Averno responds, Misterioso, Angel de Oro

No sign of Puebla results.

In an interview with Record, Averno denies he’s signed to WWE, says he never tried out with WWE at any point, only allowing that he had some conversations with WWE. He’s critical of those who’ve reported he’s signed with WWE, claiming no one contacted him to get his side and wants the fans to know not to believe these rumors; he’ll prove them wrong by winning at Juicio Final. (There’s a video interview with Averno over on CMLL Gaceta, but it only has to do with his expanding collection of La Mascara masks.)

This is a marked improvement from how CMLL held Mistico’s departure. Last time, they only had a short, seemingly underinformed statement from their press officer, not really strong enough to push back against the tide of the story. Getting Averno out in front of the press is much better crisis management. They’re still going to do the match and I don’t the story is going to keep people away from the show (the lineup not being near as strong or important as TripleMania is a more significant issue.)

The next fire to put out involves Misterioso Jr.; Fuego en el Ring passes along a rumor that Dr. Wagner Jr. has invited Misterioso to join AAA. The article does not mention if Misterioso is interested in actually making the move, just stating that he could. Misterioso is not on any CMLL lineup this week so far, and is not on Juicio Final. Misterioso vs Sangre Azteca have focused more on their rivalry in recent bouts, but CMLL doesn’t seem to have directed it anywhere – it’s not going to be in June, it probably won’t be the Anniversary main event, and there does come a point when one may no longer want to wait for it to happen with no sure promise that it ever will. (They’re willing to wait longer when the day to day payoff is good, but that hasn’t seemed to be the case for some time.)

This week’s SuperLuchas, still on newstands and in app stores!, did mention that among the many people wrestling tryout matches for AAA at their last taping (Astro Boy, Daga, Hijo de Pirata Morgan, Drastic Boy) were two mystery luchadors. The author noted they figured out they were CMLL luchadors using other identities, but declined to out their usual identities. I don’t know if either one of them were Misterioso – my hunch is no – but there’s a pattern here. It’s not X/Y/Z promotion taking from CMLL, it’s people in CMLL looking for the exits.

Angel de Oro hopes to keep training with Ultimo Guerrero so he can be a more complete wrestler; the win has him more committed to being a complete wrestler.

This really should’ve gone in the last post, but I’m really not a fan of the Forjando un Idolo concept as it’s now being presented. The tournament was great: people won, people lost, and all the matches mattered and so the concept mattered. The trios matches should be fun, but they’re distilling the concept if they’re just used to promote more trios matches where the results really don’t matter. (They have plenty of those kind of trios matches.) If, say, the trio that does the best in these round robin gets a trios title shot, that’d make it worth it, but that’s something they should get out ahead of time.

Mickie James hypes her TripleMania match in a video. She knows she’s teaming with Sexi Star! She may or may not know who’s she facing.

Black Terry Jr. posted video of Freelance vs Avisman: fall 1, fall 2, fall 3

The Gladiatores has photos from CMLL guys on a shot at Roberto Clemente High School in Chicago this past Saturday. I still have photos and video on my phone, probably should use them at some point. As usual, I could not understand the names of the indy wrestler for most of the day, but the undercard was mostly The Great Malaki (the guy who set his hands on fire at the first DGUSA show in Chicago) and his usual entourage and opponents. Also, randomly, Gringo Loco vs Discovery In A Different Mask, Maybe? Rudos (Atlantis/Averno – Volador was tecnico in his rudo gear) won the three fall main event with a mask pull and a foul.

Rob has highlights of the 09/19/2010 AAA taping.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update.


9 thoughts to “Averno responds, Misterioso, Angel de Oro”

  1. Why did that show in Chicago draw about 125 people? Such a poor turnout.

    I wish I could still get Super Luchas at the newsstand. For some reason it’s no longer available in NYC or Tampa. When it was available in NYC, it would come out on a Tuesday and sellout by Thursday at the latest. It was one of the most popular magazine.

  2. “Cesar talks about the Cien Caras vs Siglo XX mask match, when Siglo had already started wrestling as the Killer by Sunday.”

    He also talks about stuff that supposedly happened backstage. But Cesar wasn’t backstage. Cesar may not have even been born yet. How would Cesar know what went down?

    Answer: Lucha Libre magazines that told the story.

    But didn’t Cesar just spend a week telling us how we can’t believe anything in Lucha Libre magazines b/c they all have vendettas?

    HMMM. I guess when we like a story and it helps us make our point we can believe them.

  3. @LLL: Well< I was not involved with the show in any way, shape, or form. I want to make that clear. But, I have been in the wrestling business long enough to know that nine-out-of-ten times that a show takes place in a school, it is some sort of fundraiser. In my experience, when a wrestling promoter gets together with a school official looking to raise funds, the "carny" comes out, and the promoter looks to get as much upfront money as they can, with the promise of a big crowd if they promote the show. At the same time, the school representitive thinks that they are going to just make a pile of cash, because it is wrestling, and the promoter has to make a pile of cash on each show to pay the wrestlers and everything, right?

    What usually ends up happening is that the promoter blows all the money on the names they promised, and the school doesn't promote at all outside of the actual school building, and BAM – you get a crowd of 125 and everyone walks away pissed. The names think the promoter is a joke because he brought them in to wrestle in front of 125 people (if they even get their full payday), and the school will *never* want to have wrestling back again, because they *lost* money on a fundraiser.

    Again, I am not saying that is what happened here, but if Cubs didn't know that this show was even happening until he stumbled across it on a Chicago wrestling messageboard (and he RUNS a popular lucha website and lives in Chicago!), and GALLI drew a sellout crowd in Berwyn with no names on the card the same night – well….

  4. I don’t know why AAA would want Misterioso. He just seems too fat and old for them. I guess he could take Lizmark’s place in PERROS though?

  5. Off topic question,

    Is Triplemania on PPV this year again? Last year the online stream was some guys 90’s webcam pointed at his tv, it was watchable but only by a little. Anyway I’m willing to chip in for a good stream through veetle.

  6. I’m not sure if the HS show was a fundraiser, but there was an insurance company there sponsoring the show (and leaving well early.)

    @LuChava: They hadn’t mentioned it on TV up thru last week, but it should be on PPV. We’ll figure out streaming when it gets a bit closer.

  7. @LuChava: On Twitter Dorian said it was a PPV and complained about how Mexican companies like Cablevision DF don’t carry it but carry WWE. That’s the only mention of it being a PPV so far. Usually they want to keep it a secret that it’s on PPV so you buy a ticket at the arena.

  8. Triplemania will be a PPV in Sky México, as a matter fact I was surprised it was advertised some days ago (unlike their last event that was only offered a few hours before it started).
    It is not in the menu and naturally cannot be ordered yet.

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