CMLL (FRI) 06/10/2011 Arena Mexico [Fuego en el RingMT (4-5)MT (6)R de Rudo (4-6)Record (1-3, 6)Record (4-5)]
1) Demus 3:16 & Pequeño OlímpicoAstral & Eléctrico
Astral seemed to be hurt at the end of the match – he rushed to the back.
2) VirusStuka Jr. [lightning]
Win in 7:15 via submission.
3) Blue Panther, Fuego, PólvoraAtlantis, Delta, Guerrero Maya Jr. [Forjando un Idolo]
Panther’s team, working as rudos, took 1/3. Atlantis had Panther in the Atlantida, but Fuego and Polvora broke it up and held him in a small package for the win.
4) Diamante, Hijo del Signo, Negro CasasÁngel de Oro, Rey Escorpion, Último Guerrero [Forjando un Idolo]
Negro’s team took 2/3, beating Angel and Escorpion in the last fall. Every group is now 1-1.
5) Ephesto, Felino, Mr. NieblaMáximo, Toscano, Valiente
Felino got Toscano with a submission.
6) La Máscara, La Sombra, Rush DQ Averno, Mephisto, Shinsuke Nakamura
Averno pulled the fakeout distraction again. Mascara charged the guy in the roobe, but it was Ephesto this time. Averno jumped Mascara and eventually pulled his mask off for a DQ. Rudos held the advantage while Mascara left to get another mask. He returned, beat up all the rudos, and was about to put Averno in the campana when Ephesto ran in for the DQ. Rudos ripped off Mascara’s new mask too, and ripped up the rest of his gear.

results fixed!

Averno says he doesn’t care who won last night, because he’s going to win in straight falls next week.

CMLL in Japan

NJPW 06/10: Kenny Omega (O), Daisuke Sasaki, TJP b KUSHIDA, Mascara Dorada (X), Hiromu Takahashi

Mascara Dorada meets Ryusuke Taguchi for a third time this year next Saturday, getting his rematch for the CMLL Welterweight Championship on NJPW’s 06/18 PPV show.

Other news

Ras de Lona didn’t have much news. Plenty of interviews. La Mascara was interviewed with his wife, Averno was interfered with his father, both about Juicio Final.

Wrestling Observer had a really good interview with Konnan yesterday. Highlights included a mention of the TripleMania dark match (something like Fenix/Aerostar/Argos/Laredo vs Dragon/Tito/Tigre/Decnnis), Konnan saying AAA saying four different CMLL guys had talked about jumping, but all ended up with better money and spots in CMLL and Konnan saying they’d signed anyone they thought WWE might be interested in to long term deals. I’m not sure who that would be.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update.