05/14-15 Lucha Times


This week. I don’t even know. If the random show shifting wasn’t enough, did anyone notice the Friday Forjando un Idolo matches included no commentary? It was actually pretty neat to hear the crowd react without sound on top of it, but that gives us no clues on where those matches will air (or even if they’ll air!) My assumption for the preview is that whatever happened last week was a one week switch and things will be back to the usual this week. I have no logical basis for this belief, but I don’t have a logical basis of a lot of my beliefs and that’s gotten me…uhhhhh, let’s start a new paragraph.

I haven’t repeated this lately, but it feels a good time for it: There’s really no reason I should ever need to write this post, much less every week. This is something the promotions can really do no their own, and would be of far greater benefit to them if they advertised on their own. I shouldn’t need to puzzle out which matches air aring where either; there are smart, talented people who put these shows together and know what’s actually going where (as opposed to my blind guessing) and could easily pass on that info. I have an email address over there people are encouraged to use, but even if you feel I’m personally undeserving of your time, just put it on an official website or in a tweet or sign up for a blog and make up a fake name to write under, I hear that’s a lot of fun. (Not really.) I don’t understand why this has to be a struggle – you have useful info, share that info would be a benefit to you and your business, and yet you’re not sharing that info?


AAA-USA: DYN? Univision/Galavision redid their website for the first time in about 7-8 years a month ago. The new TV schedule page was updated for Galavision the first week and hasn’t worked since. Not an improvement. This week’s AAA show was a two hour show in Mexico, but one that could have easily been 90 minutes long. Build in some DVR time for a lot of commercials, but DO watch this show. The Fenix/Dark Dragon match is especially outstanding – there’s no question Fenix is the ROTY right now and easily in the running for best flyer of 2011.

52MX: Rayo Tapatios pull Mortiz back in their feud to take on Maya, Bala & Sensei + the Mex Trios title match

LATV: should be in line for a women’s trios + Plata/Delta/Stuka vs Polvora/Yoshihashi/Okumura

TeleFormula: swing match is Angels vs Tuareg. More certain action: Invasors vs GDL and Rush/StrongMan/Toscano vs Garza/Texano/Terrible, a tough battle.


CMLL: it should be the two Forjadno Quarterfinals, Fuerza TRT vs three non-mask tecnicos and more Averno/La Mascara feuding.

AAA-MEX: the single solitary TV taping Charly Manson missed. Main event is the odd ball teams of Mesias/Metal/Nicho vs Chessman/Park/Lizmark instead of Zorro, with a minis trios and more Air Force/Elegido vs Stones/Super Fly

FOX: Metro/Palacio/Metal vs Cancerbero/Raziel/Yoshihashi + Peste Negra vs Warrior/Strong Man/Maximo

C3: highlight is more of the Fuego/Dr. X feud, plus Diamante/Fuego/Cometa vs Dr. X/Hooligan/Virus

Mega6: swing match is Delta/Gallo/Metal vs Puma/Tiger/Misterioso. Rush/Psicosis is the main event. This show is running five weeks ahead of Teleformula right now.

Puebla: Virus vs Valiente is the match we’d like to see from here.

ACM: Something from 05/01 – maybe the Solar/Negro Navarro tag?

Perros del Mal: Maybe the Cancun taping? I’m still not sure what’s going on here; they’ve been taping the IWL shows, but the Cancun show did not appear to be an IWL promoted event.

IWRG: the taping I’ll write about later today