CMLL on Televisa #1029 (05/21/2011) 

taped @ Arena Mexico, 05/13/2011


triple tope con giro

Metal Blanco, Palacio Negro, Stuka Jr. © vs Euforia ©, Shigeo Okumura, Yoshihashi: fun if not groundbreaking. Hurt about by the finish; I think Euforia might have got hurt by the stacked up superplex spot, he looked off the rest of the way. I like Palacio’s latest attempts at a finish, though Volador might not.



Delta vs Rey Escorpion in a Forjando un Idolo quarterfinal match: sloppy but ambitious. It actually felt like Rey Escorpion was the one who didn’t look all that great, Delta was mostly really good. They really need to do the Rey Escorpion vs Ultimo Guerrero match after all of this, it’s too much build to pay it off with one scrum. Very happy I get at least one more match of Shocker as a manager.


Pólvora vs Hijo del Signo in a Forjando un Idolo quarterfinal match: I wish there was a lucha google, with an autocomplete feature, so I could type in something like “the thing that Pólvora does well is” and see what they fill in for an answer. I don’t know! Four matches in and there’s not one thing I can say. He’s very boring. I know what Signo can do: fun submissions, aggressiveness, rudo intelligence – so here’s another match where he’s a mediocre técnico. Not good! A thousand times more interested in Panther vs Casas here.

Negro Casas being Negro Casas

Averno, Ephesto, Último Guerrero © vs Blue Panther, La Máscara, Máscara Dorada ©: match wasn’t really that much – not a lot of time, rudos never got out of second gear – but the post match fight between Mascara vs Averno was really strong. Still wouldn’t believe they’re actually doing the mask match if I did not hear.