Volador vs Sombra, Dragon vs Sangre, Mascara Jr./Mascara, lineups


CMLL (SUN) 11/28 Arena Coliseo [CMLL, Cesar]
1) Mortiz & ZaycoFreesbe & Principe
2) Guerrero Maya Jr., Sensei, Tigre BlancoBronco, Demus 3:16, Disturbio
3) Hooligan, Pólvora, VirusÁngel Azteca Jr., Fabián el Gitano, Fuego
4) Metro, Rush, SagradoDragón Rojo Jr., Negro Casas, Sangre Azteca
5) La Sombra, Strong Man, ToscanoAtlantis, Rey Bucanero, Volador Jr.

Last week, Volador pulled off Sombra’s mask and rolled him up for the win. This week, Sombra pulled off Volador’s mask and rolled him up for the win. Sombra challenged for an apuesta match; Volador was not down for that. Next week is a fan appreciation show, so perhaps they’ll have a singles match.

Every since Dragon Rojo joined Los Guerreros, Sangre Azteca has given angry interviews about how Dragon Rojo left without telling him, he doesn’t understand why, and Dragon Rojo and he still haven’t had a chance to talk. (Here’s the most recent version, this time without accusing Ultimo Guerrero of ruining his career.) Both Sangre & Dragon were also saying they had not talked since Dragon Rojo had left the group, which seemed very unlikely. Anyway, this is CMLL, where everyone teams with everyone, and this was finally the time where Dragon Rojo teamed with Sangre Azteca again. Sangre & Dragon did not work well as a team, started accidentally hitting each other, then started arguing totally on purpose. Negro Casas tried to play peace maker, but the team still lose in two falls. Dragon and Sangre declared war on each other after the match.

Hooligan replaced Nosferatu in the tercera.

Remember Tuesday, when Mascara Sagrada Jr. lost his mask to Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr.? Despite being best known under that name, and actually wearing his Super AAA gear, he used the “Mascara Jr.” ring name as to not offend AAA enough to get in trouble. That seems to have worked…for AAA. Arena Aficion’s deal with CMLL is now in jeopardy because CMLL feels a Mascara Jr. losing his mask is infringing on La Mascara’s name. It sounds like a decision has not been made but there are angry Brazos involved.

Maybe he really should’ve just used Mascara Sagrada Junior. As pointed out here yesterday, and as expanded on by Cesar today, Latin Lover seems completely able to use the Latin Lover name. He’s skipped around it the previous visits, but he and CMLL seem to have no concern about being prevented from using it. AAA’s threats and lawsuits may win out in the end, but no one seems particularly concerned about them right now. The only person who’s working under a different name to switch his name is LA Park, and he’s working for AAA right now.

(which means they should’ve just called the Invasors “Los Vipers” and been done with it. Maybe they’ll save it for the recharge. Cesar’s article says La Secta were talking about leaving AAA too, which is the obvious explanation for ongoing events. )

Both Arturo Rivera and Dorian Roldan took to Twitter to mock ‘serious and stable’ CMLL for using Latin Lover and other AAA cast offs.

11/27: Ozz & Cuervo b Tamon Honda & Tsuyoshi Kikuchi [Ozz Special on Kikuchi]
11/28: Ozz & Cuervo b Osamu Nishimura & Joe Malenko [Ozz Special on Malenko]
Ozz & Cuervo are 4-1, 8 points, 1st place. They have 3 matches to go.

Sexi Star in Japan
11/28 NEO:  Hailey Hatred, Yoshiko Tamura, Makoto b Madison Eagles, Sexy Star, Cherry Bomb [Hatred b Bomb]

LuchaWorld has Ayako Hamada vs Mari Apache and Konnan showing off his place (in 1990)



IWRG (THU) 12/02 Arena Naucalpan
1) Comando Negro & Hammer vs Alan Extreme & Dinamic Black
2) Bombero Infernal, Maldito Jr., Samot vs Cerebro Negro, Chico Che, Dr. Cerebro
3) Bobby Lee Jr., el Ángel, El Hijo de Aníbal, Veneno vs Oficial 911, Oficial AK47, Oficial Fierro, Oficial Spartan
4) Máscara Año 2000 vs Pirata MorganPanteraSolar INegro NavarroFuerza Guerrera
5) Máscara Año 2000 Jr. vs Hijo de Pirata MorganHijo del PanteraHijo del SolarTrauma IJuventud Guerrera

They’re doing another father/son tournament. This time, it’s all the fathers in the semimain and the juniors in the main event. (Kinda expect that to get flipped.) Oficial Spartan is not Oficial Marshal, but it may be the other unnamed Oficial who turned up over a month ago.

