CMLL on Televisa #1025 (04/23/2011)

that's a finish

taped @ Arena Mexico, 04/15/2011

file: here
recap: here

Metal Blanco vs Guerrero Maya Jr.: For two guys who really have been around about the same time, Guerrero Maya is so much more complete wrestler. I think it helps which guys you work with and which guys train you. This was pretty consistent. I’d pay large amounts of money to see Shocker’s notes.

Delta vs Dragon Lee (and part 2): Dragon Lee is a guy who can do exciting flips, but has no idea when he should be doing them. It’s neat to do the standing SSP in the opening kickout at zero, it’s effective if he saved it for a late fall. This was better than it should’ve been, and I guess that has to go to Delta’s credit.

4 thoughts to “CMLL on Televisa #1025 (04/23/2011)”

  1. @Rob: I though it was just a toothpick. I am guessing there is a soccer manager he’s mimicking (though Dusty Baker does the toothpick.)

  2. @thecubsfan: Kojak tribute. Pretty sure Shocker’s a Telly Savalas fan.

    I also think there use to be a heel manager in the ’70s who use to do that gimmick. I can’t remember who though, but I recall seeing someone doing that on a video once.

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