CMLL press conference, Verano de Escandalo

big game hunter/photo by Black Terry Jr.

No detailed IWRG results yet, though @thegladiatores has quick results and Black Terry Jr. had an awesome photo of an increasingly insane Pollo Asesino.

CMLL Press Conference

CMLL held one of it’s monthly press conferences yesterday. This one appears to have caught little attention. No one signed a mask vs mask this time, which means I’ll have a slower weekend this time (hooray.) This is what I’ve spotted so far:

  • As part of the CMLL/3M partnership (see: ads on Sombra’s shirt), they’re holding a mask creating contest. The twist: 90% of the mask must be made of duck tape. Winner to be announced September 7th.
  • La Comandante is headed to Japan. That article is non-specific about where and when, but REINA’s blog explains she’s headed over there in August, probably for a three month stint.
  • “Tiger Kid” has switched his name to “Tiger”. Why? Why? Also, why? At least we’ll never have to figure out how many d’s there are in Kidd that week, but I prefer non generic names.
  • Naito arrived, gaining an extra h in his name. Hector Garza, wearing a shiny suit, is going to Japan from July 8 to the 19th.
  • CMLL will award the 3rd Bobby Bonales Cup, a trophy that goes to current legends, on July 1st (next Friday.) This sent to Blue Panther in 2009, and Negro Casas in 2010. Ultimo Guerrero? Atlantis? Felino?

Other News

Verano de Escandalo‘s poster (or at least the one AAA’s facebook just posted) seems to indicate TNA’s Mickie James is coming back for that show. The recap in the WON said AAA was happy with how the women’s match went and were interested in bringing them back after the match. Pretty amusing that AAA had a finish Mickie James beating Fabi Apache and weren’t planning to actually get the win back for their own luchadora (but too usual to be fake.)

The price of the IWL iPPV has been fixed to $10. Now we’re in “maybe if I’m bored and laying on my couch watching fireworks thru the skylight” range.

Tonight is the end of Forjando un Idolo, unless they figure out a new way to remix the tournament again. (My guess: cibernetico!) It’s team Charly of Atlantis, Guerrero Maya, and Delta (and coach Shocker) versus team Alfa of Negro Casas, Diamante and Hijo del Signo. I’m guessing Alfa pulls it out, showing much better in teamwork than they fared individually.

Atlantis, Ultimo Guerrero, Rayo de Jalisco and Super Porky are advertised as appearing in southern Wisconsin and Chicago this weekend. Atlantis himself mentioned the dates on Twitter – the only problem is Ultimo Guerrero is clearly listed on Sunday’s Arena Coliseo card in DF. Planes can go fast nowadays, but not that fast.  When there’s been a conflict between outside dates and DF dates, the DF date usually wins, so I expect no Ultimo Guerrero in Chicago on Sunday (and possibly no Ultimo Guerrero on Saturday.) The other three guys are not known to be booked elsewhere.

La Mascara says the commission wanted to stop the mask match when he started to bleed, but he insisted on going on; no one wanted the match to end that way. Mascara would still like to challenge for Ultimo Guerrero’s title, but will take care of the Hijos del Averno for the time being.

Mephisto says Averno is still leader of the group and La Mascara just got lucky.

Rafa el Maya says he was starting work in his other job Saturday – he’s a taxi driver – when he had chest pains. His brother has suffered two heart attacks, so he was immediately concerned and got checked out by a doctor. They’re still studying if he’ll be safe to return to the ring; if not, he’ll just drive the taxi full time. It’ll be a few more months before he’s cleared either way.

Rob has video of TripleMania III-A (1995).

Nikita watches El Hijo del Santo & Villano III vs Chris Benoit & Negro Casas.



06/25-26 lucha times


CMLL TV is a quandary this week. CMLL Gaceta said they wouldn’t air the Juicio Final *show* for six months, but there’s not a lot of other options for unaired Friday TV shows. Rob brought up going back to the 01/01 Reyes del Air show, but that show was main evented by Mistico, who no longer exists and will not be shown on TV if they can at all help it. Same thing with last year’s Anniversary show – Mistico is in the cage match, plus Charly Manson is in the semimain. CMLL will never show either of those matches.

I would like them just to go 2/3/4 (women’s match added on) from Rey del Aire, just because that’s a fun match to see. I’m betting they actually just end up airing Juicio Final despite saying they wouldn’t – they’ll just skip the main event.

AAA US is still off US TV this week, and is not on the schedule next week. This should really be a bigger story than it’s been, but doesn’t seem to have escaped this blog at all.

In Mexico, AAA returns to Sunday – but appears to be back on Saturday next week.


52MX: La Mascara vs Averno in trios

LATV: maybe they’ll pick up with the episode they missed? Maybe they’ll air three weeks of reruns? That seems much more LATV’s way.

TF: been going 3 matches for the last couple of weeks, so Demus vs Electrico might slip thru here.

CMLL-GALA: Metro/Stuka vs Okumura/Yoshihashi, TRT vs Porky/Fantasma/Valiente and Sombra/Rush/STrong vs Mephisto/Niebla/Nakamura

AAA: second half of Naucalpan: Team IWRG vs Milicia (AAA Trios losers bracket?), Argos/Elegido vs Alan/Decnnis and Perros vs Bizarros in what might have been Perro Jr.’s last match for the foreseable future.

FOX: I’m much more certain this channel will get the Forjando un Idolo matches; those things won’t matter in six months and have been airing here consistently.

C3: Bucanero vs Fantamsa for the NWA LH belt.

Mega6: La Mascara vs Mephisto in trios

Puebla: La Mascara vs Averno in trios.

Monterrey: no idea. The Copa Puma de Plata match?

Perros: No idea.

IWRG: the show that just happened a couple hours ago.