CMLL bodybuilding, AAA in Tolluca

CMLL held it’s annual bodybuilding contest yesterday.

Minis: Pequeno Halcon
Women: Dark Angel, as she does every year.
Beginners: Dragon Lee
Intermediate:  Astral
Advanced: Rush

As always, people weren’t happy with the judging. Polvora (Intermediate) and Valiente (Advanced) are singled out as unhappy people. There was a match by Arkangel’s students before the competition, no word on that. El Perico posed in the minis division, just wearing his mask.

SuperLuchas previews tonight’s Arena Mexico show, which isn’t expected to have much a week before the actual big show.

AAA is suing Mascara Sagrada over the name. None of these lawsuits ever seem to be resolved, but they get attention for the day they happen. I thought they already announced this lawsuit, so I’m not sure why it’s being brought up again (Mascara Sagrada Jr. losing his mask?)

AAA promises two surprise luchadors for it’s mystery show in Toluca on Saturday. If you’re not announcing anyone for the show (or even where in Toluca the show is), it’d seem like everyone is a suprise luchador. In this case, they’re supposed to be new wrestlers. They’re also promising two debuts the fans have been waiting for, which isn’t much clearer. Dorian vs Joaquin?

11/26: Kaz Hayashi, KAI, Bushi b Ozz, Cuervo, Masada [Hayashi ‘rana Masada]
I consider this a continuation of the IWRG vs AAA feud.

LuchaWorld points out footage of the Rey Misterio Sr. benefit show from November.

11/28 AAA Lucha Libre Premier Lineup

AAA LLP (SUN) 11/28 Six Flags, DF
1) El Elegido, Fabi Apache, Octagoncito vs Alan Stone, Jennifer Blake, Mini Histeria
2) Cibernético, Extreme Tiger, Jack Evans vs El Ilegal, Hernandez, Último Gladiador
3) Dr. Wagner Jr. & Zorro vs El Mesías & Electroshock [Campeonato Premier, semifinal]
4) ?? vs ??? [Campeonato Premier, final]

Projected Air Date (2×5, 2×6)
Mexico: 12/04, 12/11

This is being promoted as the final show, so I guess the season’s just six weeks long this year. I’m heavily suspecting Mesias to win this.

Cibernetico teaming with the Bizarros would make more sense, but I guess they just wanted to get Jack & Tiger on TV?

AAA lists Ilegal as El Boricua on it’s page for this show. You get the sense the new name was a last minute change and some people still aren’t aware.