Latin Lover in Arena Mexico, Radio CMLL, IWRG

IWRG (THU) 11/25 Arena Naucalpan [Mi Lucha LibreThe Gladiatores]
1) Dinamic BlackImposible
2) Brazo Metalico, Freelance, SarumanAlan Extreme, Eterno, Hammer
3) Cerebro Negro, Chico Che, Dr. Cerebro DQ Bombero Infernal, Maldito Jr., Samot
4) Ángel Mortal & GallegoBlack Terry & Comando Negro
5) Negro Navarro & Trauma IRelampago & Villano III and Espíritu & Joe Lider and El Hijo de Aníbal & Veneno

Four way tag match with elimination rules. It came down to Trauma I vs Joe Lider, but Espiritu (eliminated) came back into help and got DQed. Somehow this sets up a Trauma I/Joe Lider match.

Comando Negro was busy. He challenged Chico Che to a hair match, then lost his own match. Gallego was eliminated, and came back in to beat Black Terry.

DQ in the tercera was for Bombero’s team pressing a Cerebro over the top rope. Rarely see that DQ in CMLL and almost never any place else.


CMLL (FRI) 11/26 Arena Mexico [SuperLuchas, CMLL, Fuego en el Ring]
1) Durango Kid & Tiger KidBengala & Metálico
2) Eléctrico, Fantasy, Pequeno MaximoAstral, Bam Bam, Último Dragoncito
3) MarcelaTiffany [lightning]
4) Delta, Diamante, MetroCancerbero, Euforia, Raziel
5) La Sombra, Rush, Strong ManMisterioso II, Psicosis, Texano
6) Charly Manson, Héctor Garza, Mr. ÁguilaAtlantis, Rey Bucanero, Último Guerrero

Invasors won the first fall of the main event. The Guerreros had Mr. Aguila surrounded, Aguila fakes a foul, and Tirantes called a DQ for that and for the Guerreros attacking 3 on 1. Second fall had eliminations before the finish: Hector beat UG, Atlantis defeated Charly Manson, and Aguila & Rey were left in the ring. Bucanero had Aguila in an octopus hold for the sure win, but Garza came back in (Tirantes turned around and walked away), broke up the pin, and helped Aguila crawl on top. Fast count too.

After the match, Latin Lover showed up and punched Tiratnes in the face. The Invasors attacked Latin, ripping off his shirt (of course.) Shocker appeared to make the save. This is the third time in recent years where Latin Lover has made a cameo appearance in CMLL and the second time this year, and this one looks like it might actually be followed up in Arena Mexico. Next week’s semimain is now:

5) Latin Lover, Místico, Shocker, Strong Man vs Atlantis, Felino, Héctor Garza, Negro Casas

Mascara Dorada goes missing from the card. This time around, Latin is listed as “Latin Lover” on both and Ras de Lona.

On his blog, Cesar defends CMLL using Latin Lover as reaching media and fans who otherwise wouldn’t be paying attention to lucha libre. CMLL definitely needs to increase it’s appeal now. I suspect Latin will only be very sporadically appearing (and not at all this year after Sin Piedad) and I wouldn’t think about it as more than one appearance at a time. The big idea here is a hair match with Latin and Garza, but there’s no telling if we’ll ever get there. I’d bet they get involved in Friday’s main event too.

Amazing that Rush happened to be in the semimain the day after he won the bodybuilding contest. Strong Man got the deciding pin on Texano.

Metro’s submission is named El Escudo (the Shield.) He got in on Cancerbero as Diamante beat Raziel with a springboard 450 splash.

Marcela beat Tiffany in 8:47. Tirantes was referee, helping Tiffany before they had problems at the end. Hmmm.

No Pequeno Warrior sighting in the minis match. No Shockercito sighting either; Mini Maximo just happened to be around to be his replacement. Electiro got Bam Bam clean with a cristo to win. That sets him up for next week’s mask  match, but would also seem to set up a title match at some point. Bam Bam & Dragoncito wore black outfits, so maybe they were the more rudo-ish of the teams?  Dragoncito’s been wearing the outfit a lot, but Bam Bam kind of looked like how I would expect him to look if he switched to the rudo side.

Last night was the debut of‘s broadcast. I did not have a chance to listen to it, but it sounds like it was a trial run to test things out before next week’s big show. Like microphone levels. The site is still very useful if you missed the show – they’ve posted video of the end (or the post match) of every match last night on their site, and apparently were updating it during the show. Cesar says the radio/video coverage is so good, he’s ending his show reports because they’re not worth the effort when you can actually see all the footage. To me, there’s still a place for live recaps, especially if they’re only going to pose a minute or two of the matches, but probably not in insanely detailed. (And I know there’s a lesson in there for me.)

Ras de Lona items

  • Ultimo Guerrero says he and Dragon Rojo are going to break he and Bucanero’s record for most tag team title defenses and says that is *55*. We’re missing a few. Good luck on that, Dragon Rojo.
  • Metro & Stuka are still under the impression they can pick someone new and just plug them in as champion. This week, Angel de Oro, Delta & Diamante were floated (by Stuka, who must not be really friends with Fuego.) Metro suggested rudos could also be on the ballot. I see they’ve thought this thru!
  • Fantasma and Mephisto talked about Mephisto’s piledriver in Guadalajara this Tuesday. Mephisto did his interview from the top secret Guadalajara announcing station (an editing bay somewhere.)
  • Much like in this Fuego en el Ring interview, La Mascara says he wants to test himself with a mask match with Atlantis or Ultimo Guerrero
  • Lots of Cuije vs Perico hype!

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update.