11/20-21 Lucha Times


I’m uncertain about a lot of the minor shows in Mexico. I haven’t seen a Puebla or Perros show for download in a long while, and TVC Deportes isn’t really updating their listings. I’m under the impression Perros are just showing reruns to keep the slot warm, and Puebla has disappeared, but I don’t know if that’s right. Week 2 of Lucha Libre Premier has not turned up, so I’m still not sure if they’re stretching it out like last year.

AAA: 90 minute show (though Galavision doesn’t have this right on all the airings.) Psycho Circus vs Perro del Mal, take 1. Super Fly hangs out with the most obvious planted fans in some time. People from Japan!

52MX: Angels vs Tuareg, 2Casas/Ephesto vs Fantasma/Toscano/Valiente

LATV: if a new one airs, we may be onto Tuareg vs Pegasso/Cometa/Azteca + Cancerberos vs 2D/Angel de Oro. Only the top 2 aired from this taping, so they could air other stuff.


CMLL: Rush vs Polvora in a preview of next week’s bodybuilding contest, Pesta Negra/UG vs Invasors

AAA: the AAA taping happening tonight.

AAA-LLP: if a new episode aired, maybe Mesias/Electro vs Ciber/Herandez.

CMLL-FOX: 2D/Fuego vs Euforia/Sangre/Okumura + Garza/Taichi/Volador vs Porky/Maximo/Mistico

CMLL-C3: top 4, including Fantasma/Mascara/Mistico vs Atlantis/Felino/UG

CMLL-GDL: bonus match is Gallo/Neutron vs bald Evola/Exterminador. Pass?

ACM: if new, it’ll be local action: Silencio/Simbolo vs Demonio/Veneno Xtremo

IWRG: they’ve switched back and forth between Thursday and Sunday, but I’m thinking the tag title change (and, more interesting, Diabolicos vs Terry/Cerberos) airs.


CMLL-TFN: Dark Angel/Amapola, Avernos vs Sombra/Toscano/Volador, No Limit/Okumura vs Terrible/Texano/Vangelis. Who’s better, Okumura or Vangelis?

2 thoughts to “11/20-21 Lucha Times”

  1. Toronto vs Montreal = the opener could be Palacio Negro vs Semental and it’d be a PASS!

    The answer to your question is Vangelis. I don’t know why you’d ask such an obvious question though.

  2. AAA-LLP is listed in Fox Sports Mexico Sky schedule at 8pm Mountain time (1 hour show) but no additional information to know if it is a new episode is provided.

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