top six stories of the last two weeks

  1. Solid, of Lucha Libire USA, was murdered while at his night job as a bouncer
  2. Electrico vs Pequeno Warrior (mask) and Rey Bucanero vs Mr. Aguila (hair) were announced CMLL’s year end show on 12/03
  3. Zorro vs Wagner and Psycho Circus vs Los Perros were announced for Guerra de Titantes on 12/05 in Zapopan. In nearby GDL, CMLL will run Rayo vs Universo.
  4. Los Bizarros attacked both La Sociedad and AAA, establishing themselves as a third unaligned faction.
  5. Apolo Estrada Jr., Ultimo Guerrero and Mima Shimoda all won apuesta matches
  6. The teams of Dr. Wagner & Zorro and Mesias & Electroshock advanced to the final of the Lucha Libe Premiere tournament.
  • Mascara Dorada vacated his third of the Mexican National Trios title. There will be a vote for…something.
  • Electroshock refused to join La Sociedad and may be a tecnico now.
  • La Mascara retained the national light heavyweight championship
  • CMLL annoucned the return of Copa Jr.
  • Dorada & Sombra did not win the NJPW Super Juior tag tournament

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