CMLL on LATV 11/13/2010

double choke bomb? Maybe?

Arena Mexico, 10/22/2010

Ángel de Plata, Starman, Tigre Blanco vs Apocalipsis, Durango Kid, Puma King: Ordinary opening match with these guys, nothing particularly special.

Estrellita, Marcela, Tiffany vs Amapola, Princesa Blanca, Princesa Sujei: Special in all the wrong ways. Tiffany and especially Estrellita really didn’t look good. This match was laid out to be 80% (poor) brawling, and the ex-AAAers still struggled with the other 20%. I don’t want to give up on people based on one match, but this did not inspire any confidence in this concept.

IWRG, mask match in Hidalgo

IWRG (SUN) 11/21 Arena Naucalpan [Al Filo del Ring]
1) Epidemia b Super Halcon Jr.
2) Dinamic Black & Jack b Carta Brava Jr. & King Drako
3) Brazo Metalico, Eragon, Gran Master b Comando Negro, Guerrero Negro, Magia Negra
4) El Hijo del Diablo, Fuerza Guerrera, Keshin Black b Dr. Cerebro, El Hijo de Aníbal, Veneno
5) Hijo de Pirata Morgan b Máscara Año 2000 Jr. [UWF US HEAVY]

Pirata retained the title he won in Texas via foul.

Keshin Black replaced Hijo del Pierroth. In the third, Diablo faked a foul from Cerbero. While the referee was sorting that out, Fuerza fouled Anibal. Ref counted that pinfall.

There’s video of the main event here, and the semimain here.

No results yet, but looks like Metro was hurt in his match in Arena Puebla.

Amazon has already marked Lucha Libre AAA down to $30. I would hold out for $20.

11/23: [RWTL] Seiya Sanada & Manabu Soya b Ozz & Cuervo [Sanada pin Cuervo]
Ozz & Cuervo drop to 1-1, 2 points, tied for 5th.

Super Crazy won hsi match in SMASH.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update.

Rob posted the Los Brazos dream sequence vignette.



OILL (TUE) 11/23 Arena Aficion
1) Esther Moreno & Flor Metalica vs La Chola & Rossy Moreno
2) Charly Manson, Histeria II, Oriental vs Scorpio Jr., Super Calo, Zumbido
3) Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Canek Jr., Mascara Sagrada Jr., Black Abyss, Espectro de Ultratumba [mask]

The preview doesn’t specifically list it as an OILL show, but it’s that group of guys. I like “OILL” better than Invasors, but that’s me. I guess Black Abyss or Espectro de Ultratumba is the loser here?

11/22 AAA TV Results (Leon)

AAA TV (MON) 11/22 Domo de la Feria Leon [R de Rudo, Mi Lucha Libre]
1) Jennifer Blake, Kayuga, Oyuki b Cinthia Moreno, Fabi Apache, Mari Apache
2) Octagoncito b Mini Chessman, Mascarita Divina, Mini Psicosis, Mini Charly Manson, Mini Histeria [AAA MINI]
3) Alan Stone & Chris Stone b Aerostar & El Elegido [lumberjack]
4) Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown NC Damián 666, Halloween, Super Crazy
5) LA Park, Silver King, Último Gladiador b El Mesías, Jack Evans, La Parka

2010 AAA TV Chart
Projected Air Date (#965)
Mexico: 11/28
US: 12/11

Fabi had Jennifer beat, Hijo de Tirantes refused to count, Jennifer dropped Fabi with a Michinoku Driver, Tirantes had no problem counting the three. Gran Apache ran out after Hijo de Tirantes after the match.

Minis match turned out to be royal rumble style with pinfall/submission eliminations. Five of the six minis were in the ring together at the end of the match, so it didn’t change all that much. Octagoncito beat Mini Chessman to keep his title.

Between matches, Mesias came out to try and make peace between Cibernetico & La Parka again. Instead, El Illegal came out, talking about Mesias leaving Puerto Rico and now Ilegal following him. Whatever this was setting up, it turned out just to be a distraction for tonight, with LA Park sneaking in the ring and clubbing Mesias with a chair. Mesias was bloodied. Park called out Parka, then left when Parka actually did come out.

Stones pinned Elegido after the rudo lumberjacks caused Aerostar to fall when going for a dive.

Psycho Circus & Perros del Mal went to a no contest again, which was pretty obvious when they announced a third match for Guerra de Titanes. (Why they announced that while holding back on pretty much everything else just seems strange.) X-Fly might have gotten involved in this one. Joaquin announced the Guerra de Titanes match will be in a cage with weapons.

Mesias was bleeding again early into the main event. LA Park snuck in a foul to get the win. Los Bizarros showed up after the match to save Mesias, but left Jack & Parka behind to get beat up by La Sociedad. Silver King decided to attack Mesias on the outside, and that caused the Bizarros to clear the rudos out. Parka yelled at Cibernetico after the match, so Cibernetico gave him a stunner. Jack tried to make the save but got chokeslammed, and the Bizarros held Parka while Cibernetico punched him and ripped up his mask. Psycho Circus and Joaquin made the save, and Cibernetico promised a surprise for Guerra de Titanes.

Still only 2 announced matches for GdT, two weeks away, but they did seem to set up a few things here. The new setup seems to be AAA vs La Sociedad vs Bizarros

11/20-21 lucha videos

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LATV did air on TV with sound for me, but somehow that got lost when digitally transferring it to my TV. Sunday replay aired for about 4 minutes, was interrupted by an infomercial, then froze in the middle of the infomercial. The local affiliate may want to hire someone to actually watch their channel. There’s a Thursday replay, we’ll see if it’s any better.

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