tito Santana foreign heritages.
5) Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown DQ Billy el Malo, Cibernético, Escoria
Cibernetico hit Monster Clown with a weapon Billy brought to the ring, and fouled Psycho Clown.

2011 AAA TV Chart
will air in Mexico on 07/31 (give or take a day)

Next show is Verano de Escandalo next Sunday. There’s been no mention of post-Verano tapings yet.

Lucha Libre Expo results from Day 1 & notes from Day 2, Garza/Invasors split?,

Lucha Libre Expo

Juniors (SAT) 07/23/2011 Centro Banamex [Estrellas del RingR de Rudo (3-4)R de Rudo (5)R de Rudo (6)The Gladiatores]
1) Guerrero Mistico Jr. & Tartu el Brujo Jr. vs Calaca Rumbera Jr. & Rolling Boy
unclear if this match took place
2) Tortuguilla Karateka I, Tortuguilla Karateka II, Zodiacal Jr. b Hermano Muerte Jr., Sepulcro Jr., Ultratumba Jr.
3) Estrella Blanca Jr. I, Estrella Blanca Jr. II, Hijo de Clímax b Arlequin Jr., Masakre Jr., Talisman Jr.
bloody match
4) Andy Barrow Jr. L Babe Torres and Arturo Ganoa Jr. [hair]
Andy Barrow lost his hair to Babe Torres.
5) Falcon Jr., Huracan Ramirez Jr., Kung Fu Jr. DQ Espanto II Jr., Fishman Jr., Killer Jr.
Fishman fouled Kung Fu
6) Gallo Tapado Jr., Halcon 78 Jr., Hijo de Mascara Sagrada b Cuchillo Jr., Hijo de Rambo, Principe Odin [Juniors TRIOS]
New champs. Rudos came into the match with the belts, Gallo pinned Odin.

CMLL (SAT) 07/23/2011 Centro Banamex [Estrellas del RingR de Rudo]
1) Goya Kong, Lluvia, Silueta b Amapola, Estrellita, Tiffany
Estrellita turned on her partners.
2) Eléctrico, Mascarita Dorada, Shockercito b Demus 3:16, Pequeño Nitro, Pierrothito
Tecnico minis actually get a win!
3) Ángel de Plata, Metal Blanco, Palacio Negro b Cancerbero, Euforia, Raziel
Angel de Plata replaced Delta.
4) Averno, Felino, Mephisto b El Alebrije, Olímpico, Psicosis
Averno snuck in a foul on Psicosis for the win.
5) Atlantis, Delta, Shocker DQ Ángel de Oro, Dragón Rojo Jr., Último Guerrero [Relevos Increíbles]
Delta replaced Guerrero Maya. Straight falls for Team Atlantis. He won the first clean, then Ultimo Guerrero got him with the toss and behind the back foul. UG and Atlantis feuded throughout and quite nearly did the breakup right here.

Based on the time they’ve got left, we’re more likely to see the final break up between Atlantis and UG and/or the first official normal match together on opposite sides in September than a big apuesta match. That may be the 2012 plan, though.

IWRG (SAT) 07/23/2011 Centro Banamex [Estrellas del RingMi Lucha Libre (1)MT (1)R de Rudo (1)The Gladiatores]
1) Beta, Bizzaro, Black Lancer, Kortiz, Maquina Infernal, Negro Casasola, Taurus, Templario b Alan Extreme, Centurión, Dragon Fly, Fresero Jr., Rolling Boy, Saruman, Tonatiuh, Tritón [Copa High Power]
Final two in were Fresero Jr. and Maquina Infernal. Infernal had both Villano IV and V interfering for him and got the win. Crazy Boy intruded after the match, challenging the IWRG kids to a Copa High Power vs the AAAcadmey students. That’ll happen at some later date.
2) Avisman, El Hijo del Diablo, Kid USA b Oficial 911, Oficial AK47, Oficial Spartans [lumberjack strap]
The debuting Kid USA looks suspiciously like an IWRG trainee in a mask. Oficial Spartans, also debuting, replaced AK47, who had an arm in a sling last Sunday.
3) Carta Brava Jr., Comando Negro, Eterno b Centurión, Dinamic Black, Golden Magic
Centurion replaced Bobby Lee Jr., and took the loss to Comando Negro.
4) Black Terry & Pantera b Negro Navarro & Pirata Morgan
Pantera replaced Solar, which is probably the reason they actually had a finish. He did not wear his mask for this match.
5) Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr., Trauma I, Ultramán Jr. DQ Hijo de LA Park, Hijo de Pirata Morgan, Máscara Año 2000 Jr.
Team Morgan won the first, and Trauma I beat Morgan to tie it up. Wagner fouled Park and faked his own foul in the third, and the refs gave it to him.
6) Silver Kain b Electroshock [IWRG HEAVY]
Electroshock won the first, the cutter actually working for a three count for once. Silver tied it up with some help from his second (Chessman). Chessman kept getting involved in the third fall. Electroshock got a ‘rana, Chessman snuck in and turned it over, and Silver hung on top for the three count. Electro and Mascara Ano 2000 Jr. (his second) complained post match.

Show was preceded by a exhibition by Bombero Infernal’s students. Black Terry, Negro Navarro and Grillo were honored. If IWRG announced the winner of their create a luchador contest, it was not mentioned anywhere.

In other single-match showcases for promotions, Corasrio won a tournament sponsored by Promotion Black Terror, and Hija de Karonte defeated Lady Puma to keep the LLF Juvenil championship (7th defense?).

