Puebla, Forjando, Perro Jr.

CMLL (MON) 06/13/2011 Arena Puebla [Cinco Radio, Porra Fresa]
1) Fuerza Chicana & King Jaguar b Asturiano & Centella de Oro
Fuerza Chicana replaced Siki Osama. Rudos took 1/3.
2) Dr. X, Hooligan, Loco Max b Lestat, Stigma, Tigre Rojo Jr.
Rudos took 1/3. Worst match of the night.
3) Ayumi, Luna Mágica, Marcela b Amapola, Mima Shimoda, Princesa Sugheit
Tecnicos took 1/3.
4) Ephesto, Misterioso Jr., Virus b Metal Blanco, Palacio Negro, Valiente
Rudos 1/3. Tecnicos did some big dives in 2.
5) Atlantis, Shinsuke Nakamura, Último Guerrero b Máximo, Rush, Super Porky
Maximo replaced Strong Man. Rudos took 1/3. Rush and Nakamura feuded, but weren’t involved in the finish.

Forjando Un Idolo

From 06/03:
Group Alfa vs Group Charly
Group Delta vs Group Bravo

From 06/10:
Group Delta vs Group Charly
Group Alfa vs Group Bravo is not up yet.

These aired on Fox Sports, but I’d assume this is longer versions. (Well, I know they are, since the first two are a lot longer than these usually air; entrances are a reason why.)

Other News

Last night’s Tercera Caida listed X-Fly in for Perro Aguayo Jr. on TripleMania, confirming other reports, but did not add any explanation for the change. There’s no official word, but there’s a thread on Box Y Lucha saying Perro was in looking out of it at Thuresday’s AAA taping and may be back in the hospital.

Rey Bucanero gives credit to luck, experience and the support of TRT for making the NWA LH final. He notes that Friday’s segunda (Porky/Fantasma/Valiente vs TRT) is now a preview for Tuesday’s title match.

Mephisto says Averno’s been working on his strength and endurance to best comabt La Mascara on Friday. His tag team partner has been getting mental prepared, because the nerves can often hurt you in big matches. Mephisto would like to accompany Averno to the ring, but believes Averno might bring Rodolfo Ruiz (they’ve been setting up Brazo de Oro in La Mascara’s corner, so that would make some sense.)

Extreme Tiger plans on countering Abyss & Mr. Anderson’s size with speed and agility. He feels like AAA has given him great opportunities this year and he feels it’s his responsibility to defend the company now.

Juvi turned in Super Crazy in a cage match Tuesday in Arena Aficion, and they fought backstage. There’s actually a reason for this: Juvi’s bringing back Super X in July 15 in Arena Azteca Budokan, and the main event will be Super Crazy vs Juvi.

La Mascara, who is going to be logging a lot of miles over the next couple weeks, is in Guadalajara on Saturday, with Valiente & some of the CMLL GDL roster, to support Livestrong cancer testing.

Psycho Cirucs, Payasos Rojo, Azul and Amarillo, and Halloween and X-Fly are all in an apuesta cage match on July 9 in Arena Lopez Mateos.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update.

Rob reveals a big edit from last year’s Heroes Inmortales. Aerostar finished that match, somehow.


Tentative plan of events

Today: one more recap post, Lucha Times, maybe I get to the Forjando un Idolo matches or Rob’s C3 feed (which I’m certainly watching over the version that airs over LATV), maybe comments on Rey del Ring should it make the internet

Friday: Preview? Something like that? Chat starts 8:30pm CT, in tune with the RadioCMLL coverage. Quick results of the big match(es) on Twitter and maybe a photo of someone unmasked.

Saturday: Normal Saturday post and TV discussion. Tickets say the show starts at 8pm, but I’m sure it’s not actually until a while after that. Maybe 8:30 again? If there’s a feed, there’s a feed, but there should be coverage regardless.

Sunday: I do other things? Maybe? Maybe.


8 thoughts to “Puebla, Forjando, Perro Jr.”

