Mascara vs Averno, Puebla, Okumura

Samurai TV’s (Japan) website lists Juicio Final 2011 (Mascara vs Averno) as airing on Tuesday night. Those shows eventually end up turning on the usual file sharing sites, though it make take a little bit. It won’t be a December wait.

Porra Fresa fills in some blanks on Monday’s show in Puebla: Asturiano returned from last week’s injury to wrestle, but was stretchered out again at the end of his match. Lestat and Stigma looked good in their matches vs DF wrestlers, but nothing in particular was done with them. Yoshihashi ran from Rush most of their match, which was the worst of the night. The rudos ended up taking every match.

Okumura did a couple of interviews about his title win. To Fuego en el Ring, Okumura admits that he cheated to win, but he did win and now he’s the champion and that’s all that matters to him. Okumura tells MT that he wants hair matches, a title match vs Rush, and then a rematch for the trio titles next. Okumura drops Lyger’s return in both interviews, teasing a return.

DTU’s press conference to show it’s new belt and new t-shirts also included a wrestling show, and a follow up of the Perros del Mal angle on the last show. Halloween, Damian, Bestia and Ek Balam appeared to challenge the DTU guys to future matches (Daga vs Bestia got special note.) No sign of X-Fly here either, so something must really be up with him.

AAA is teasing a Scott Steiner appearance to come. AAA is certainly working under the impression that their fans want to see big heavyweights from TNA. I’m not sure that’s actually true, but that’s the directioon.

Rob reviews IWRG 09/26/10 and has highlights of AAA 09/19 & 09/21/98

CMLL in Japan

NJPW 07/14:
2) Masato Tanaka, Yujiro Takahashi (O), Hector Garza b Strong Man, Jushiin Liger, King Fale (X)

Seuxis challenges AYUMI for her X-LAW Women’s Championship on the 07/17 Fiesta Final show. That’s a bonus match in addition to her REINA matches; the next one of those is the day after


9 thoughts to “Mascara vs Averno, Puebla, Okumura”

  1. Why would any Lucha Libre Fan want to see Scott Steiner?
    Hell no! Please don’t do this to me. I watch because it’s better than TNA and WWE but now they are threatening us with the same guys?!
    What ever happend to the cool lucha company I used to watch on our wrestling network in Germany?

  2. For the record why would any lucha company bring in Scott Steiner?
    Who are the masked Luchadoras in the DTU article?

  3. At one time I thought Scott Steiner vs. Strongman at Arena Mexico could be interesting.

    My guess is that the casual fan may not mind seeing the freak show element at times. Hey, Gronda got over huge at first.

  4. The real question is why would anyone pay to see Steiner at all? Ever since he found roids , he has sucked. No thanks. AAA should do a taping in Orlando that would be interesting visually for Lucha Fans.

  5. @LLL: Strongman vs. Steiner in any way, shape, or form would be epic.

    For what it is worth, when Steiner showed up in AAA a few years back, he seemed to be mega over with the crowd. Match wise, he didn’t really wanna sell for Cibernetico (who was getting ridiculously massive crowd reactions at that point), the top tecnico at the time. While I certainly do not think Steiner is gonna come in and wow anyone with his lucha style, if he goes apeshit and beats the hell outta someone it will probably get a good reaction. If he were in for every show… probably not. He is a nice sideshow with name value.

  6. @LuChava: Yes, it would be interesting. Only two problems are Universal Orlando does not allow events to charge for tickets and the number of fly-ins would be enormous. AAA needs to find a home in Mexico that will allow them to produce a slick product each week. Sure, AAA was built touring Mexico in front of hot crowds in a different city each week, but I think now might be the time to concentrate on production values achieved running the same venue weekly.

  7. @LuChava:

    So he’s sucked since the 80’s?

    Steiner throwing around pieces of shit like Evans, Lider, Gladitor etc would be fun.

    Also were did Angelico come from and when is he going away?

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