11/18 AAA TV Results (Naucalpan)

AAA TV (THU) 11/18 Arena Naucalpan [AAA, Mi Lucha Libre]
1) Aerostar, Gato Eveready, Relampago b Cerebro Negro, Chico Che, Dr. Cerebro
2) Espíritu, Extreme Tiger, Jack Evans b Billy Boy, Decnnis, Tigre Cota
3) El Ilegal & Hernandez b Joe Lider & Nicho el Millionario
4) Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown b Alan Stone, Chris Stone, Último Gladiador
5) Chessman & Zorro b Dr. Wagner Jr. & El Mesías

2010 AAA TV Chart
Projected Air Date (#964)
Mexico: 11/21
US: 12/04

Gato pinned Dr. Cerebro to win the opener.

Tiger pinned Billy with a “360 splash” (?). Militia decided to beat up Tiger after the match; probably would’ve been more effective if they did it during the match. Espiritu and Jack tried to make the save and failed, but Los Bizarros made the save. After, Jack tried to give Scoria a hug, but Scoria wasn’t down with being friends with the guys he just saved and walked off. The story appears to be the Bizarros are anti-Militia, but like Cibernetico, not really happy with AAA.

In between matches, Dorian, Konnan, Jennifer Blake and Ultimo Gladiador came to the ring to ask Electroshock to join La Sociedad already. Electroshock emphatically said no. Ultimo Gladiador attacked his friend, Electroshock killed the cruiserweight. Silver King ran in, got beat up. Militia ran in, and eventually the numbers (and a spiked bat) worked in La Sociedad’s favor – until various random IWRG people (including the president) ran them off.

Konnan was at ringside for the tercera and apparently could make up stipulations for the match as it went. 187 couldn’t use weapons (remember last time they used weapons when they weren’t supposed to and got fired? Do they? It was like 6 weeks ago.) 187 had the rudos beat with a pinfall in the ring, Konnan announced you could only get a pinfall on the outside. 187 had the pinfall on the outside, Konnan announced you could only get the pinfall on the inside. Konnan added Decnnis to the match to make it a handicap match, Konnan handcuffed Nicho to make a handcuff match. Finally, the tecnicos from the first couple matches and the IWRG guys ran in to uncuff Nicho and run off Decnnis. And then the rudos won anyway with the spiked bat.

I don’t know how anything in the middle doesn’t just bury the rudos for losing time after time, and they just did the massive run-in on the last segment (and another big run-in on the segment prior.) I’m sure it’ll be fantastic on TV.

Psycho Circus won their match clean. Murder Clown splashed Copetes Salazar after the match. Clowns were busy kidnapping a child when Joaquin Roldan appeared to tell them they had a match with the Perros on Monday.

Wagner was bloodied and beaten by Zorro’s cane. Zorro challenged for the title. That’s set up for Guerra de Titanes, along with another Psycho Circus vs Perros del Mal match.

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