AAA, Perros del Mal and DTU shows happened tonight; I’ve got partial results for some, but I’d prefer to wait until tomorrow morning to get all the details for this. The Perros del Mal show was mainly a case of determining champions for a promotion that barely exists (if XMW can do it…) Mr. Aguilita was crowned minis champion, and Bestia 666 was the very unsurprising winner of the Perros del Mal Light Heavyweight championship. Turbo and X-Fly kept their championships.

R de Rudo, who’ve been writing a ton about the expo (probably 20 posts by the time they’re done), talks about the Fabian el Gitano tribute strip show, CMLL honorees (no sign of the Best of 2010 awards), chats with Lolita about the gringas, and strolls around the expo.

MedioTiempo catches up with El Matematico.

Black Terry has photo from all the action on Day 1, as well as video of the 4th match from the IWRG show.

DJ Spectro has photos from his visit.

Other News

CMLL (SUN) 07/24/2011 Arena Coliseo [CMLL]
1) Ramstein & Zayco b Bengala & Freesbe
Rudos take 1/3.
2) Apocalipsis, Bronco, Loco Max b Camaleón, Leono, Molotov
Leono was hurt in the last fall. Rudos take 1/3, Loco Max submitting Molotov.
3) La Comandante, Mima Shimoda, Princesa Blanca b Dalys la Caribeña, Estrella Mágica, Lluvia
Estrella filled in for her sister, who’s still MIA. This Magica had new gear, was still brutalized by the rudas. They took it, 2/3.
4) Shigeo Okumura, Terrible, Texano b Black Warrior, Metro, Sagrado
Rudos took this one 1/3, all getting finished on the tecnicos in the third.
5) Blue Panther, Shocker, Super Porky b Héctor Garza, Mr. Águila, Psicosis
Shocker’s return to CMLL rings. Garza had problems with his partners; not sure how serious to take it, because rudo Garza always has problems with his partners. This time, Shocker was finished, but Hector told Garza and Aguila to go up top to add more, and then covered Shocker himself for the first fall win. Tecnicos rallied back to win the last two, and Garza walked out on his partners after the match.

La Catedral is thinking this is a Garza tecnico turn. Given how the Invasors have been booked here, I’d wonder if there’s a better chance they might be all eliminated in the near future.

No big news on Sin Cara this weekend. He has been removed from the SummerSlam poster. It’s clear WWE people have been instructed to remove his image from promotional material now in the event that he’s not coming back, which means that’s the most likely outcome.

The @officalkonnan twitter is a fake. A really annoying one too. Konnan’s not the type of guy I’d figure to want to be on Twitter, but I could’ve believed that someone was handling it for him.

La Catedral says Skandalo is out with a (reoccurring) leg injury. Also, he’s not high on Estrellita getting the title in exchange for losing her hair (neither am I!) or Palacio Negro’s finishing move from Friday, and talks about how CMLL’s current system makes it tougher for their wrestlers to make a connection to fans compared small promotions.

Rob has video highlights of 12/20/10 Puebla, AAA 05/31 and 06/05/98, and 01/27/10 AAA

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update.



IWRG (THU) 07/28/2011 Arena Naucalpan
1) Dragon Fly & Rolling Boy vs Alan Extreme & Dark Devil
2) Bugambilia del Norte, Hijo de Black Man, Miss Gaviota vs Comando Negro, Imposible, Keshin Black
3) Angelico, Argos, Bobby Lee Jr. vs Dr. Cerebro, Mortiz, Semental
4) Hijo de Pirata Morgan & Pirata Morgan vs Bestia 666 & Damián 666 [IWRG IC TAG]

Mortiz & Semental’s debuts here post-CMLL.

IWRG (SUN) 07/31/2011 Arena Naucalpan
1) Black Sky & Rolling Boy vs Dark Devil & Muerte Infernal
2) Dragon Fly & Tritón vs Alan Extreme & Keshin Black
3) Argos, Bugambilia del Norte, Saruman vs Carta Brava Jr., Comando Negro, Imposible
4) Black Terry, Bobby Lee Jr., Pantera vs Barba Roja, Bombero Infernal, Polifacético 
5) Angelico, Argos, Centurión, Dinamic Black, Golden Magic, Hammer, Multifacético, Veneno vs Apolo Estrada Jr., Avisman, El Hijo del Diablo, Kid USA, Oficial 911, Oficial AK47, Oficial Fierro [High Power]

Main event is listed as Revolutionaries vs El Grupo del 8 (which seems to have 7 people listed.) I bet that match doesn’t actually happen that way. Interesting/irrelevant that Hammer is here and not the IWL show. Apolo Estrada not only exists here, but he’s in a four way relevos suicidas match in Coliseo Coalaco the same day (Freelance is also in that one, with a bunch of Coalaco guys.)

AULL (SUN) 07/31/2011 Arena Lopez Mateos
1) Sepulturero I vs Mr. Potro [AULL FULL]
2) Gallo Tapado Jr., Huracan Ramirez Jr., Máscara Sagrada Jr. vs Espanto Jr., Fishman Jr., Killer Jr.
3) Robin Maravilla, Rocky Santana, Yakuza vs Eterno, Juventud Guerrera, Zumbi and El Hijo de LA Park, Trauma I, Trauma II and Chucho el Roto, Iron Love, Sadico [AULL TRIOS]

This show too. And Verano. And…I just realized I agreed to be somewhere else on Sunday, so probably no live results. That’s mostly on me, but Verano de Escandalo really doesn’t feel like a big show.