CMLL Forjando un Idolo matches, week 3

didn't want any Polvora on his shirt?

Or at least the ones that are left. No Puebla, Coliseo matches turned on up on 52MX, Friday matches aired on Galavision, which just leaves the Tuesday shows.


Ángel de Plata vs Pólvora, taped Arena Mexico, 04/26/2011: felt like an ordinary lightning match, outside of Angel de Plata deciding to see how many times he could trip up Pólvora in a row. The great thing about this tournament is I know for sure know two moves Plata does – springboard faceslam, cristo faceslam – that are not dives or moves everyone does. Not sure about the stuff Pólvora does.


Fuego vs Magnus, taped Arena Mexico, 04/26/2011: Fuego has had a fun tournament so far but this was probably the least of it. Magnus is just not ready for this sort of tournament. He has spots, but it takes everything he has just to do those spots and there’s not a lot interesting about him besides the dive of death (and he really shouldn’t be doing that every match, or every month.)