  1. According to the Observer, Ricky Marvin will be teaming with Zach Sabre Jr, not Rocky Marvin for the NOAH Jr. tag tourney. That’s sad.

  2. It’s actually Sarita the Mexican gangster and not Dark Angel the one who goes to WWC and it’s not the same. Mickie James and Abyss are also advertised. The TNA is sending their people like in previous anniversaries. It’s very likely the Mexican gangster will be jobbing Mickie James like usual.

    Has the WWC some kind of alliance with AAA?

    Not for the moment, but if in the upcoming months the TNA wants to bring some AAA guys, Sarita will have to interact with them whether she likes it or not and the CMLL will not be happy with it.

  3. @Arakas:

    TNA is dead and you really think IMPACT WRESTLING will bring in Fabi and Sexy Star? I doubt that. And Sarita the Mexican gangsta? Really dude?

  4. If you didn’t see TNA/Impact tonight, Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett had a “parking lot brawl”, and Jarrett said that if he lost he would move to Mexico. They built that up by mentioning it numerous times during the show. Angle ended up winning the match, and Jarrett verbally said “Adios” as the show went off the air. This was all pre-taped outside the arena, so it didn’t go out with the spoilers.

    So, any thoughts on what this means for Zorro vs Jarrett at Triplemania? I would have to be leaning towards thinking that either Jarrett is winning the AAA Title, or at the very least sticking around for a bit – if not both.

  5. @Tim: Strange but I swear Arakas said he was done talking about Dark Angel just two weeks ago. Obsessive stalkers are creepy fellas.

  6. “It’s actually Sarita the Mexican gangster and not Dark Angel the one who goes to WWC and it’s not the same. ”

    That you were able to figure it out means it was close enough as far as I’m concerned.

    I did say this to Tim on Twitter, but to repeat it here: NOAH’s website has the Marvins teaming up, along with a short profile of Rocky. Dave has bad info.

    WWC does not have an alliance with AAA. Or really TNA. What I think is happening there is WWC is just TNA to bring in their guys, the same as any indy would be. That’s the same thing that’s happening with AAA – this is being projected as a talent sharing deal, but it’s money being shared one way and wrestlers being shared the other way. If we are to believe Konnan, AAA’s still prevented from appearing in the US even if TNA wanted to use them (and there’s been no mention of that besides the Zorro thing, which ended up going nowhere.)

    I think TripleMania gives TNA some footage to back up Jarrett’s claim of going to Mexico, but TNA takes great personal joy in burning their own stipulations, so I suspect Jarrett will be back under a mask (maybe pretending to be an AAA luchador if they’re especially creative!)

    Unlike previous years, they’ve given the impression that the TNA/AAA deal will last past TripleMania (and don’t think much of Zorro’s chances, the way this story has been told), so I’ve figured on Jarrett turning up on post TripleMania tapings already. That’s one day a week, and rarely a Monday or Tuesday, so he could easily continue to do both. But I can’t see Jarrett working spot shows or anything like that.

  7. @thecubsfan: That’s what I said already: TNA is sending their people to WWC and that’s it. My original point is that this is a random talent sharing of two companies not related with Dark Angel (the character). So, you shouldn’t have mentioned it here. Otherwise I don’t see you posting TNA House shows lineups where she’s advertised or her trip to Canada some weeks ago. The DTU one was indeed for Dark Angel.

    Before any more debates or angry comments on TNA- AAA, I propose you something: “Wait and see”. Both Dorian and Jeff Jarret keep saying that more TNA guys will come and it’s a takeover. Only time will tell.

    Why people find impossible for TNA to bring AAA guys? As far as I know, that already happened some years ago with Héctor Garza, Latin Lover and some others. The Mexican America group is a perfect window to introduce them.
    The TNA is bringing some indy talents for their next PPV. I don’t see why not people of AAA. I don’t think they will give them a major spot of course, maybe some random appereances and that’s it. Don’t see anything wrong with it.

    To the angry creep:
    Yes I’m done, this was about TNA-WWC wich happen to have someone in common. I never said I would never mention that name ever again.

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