miscellanous match reviews, volume 1 (Apaches/Traumas, Panther/Casas, Maya/Blanco)

because “Singles Going Steady” is taken.

Apaches win

Fabi Apache & Mari Apache vs Trauma I & Trauma II (DTU 01/29/11: video recap) – a good match, both teams doing what they do (normally with vastly different people.) Being men vs women rarely was even acknowledged, it was just luchadors vs luchadors to a finish. I’m not sure it’s something you need to see, but it didn’t disappoint.


Blue Panther vs Negro Casas (CMLL 04/24/2011: part 1, part 2, recap): excellent. I liked Goto/UG very slightly better, and may flip it if we had different crowds – the way this one was miced, it sounded like we had four girls screaming most of the match, instead of a full crowd. This match was much more inventive and much more personal. Blue Panther is a great crazy old man, Negro Casas is a great Negro Casas.


Guerrero Maya Jr. vs Metal Blanco in a Forjando un Idolo tiebreaker match (CMLL 05/03/11: video, recap): feels like the first match was better, this one didn’t really feel like it came together until late and even then it was a lot of each guy taking turns doing moves with nothing much to them. Brutal looking finish though and a great looking dive.