CMLL on LATV (05/07/2011)

taped @ Arena Coliseo, 05/01/2011

Stuka's finish could use a name


Guerrero Maya Jr., Hombre Bala Jr., Stuka Jr. vs Rayo Tapatío I, Rayo Tapatío II, Virus: Virus & Stuka appeared to just be finding out this feud was going on but fit in OK. Bala looked the worst I’ve seen him yet, but Maya looked very good. I couldn’t tell if the finish got messed up here or they just forgot who the captain was; it seems odd a match in this feud ends with controversy.

Cuije > Rush

Diamante, Metro, Rush vs El Alebrije, Misterioso Jr., Olímpico: strong build for next week, wish I got to see more of it. Good idea to do the beatdown->comeback for the entire third fall; this wasn’t the group to do the long mat work in the opening fall. I wonder when they’re going to start the Rush/Metro tag team.


Puebla, Mother’s Day, TNA

No full results from Puebla, but the tecnicos won the main event when the rudos unmasked Sombra. Black Tiger and Averno replaced missing Toscano and Dragon Rojo; last Puebla regular to main event a show was Toro Bill on 01/04/10 in a similar replacement situation.

Today’s Arena Mexico show is a Mother’s Day special, with cheap tickets (for row six and beyond, which seems to be the new standard for cheap tickets) and pictures with wrestlers. The Gladiatores has the Morenos with their mom, while Mi Lucha Libre talks to the moms of Laredo Kid, Bestia 666 and Hijo de Dr. Wagner Jr. (Rossy Moreno.) Laredo Kid’s mom is not a fan of all his risk taking!

Perro Aguayo Jr. looked like normal in Cancun, fouling one of the Clowns to get the win in what appears to be his return match. Perro wrestled with his shirt on the entire way.

Jeff Jarrett talks to himself in a mirror while wearing no shirt. Normal. Jarrett announces he and Scott Steiner are coming to the SLP taping (which Dorian psychically already predicted.)

Black Terry Jr. has the end of that cibernetico and Big Mama dancing.

Rob has video of Dos Leyendas ’11, CMLL @ the 2010 Lucha Libre Expo, and Periquito fail.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update.


DTU (SUN) 05/22/2011 Arena Lopez Mateos
1) Violento Jack vs Kaleth, Pequeno Cobra, Jhonki, Radical, ?
2) Garra de Aguila, Vanely, Yuki Star vs Arana de Plata Jr., Ashley, Megan
3) Keira, Máscara Oriental, Zairus vs Lily Fighter, Trauma I, Trauma II
4) Draga vs Flamita, Ciclope, Eterno, Yakuza, Pesadilla, Hormiga, Black Fire, Sadico, Chucho el Roto, Masvo
5) Zumbi vs Sick Boy
6) Aero Boy vs Drastik Boy, Judas el Traidor, Paranoiko, Muerte Bucanera, Shitara, Dement Xtreme
7) Chica Tormenta & Dark Angel vs Princesa Sujei & Vaquerita

The last big announcement is Dark Angel to set up the DTU/CMLL vs DTU/CMLL main event. No official AAA presence on this show for the first time in quite some time on a DTU show, though Mascara Oriental and Zairus are actually Fenix & Dark Dragon in their indie guises. Maybe they just really wanted to book Dark Angel and Princesa Sujei on a show (a fine idea!) and there’s no way they can do that with AAA wrestlers, but add in Crazy Boy not appearing on AAA TV at all this year and it’s easy to believe something’s up with that relationship.