12/05 AAA TV Results (Zapopan) – Guerra de Titanes

AAA TV (SUN) 12/05 Auditorio Benito Juarez, Zapopan, Jalico [SuperLuchasAAA]
***Guerra de Titanes, 2010***
1) Impulso & LúminoBlack Master & Disturbio Ledesma
2) Gato Eveready, Octagoncito, Pimpinela EscarlataDecnnis, Mini Abismo Negro, Polvo de Estrellas
3) Alan Stone, Chris Stone, Súper FlyAerostar, El Elegido, Octagón [street fight]
4) Silver King & Último GladiadorJoe Lider & Nicho el Millionario and El Ilegal & Hernandez [AAA TAG, Ladder]
5) Espíritu, Extreme Tiger, Jack Evans, La Parka Jr.Cibernético, Escoria, Nygma, Taboo
6) LA ParkEl Mesías
7) ZorroDr. Wagner Jr. [AAA HEAVY]
8) Damián 666, Halloween, X-FlyMonster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown [cage]

2010 AAA TV Chart
Projected Air Date (#967, #968)
Mexico: 12/12, 12/19
US: 12/25, 01/01 (maybe actually a day later on each)

Zorro, new champ

A busy show!

Opener was a dark match with locals. The usual ones.

Pimpi beat Polvo in the opener.

Octagon was bleeding early in the match, and down on the outside. He made it back in, only to be fouled by Super Fly and pinned.

Champions retained their tag titles.

Nygma took the mystery spot for the Bizarros. Amadeus also showed up at ringside. Jack pinned Scoria with a 450 splash. After the match, Cibernetico revealed he was the motorcycle driver –

(explanation needed here: Octagon had said there were two people involved in the attack. Super Fly attacked Octagon, but Cibernetico was the guy at the end of the alley who drove away. Parka was right to suspect him!)

– Dorian and Konnan came out to welcome Cibernetico into La Sociedad. Cibernetico again explained the concept: they’re not with either side, but against them both. Militia tried to attack, but were run off. Cibernetico then introduced the newest Bizarro: Charly Manson, direct from Mexico (and everyone expecting him to be facing Rey Bucanero sometime in the next few months.)

Charly walked out of AAA over (potentially) losing his hair, and vowed never to return to AAA. Never is a short time in wrestling. This is big coup for AAA and a smart move for Charly (the Invasors seem have run their course.)

Park beat Mesias bloody, beat him with a chair, and won with a foul. Park put a Hijo de Cien Caras mask over his victim after the match.

Zorro achieved his prophecy with help from La Militia, Konnan, Dorian and a fast count from Hijo de Tirantes. Still, Zorro’s the champ.

Didn’t think a team with X-Fly would end the Psycho Clown’s streak. Thought it could end with a Perro Aguayo Jr. team. As it tursn out, we got a little bit of both. Perro Jr. returned, sneaking in the cage with a Murder Clown mask, and attacking the undefeated team to make them a little bit less undefeated.

After the match, Wagner came out to talk about how he had been ripped off and the Psycho Circuswere  cheated, but he was going to rally AAA to stop the Sociedad. (The usual bit.)

edit: fixed some stuff. Also, check out SuperLuchas photo of Charly Manson returning – and the massive area of empty seats behind him.

20 thoughts to “12/05 AAA TV Results (Zapopan) – Guerra de Titanes”

  1. @thecubsfan: Also could be a potential change to the Perros anniversary show.

    Not sure if he will still show or not, but I noticed that LLUSA was billing him as Charly Manson for their next show.

  2. @CM93: GdT went against soccer final. I’d use that as an excuse.

    I really believe that fans know it’s going to be a 4 hour show on a school/work night and don’t want to come out because of this. It’s not what the average fan wants and by now, GDL fans have seen enough AAA big shows to know better.

  3. @LLL: AAA always has an excuse. I’m sure Konnan already left a message on Meltzer’s machine with a laundry list of excuses as to why the show wasn’t sold out. It’s never the promotion’s fault.

  4. @LLL: i wouldnt use either of those as an excuse. its the 1st big AAA show in GDL in about 2 years. I would expect those empty seats to be full. and arent the students in mexico on break right now

  5. If AAA sticks to their patterns (and they are not much for change) then Chesssman will defeat Zorro at Rey de Reyes. Then he will lose to wagner at TM since Wagner resigned with AAA. Exciting.

  6. @LLL:

    This should be no excuse. The show started at 6 p.m., so they could expect that it would end not too late in the evening.

  7. @LLL: TripleMania was a Sunday too, right? And ended a lot later. Though that was June, so school might have not been as much an issue.

  8. @thecubsfan: That’s why I don’t like Sunday for a supershow for AAA, WWE, or TNA. But wrestling feds are run by people who don’t like change. The tradition of doing wrestling PPV’s on a Sunday started decades ago, and unless “Vince” does something different, the sheep will continue to follow.

    UFC and boxing are smart enough to do their shows on a Saturday. If they tried a supershow on a Sunday, it would hurt buys and attendance. Wrestling supershows would do better on a Saturday instead of the tail end of the weekend.

    Why do wrestling groups do PPV’s on a Sunday? It goes back to the days of syndication. Syndication aired on weekends at different times in different markets.

    In NYC, it aired on Ch.5 at 12p on a Saturday. In Philly, on Sunday at noon on some channel I forget. Point is, it would’ve been impossible to do a PPV on a Saturday when a percentage of markets would miss the “go home” episode before the PPV. To avoid this happening, PPV’s always took place on a Sunday night, at which point all markets would have aired the episode scheduled for the weekend. The tradition continues even though syndication is dead and the demos of wrestling have change.

    I would have done Triplemania on a Saturday.

  9. With Charly in AAA, is the Invasores group officially dead? Or is CMLL still going to keep it “alive”?

  10. Pretty happy Zorro won the belt. Wish it were Chessman but I’ll take my other favorite AAA guy winning it too.

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