Perro Aguayo, Universal Tournament

Perros del Mal (led by Damian 666) held a press conference to update Perro Aguayo Jr’s condition. It wasn’t much of an update; they’re still waiting to hear if the tumor is benign or cancerous. If there’s nothing more to it, Perro could return around the Lucha Libre Expo shows.  For now, LA Park will be replacing Perro on most shows, though they note Perro was scheduled for the 04/30 AAA TV taping (card TBA) and that might turn out to be X-Fly or Bestia 666. They also handed out copies of Perro’s medical report to the press in attendance (part 1 & part 2 – with tumor pictures.) It’s weird, but it’s probably because of heavy skepticism of last year’s knee surgery.

The WON mentioned Mascara Dorada vacated the CMLL World Super Lightweight Title because the promotion is getting it’s ducks in a row for the Universal Tournament and needed to get a few more champions. This means we should expect a new super lightweight champion soon (maybe that’s the Forjando prize? maybe there IS a prize?), probably won by someone who currently does not have a title. It also means Dorada is probably not beating Lyger, because that’d mean one less champion and require more changes. (It’s doable, but you’re pretty much betting on the Avernos to beat the trios champs if you’re betting on Dorada to beat Lyger.)

Right now, I count 14 champions, assuming Shocker is good to go by June (and that’s the expectation.) New super lightweight champion makes 15. There are four double champions: Rush (MEX Trios, CMLL LH), Sombra (CMLL Trios, NWA Welter), Ultimo Guerrero (CMLL Heavy, CMLL Tag) and La Mascara (MEX LH, CMLL Trios). One of them is losing on the next run of Fan Appreciation shows.

CMLL has a new mini site for Forjando un Idolo. There is a poll, but the rules there do not mention a voting bonus point, so I guess we can chalk that up to a bad news report. Everyone should vote for Rey Cometa so he can win something in this tournament.

Bajo Las Capchuas has the most recent episode of El Hijo del Santo’s show: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4. His guest was an actress who had stared in, of course, El Santo movies.


  • Trauma I talks about the Navarros vs Piratas match tonight. More with MiLuchaLibre.
  • Silueta had just moved to Mexico City when they told her she was going to Japan. They probably should’ve told her a bit sooner.
  • Laredo Kid wants gain 3kg.
  • Sepucro Jr. talks about his short career so far.
  • Cronicas Y Leyendas looks back at the Wagners in younger days.
  • SuperLuchas has the second part of look back at Perro Aguayo.
  • A Zacatecas luchador talked to a college class about his experiences as a luchador. He said that out the people who train for lucha libre, only 2% make it. I wonder what the bar for making it is.

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  1. @Adam: There are worse ideas, and tonight could start that plan into action. But I’m not sure Ultimo Guerrero is losing that title and I’d bet NJPW wants the first heavyweight title Goto wins to be theirs (and also not need to have him drop a title any time soon.)

  2. If he is gonna lose a title for the tournament I would rather see him lose that one because I wanna see Dragon Rojo Jr in the tournament.

  3. I would love to see La Mascara back in Japan. He just had some off nights in January. He is very talented.

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