Aguila takes out Bucanero, Mephisto returns, next week’s lineup

CMLL (FRI) 11/19 Arena Mexico [CMLL, Cesar]
1) Inquisidor & Tiger KidAstro Boy & Robin
2) Arkángel de la Muerte, Dr. X, SkándaloÁngel de Plata, Guerrero Maya Jr., Tigre Blanco
3) Pequeño Nitro, Pequeño Warrior, PierrothitoBam Bam, Eléctrico, Último Dragoncito
4) RushPólvora [lightning]
5) Blue Panther, La Sombra, Rotoporky DQ Averno, Mephisto, Taichi
6) Negro Casas, Rey Bucanero, Último Guerrero DQ Charly Manson, El Alebrije, Mr. Águila

Ultimo Guerrero managed to give Alebrije his front superplex, which is sort of amazing. Didn’t end up well for that team. With Negro and UG occupied, the rudos crotched Bucanero hard into the post, then went after a leg. Bucanero was beaten up on the outside, with the stairs being thrown on him for the DQ. Bucanero had to be stretchered to the back.

Mephisto seemed back to normal in the highlights from I saw. Normal means fouling Sombra on springboard to end the match. (Mephisto had powerbombed Sombra to win the first fall off a dragonrana attempt, but I guess he didn’t think he could do it twice.) Mephisto and Hijo del Fantasma (special guest commentator) exchanged words after the match. Mephisto accused Fantasma of injuring him (??? by taking a ‘rana ???) and Fantasma brought up the time Mephisto injured him. Maybe they’ll remember to do something with feud?

Rush won in 8:38 with his neck crank submission.

Pequeno Warrior snuck in a foul to get the pinfall over Electrico.

Ras de Lona said Negro Casas was the 10th member of Block B for Copa Junior. Also, Fuego, Angel de Oro, Delta, and La Mascara were teased as the choices for Mascara Dorada’s replacement in the national trios champions. In an Invasors interview segment (where Aguila was missing), Charly Manson stole the “we are the difference” line from Perros del Mal and they talked of plans for 2011. And voting for the best of 2010 should start soon.

Sombra talked his most recent NJPW tour. Interesting in that CMLL had footage of Team CMLL vs Lyger/Samurai (none of the matches made the web, so NJPW actually had to give them that footage) and there was a significant amount of talk about Davey Richards. Enough to make you think he could be stopping by Arena Mexico in 2011.

Cesar sides with Rob and thinks the winner of the Mascara Dorada replacement will not be a new trios champion. We’ll see.

CMLL’s Twitter announced will start broadcasting on 12/03. Presumably, they’ll be broadcasting the show that night, but details are at a minimum.

LATV has added affiliates in Phoenix, Palm Springs, California and Oklahoma City. They seem like they’re up and running today, so you should be able to see the CMLL show tonight. No promises on it being a new one.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update.



CMLL (FRI) 11/26 Arena Mexico
1) Bengala & Metálico vs Durango Kid & Tiger Kid
2) Astral, Bam Bam, Último Dragoncito vs Eléctrico, Fantasy, Shockercito
3) Marcela vs Tiffany [lightning]
4) Delta, Diamante, Metro vs Cancerbero, Euforia, Raziel
5) La Sombra, Rush, Strong Man vs Misterioso II, Psicosis, Texano
6) Atlantis, Rey Bucanero, Último Guerrero vs Charly Manson, Héctor Garza, Mr. Águila

Very rare tecnico vs tecnico minis match. I’m sure we’ll see a mini rudo before the end of that one.

I hope Tiffany being in a singles match means Tiffany is healthy enough to be in a singles match.

Figure Misterioso is a sort of Terrible replacement, but that’s still an odd rudo side for the semimain.

No Dragon Rojo match! You can still go out for the bodybuilding contest, Dragon! (Time to change the excuse to “I have a tag title defense on Saturday and need to be in peak shape.”)