CMLL (SUN) 12/05 Arena Coliseo
1) Rayo Tapatío I & Rayo Tapatío II vs Apocalipsis & Cholo
2) Metálico, Sensei, Starman vs Demus 3:16, Hooligan, Nitro
3) Ángel Azteca Jr., Molotov, Pegasso vs Durango Kid, Euforia, Virus
4) Delta, Diamante, Valiente vs Mephisto, Misterioso II, Sangre Azteca
5) Blue Panther, Brazo de Plata, La Sombra vs Héctor Garza, Texano Jr., Volador Jr.

Fan apperciation show. Main event very subject to change.

IWRG (SUN) 12/05 Arena Naucalpan
1) Centurión & Jack vs ? & Epidemia
2) Chico Che, Dr. Cerebro, Tony Rivera vs Comando Negro, Espuela de Oro, Guerrero Negro
3) Bobby Lee Jr., Negro Navarro, Trauma II vs Oficial 911, Oficial AK47, Oficial Fierro
4) El Hijo de Aníbal vs Máscara Año 2000 Jr.Máscara Año 2000Trauma IRayo de Jalisco Jr.Gran Markus Jr.Hijo de Pirata MorganFuerza GuerreraPirata MorganHijo del Cien Caras [mask, hair, ruleta de la muerte]

I guess Mascara Sr. or Pirata Morgan could lose their hair, but there’s one name that really doesn’t belong there. Actually, two: Gran Markus Jr. looks like the obvious loser, but isn’t Rayo supposed to be in Guadalajara?

Trauma II has been gone from here since June. Didn’t get to be in the main event this time.

11/28 AAA Lucha Libre Premier Results

AAA LLP (SUN) 11/28 Six Flags, DF [Luchando Libre]
1) El Mesías & ZorroDr. Wagner Jr. & Electroshock [Campeonato Premier, semifinal]
2) Alan Stone, Jennifer Blake, Mini HisteriaEl Elegido, Fabi Apache, Octagoncito
3) Cibernético, Extreme Tiger, Jack EvansEl Ilegal, Hernandez, Último Gladiador
4) El MesíasZorro [Campeonato Premier, final]

2010 AAA TV Chart
Projected Air Date (2×5, 2×6)
Mexico: 12/04, 12/11

That’s my best guess at the results. AAA’s facebook/twitter said the opener was the same partners as usual, with Mesias & Electroshock going to the final. The recap they sent out after said the semifinal was a four way, with Electroshock going out first, followed by Mesias getting Wagner with the F5, leaving Mesias and Zorro as the final. Mesias beat whoever it was to win the thing.

Histeria has a brand new move and used it to be Octagoncito. Jack got the pin on Gladiador.

11/27 AAA TV Results (Toluca)

AAA TV (SAT) 11/27 Villa Charra de Toluca
1) Jennifer Blake, Tigre Cota, Tito SantanaCrazy Boy, Fabi Apache, Gato Eveready
2) Mascarita Divina, Mini Charly Manson, OctagoncitoMini Chessman, Mini Histeria, Mini Psicosis
3) Decnnis, Silver King, Último GladiadorExtreme Tiger, Jack Evans, Laredo Kid
4) Cibernético, Escoria, TabooEl Ilegal, Hernandez, Zorro
5) El Mesías, Joe Lider, La Parka Jr.Damián 666, Electroshock, Halloween

2010 AAA TV Chart
Projected Air Date (#966)
Mexico: 12/05
US: 12/18

Secret taping = sponsored by AC Delco with free tickets, so they didn’t need to advertise it.

No Super Fly appearance. Or turn.

Cota pinned Crazy boy. Charly beat Chessman.

Silver cut off Tiger going for the 450 and superplexed him to take the third. After the match, Silver King kicked Electroshock (not present) out of the Maniacos and promised a new member soon.

Taboo and Escoria were the ‘new wrestlers’, I guess. Ilegal tried his senton on Scoria, Cibernetico pulled his friend out of the way and dropped Ilegal with a stunner. Scoria added a top rope legdrop for the win. Amadeus and Nygma hit the ring post match to beat up Ilegal some more, with his partners fleeing.

Electroshock did not get along with his partners, and they were fighting among themselves. Mesias got the pin with a DDT on Electroshock. La Sociedad destroyed Electroshock after the match, blocking anyone from making a save for some time.